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									Star Medallion
By Jenny Kearley
 Ivory and Gold Card, Rioja Red Paper.
 Brodery Template: STE227.
 Metallic Thread: MEC01 Gold,
 MEC03 Red and MEC04 Green.
 Round Mini Gems: GE05-01 Gold,
 GE05-03 Red and GE05-04 Green.
 Gold Label Stickers:
 XL281U-01 Wording and Stars,
 ZL698U-54, 55 and 81 Starflakes
 and ZL726U-81 Star Corners.
 Sewing Needle & Dressmakers Pins.
 Pricking Mat and Tool.
 Knife, Ruler and Cutting Mat.
 Clear Tape and Sticky Fixers.
 UHU General Purpose Adhesive.
 Card Mount: SF06U-79 Rioja Red.

  Place the red paper on a pricking mat with the           Place the gold card on the cutting mat with the
template laid on it, hold the template in place by       template on top and fix with the pins. This time
pushing a pin through the dots along the centre line     only the diamonds on the points of the star (stitched
(shown in green on the template diagram).                red in the photo above) need to be pricked and
                                                         only the centre hole and outer row as before.
   Use the pricking tool to make a hole, outside the
template at each point of the octagon shape (shown         Mark the outer shape using the mauve lines on the
in blue on the diagram). Remove the template and         diagram to guide you, this was not so easy to mark
twist it around to do the other half, lining up on the   because the long slots are rather narrow. I used the
two pin holes then pin in place once again. Mark this    pricking tool to mark each star tip ‘A’ just outside the
half in the same way as the previous half then remove    stencil, the point marked ‘B’ and the bottom point of
the template. Place the pricked paper onto a cutting     each slot ‘X’. Mark each section in this way then turn
mat and use a ruler to cut between the dots. Set this    the stencil and do the other half before removing.
piece aside for now.
                                                           Place this on the cutting mat and join the dots
   Place the ivory card on the pricking mat with the     with a knife and ruler. When cutting the shape begin
template on top and hold in place with pins as be-       each cut with the knife at a point marked ‘X’ and cut
fore. Working only on the diamonds of the octagon        towards the outer point each time, if you do it the
shape (those shapes shown with a paler background        other way around you may cut in too far and spoil
on the diagram), prick the centre hole and the out-      the shape. Work all the way around and the back-
side row of dots, the inner row are not used. Now        ground will fall away, set this shape aside for now.
lightly draw around the outer edge of the template to
                                                           Place some red paper on top of a piece of cream
mark the shape.
                                                         card on the pricking mat, you will only need enough
  Remove, turn, align and pin the template for the       for the centre star, not the whole template. Place the
other half then prick the diamonds and mark the outer    template over it and hold in place using the two holes
edge again. Remove the template, place the work on       marked in brown. Prick each dot shown in yellow
a cutting mat and use a ruler to cut to shape then set   on the diagram, including the extra dots at the end of
aside for now.                                           the centre petals marked by a yellow dot too. Work

the other half in the same way and remove the template.
Separate the two shapes and starting with the red piece cut                                              Actual Size
along the outer row of dots to make the star shape.
  Cut the ivory card on the inner row of the star shape and
place over the red paper lining up the pricked dots ready to
work the stitching (see diagram below). Using gold thread,
bring the needle up at the hole marked ‘A’, tape the end of
the thread to the back of the shape, and work all the outer
dots (shown blue) in backstitch.
   Work the inner designs, bring the needle up at the centre
hole marked ‘X’, down at the hole marked 1 then back up
at the centre hole again. Work around the shape until every
hole is used as shown. I decided to trim the red border
from around the four stitched points, just do this with
scissors if you want to do the same.                                                                               A
  Now work on the gold shape. Use red thread to stitch all
the diamond shapes, bringing the needle up at the centre                                     x
hole and down each outer hole in turn. Work the diamonds
on the ivory shape in the same way using green thread.                                           B
   Cut a panel of ivory card to 134mm x 134mm and glue
to the centre of the card front. I find UHU or double sided
tape is best on Alchemy as, being coated only on one side,
it can curl a little when other glues are used.

                                               Actual Size

                                                                 Stick the ivory stitched panel onto the red
                                                               octagon panel, then, stick this double panel
                                                               centrally onto the card using sticky fixers
                                                               and making sure to place it with flat edges
                                           A                   to the top and sides as shown. Add the star
                                                               corners, wording stickers and small gold
                                                               stars to the corners of the back panel now.
                                                          Fix the gold star panel over the ivory using sticky
                                                       fixers and aligning the points with the ivory points
                                                       on the layer beneath. Use sticky fixers to add the
                                                       red and cream star panel, the red of the plain points
                                                       should almost touch the top and bottom diamonds
                                                       stitched on the gold star panel.
                                                         Stick the gems on using UHU, add red gems
                                                       over the green diamonds, gold gems over the red
                                                       diamonds and green gems around the middle of the
                                                       small ivory star as shown on the left.
                                                          Referring to the enlarged picture on the left for
                                                       guidance, use the smallest open shapes from the
                                                       glitter sticker sheet, add starflakes to the gaps
                                                       between each stitched diamond on the gold panel
                                                       alternating red and green around the shape then infill
                                                       the points with the matching colour waste. Stick one
                                                       clear starflake onto clear polyester and infill the
                                                       petals. Cut this out and mount into the centre of
                                                       the design using a sticky fixer. Add a red centre to
                                                       this starflake using a small filled shape from the red
                                                       glitter sticker sheet.

                                                                                                        Issue 51
                                                                                                    Autumn 2008

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