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									                              Customer Requirements Checklist
 Contact Person / Title
 Phone #                              Fax #                                   Email

 Order Type                 Approx. Run Size / Period             /                  How is the assembly used or processed by
                                                                                      the customer?
        EAU                  Requested Lead Time
        Blanket              Scheduling :        Fax             Electronic
Other                     Certification & Level
      Labels:   Requirements
                   Assembly           Container          Hard Copy Blue Print                              View
  Desc          Label Bar Code     Label Bar Code        Electronic Blue Print               Wire end of housings
Part#                                                    Sketch                              Non-wire end of housings
Rev                                                      Sample Part                         Side view
Lot#                                                                                  Dimensions:                                
LotQty                                                   To non-wire end of housing (or non-wire end of bare terminal)
PO#                                                      To wire insertion edge of housing (or non-wire end of bare terminal)
UL                                                       Length of copper wire
CSA                                                      Tolerance
                                                                             Within EWP Capability?     Yes    No

                                                                  Specific brand or Is equivalent If substitution is OK, is
                 Wire                           Item               P/N defined on    substitution this stated in customer’s
                                                                customer document ?     OK?              documents?
Ga and type is defined?    Yes No        Terminals                     Yes       No         Yes    No           Yes      No
                    Bare Copper          Housings                      Yes       No         Yes    No           Yes      No
                  Tinned Copper          Tubing / Covering             Yes       No         Yes    No           Yes      No
                           Both          Sleeving                      Yes       No         Yes    No           Yes      No

List any customer supplied
Any other components or value
added services:
Distributor contact information:

                         Quality Requirements
Certification with Shipment               PPAP                     Level
First Article Insp. Report
Cpk                Minimum Lev

Other information:

                                                       Rev C 3/23/06

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