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									                                        Saskatoon RCMP
  Volume 2, Issue 6

  December , 2007

                                        Vet’s Newsletter
                                         Photos from the Division Golf Tournament

                                            Checking them once and        Rumor is they were charged with
                                              checking ‘em twice                dangerous driving.
 Special points of interest:
 • RCMP Heritage Centre

 • Red Deer Editorial

 • Upcoming Provincial Golf Tour-
   nament Announcement

                                         Bartender adding up the score           Winning is good!

Inside this issue:

Division Golf Tournament          1&2

Change of Venue                   2

RCMP Heritage Centre              3

                                                Bragging rights                  Handsome devils
Questions and Answers on Centre   4

Golf Tournament Prize Winners     5

Red Deer Editorial                6

Saskatoon Division Xmas Social    7

                                         Everyone worked up an appetite     Caught red-handed or is
                                                                               that wet-handed
Page 2                                                                                                  Saskatoon RCMP

Division golf tournament is smashing success

  Loading up on coffee before start            The train heading out for          Damn ball never goes where I       .
                                                   the shotgun start                         want it!

The Saskatoon Association had been trying to get a golf tournament organized for many years and finally on Sep-
tember 12, 2007 it finally happened. Sixty-two brave souls teed off in a shotgun start at 11:00 am in a two person
"best ball" format. At 9:00AM it was raining, cold, windy and threatening winter. As we all know in Saskatchewan,
if you don't like the weather just wait an hour. The rain stopped, it remained windy and cool but we managed to get
a full round of 18 completed.
A tasty steak barbecue with all the trimmings was served up at the Saskatoon Shrine Club. Our winners were de-
clared and everybody left with a prize or two.
The intention is to make this Tournament an annual one and move it around within the Saskatoon Division area,
which takes in the northwest part of the Province.
Excellent support was received from several different business sponsors and individuals for prizes. A big thank you
is extended to the Golf Committee for a very successful Tournament.

Hugh Esson, President
Saskatoon Veterans Association

Monthly dinner meetings move to Shrine Club from Justin’s

With the closure of Justin’s in the late fall the executive had to find a new location after many years at the same lo-
cation. The Saskatoon Shrine Club seemed to fit the needs. Both the Shrine Club President and Club Manager,
Wayne Miner and Craig Inkster respectively are Vets and assured us of excellent service and meals. The added ad-
vantage is that after the meal and meeting the members can sit around and socialize, which was never possible at
Justin’s. We have to conduct the business of the Division, but it seems the whole purpose of the meetings is for
friends and old comrades to tell war-stories and recall the good and bad times. The pictures above are some of the
last from Justin’s.
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                            Page 3

The New RCMP Heritage Centre, Regina                           Photo by Heidi Allred

Frequently asked questions
What is the RCMP Heritage Centre?
The RCMP Heritage Centre (RCMP HC) exists to tell the story of the RCMP.
The RCMP story includes the Force's role in the development of Canada, the role of the RCMP in policing
over 200 communities across Canada, the challenges of serving as Canada's Federal Police Force, and the
role the RCMP plays internationally.
The RCMP HC opened on May 23, 2007 and offers 10,000 sq.ft. of exhibits, a 27-minute multimedia show,
a 2,000 sq.ft. temporary exhibit gallery and a 2,800 sq. ft. community programming room.
The RCMP HC is located on the grounds of the RCMP Academy, ‘Depot’ Division in Regina, Saskatchewan.
The RCMP HC leases this land from the RCMP.
Who owns and operates the RCMP Heritage Centre?
The RCMP HC is owned and operated by a nationally registered non-profit corporation, the Mounted Police
Heritage Centre Inc.
The Centre is not owned and/or operated by the Federal Government or the RCMP. The RCMP HC receives
no operational funding from any level of government or from the RCMP.
The RCMP HC relies on admissions, gift shop sales and facility rental revenues to support operations.
The staff of the RCMP HC are employed by the non-profit corporation and are responsible for building op-
erations, program development and delivery, marketing, gift shop operations, and events. The President
and CEO of the RCMP HC reports to national board of directors comprised of twelve – (12) people from
across Canada.
How much did the RCMP Heritage Centre cost to build, and where did the money come from?
To date, the RCMP HC has cost $29.5 million ($20.5 million for the building and $9 million for exhibit and
multimedia development).
The Government of Canada contributed $23.5 million to the project (including $5 million from the RCMP’s
capital budget in FY 2006-07).         Continued on page 4
Page 4                                                                                               Saskatoon RCMP

          RCMP Heritage Centre—Information
         The Government of Saskatchewan committed $3.5 million to the capital cost, while private donors con-
         tributed the remaining $2.5 million. It is sometimes noted that the RCMP HC is a $40 million project.
         This is referring to the cost of the total project once we have completed our second phase of develop-
         ments which include three – (3) additional exhibits, outdoor landscaping and enhancements. These
         developments will be funded through private and corporate donations to the RCMP HC’s Protect and
         Preserve Campaign.
         Why is the RCMP Heritage Centre still raising money?
         There are plans to add three – (3) more exhibits in 8,000 square feet of open space in the main exhibit
         hall. There are also plans to complete certain architectural elements that will enhance the visitor ex-
         perience (e.g.: a stockade wall at the main entrance and a ceremonial, Tyndall Stone wall extending to
         Wascana Creek from the east side of the building), as well as new outdoor programming and educa-
         tional elements.
         The $10 million required to build these additional elements will come from corporate and private dona-
         tions raised by the RCMP Heritage Centre’s Protect and Preserve Campaign.
         In addition to the capital campaign, the RCMP HC will be reliant on donations from individuals and cor-
         porations over the long-term. Such donations will be critical to maintaining operational stability and to
         enhancing programming in the future (e.g.: traveling exhibitions; enhanced virtual programming and
         education elements).
         How can I make a donation to support the RCMP Heritage Centre Protect and Preserve Capital Cam-
         paign or ongoing operations?
         The RCMP HC gratefully accepts donations from individuals and organizations that support telling the
         RCMP story to people from around the world. For more information on gifting options please visit our
         web site at the following link:
         You can also make a donation by calling (306) 522-7333 (ext 3014). Please note that all donations
         over $10.00 will be issued a charitable tax receipt.
         Why does the RCMP Heritage Centre charge admission?
         The RCMP HC currently receives no operational funding from any government. (although it is worthy of
         note that the City of Regina currently provides a five year property tax exemption) As such all opera-
         tions are funded through own-source revenues, the largest stream of which is our charge for admission
         to the Centre.
         If the RCMP HC is reliant on admissions to support its operations, why do RCMP Members, employees
         and veterans receive a discount and why do cadets receive free admission during training?
         The RCMP HC recognizes the contribution of RCMP Members, employees and veterans by offering a
         significant reduction in admission fees (e.g.: a 50% reduction in the case of adult admission; and, a
         40% reduction in the case of admission for seniors).
         In addition, we are also very proud of our program that offers RCMP Cadets free admission while they
         are in training at Depot in recognition of the RCMP HC’s contribution to their learning. We are also
         proud to offer a free admission package to their families on graduation weekends as our way of con-
         gratulating them on the completion of their training.
         How are profits from the gift shop used?
         All profits from the gift shop are re-invested immediately to support the operations of the
         Heritage Centre. Sales of RCMP licensed merchandise also support the RCMP Foundation, which funds
         many RCMP community-based initiatives across Canada.
         Do I have to pay admission to the Centre if I want to shop at the gift shop or
         purchase something from the food concession?
         No. The gift shop and food concession are both located in the lobby of the RCMP HC,
         and can be accessed without having to pay admission to the Centre.
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                    Page 5

 Golf Tournament Prize Winners
 •   Low Score Men’s - Dom Corbett & Colin Aebig from Shellbrook with a 69 score .

 •   Low Mixed - Ray & Michelle Duret, Saskatoon with an 82.

 •   Longest Putt - Ray Duret Saskatoon

 •   Ladies’ Closest to Pin - Heather Lavoie Saskatoon

 •   Men’s Closest to Pin - Chris Mason Saskatoon

 •   Ladies’ Longest Drive - June Bradley Saskatoon

 •   Men’s Longest Drive - Phil Johnson Saskatoon

 •   Most Honest Team - Hal & Stella Kruger Christopher lake

 •   For the 50-50 tickets: $155 cash won by Stan Lintick,
 •   John McPhail won a t-shirt,
     Clair Gitzel won one free round of golf and some golf balls,
 •   The Scrimshaw print won by Ken Homeniuk.

 Humor in uniform—SWAT Team
Page 6                                                                                             Saskatoon RCMP

         Interesting Editorial from Red Deer, AB
         Subject: Red Deer Editorial—Red Deer Advocate
         Re: Mary-Ann Barr's column about Tasers.

         I am a retired RCMP member who served on the Red Deer City Detachment in the late 70's and early
         80s. In her column, Ms. Barr, asked a question that I feel must be answered. She asked, " What did
         the RCMP do before Tasers? They didn't go around shooting agitated unarmed suspects".

         Perhaps I can enlighten her, and others of the same mind. The answer is very simple, in many cases, in
         order for us to subdue them and effect the arrest we busted their heads, broke their bones, and basi-
         cally, beat the hell out of them. We didn't have any choice in the matter. We didn't have anything like
         tasers or pepper spray that we could use to easily effect the arrests with a minimal amount of danger
         to ourselves, bystanders, and the suspects. We didn't even have nightsticks or bulletproof vests.

         The downtown area of Red Deer in those days, was an extremely wild place. Every night the rowdies
         would congregate in the downtown, bar area. There were bar brawls on a regular basis, drunken street
         fights, and the heavy use of drugs. To combat the problem, the Force supplied us with a paddy wagon
         in which to arrest these rowdies. I worked the downtown, bar area in the paddy wagon for two and a
         half years. Every night we would face overwhelming odds in policing this downtown area. It was a com-
         mon thing for each of us to be involved in at least half a dozen full blown, knock 'em down, drag 'em
         out fights on our night shifts.

         You learned very quickly that when a person is crazed on drugs, in a severe agitated mental state, or
         drunk, many of them have superhuman strength, and feel no pain. You can't hurt them by hitting them
         or knocking them down. They would just keep coming at you. It was most difficult to subdue them. If
         they were unarmed we could sometimes take control of them using keen wits, our training, and a cou-
         ple of "holds" that we were taught. These holds would render them unconscious within seconds if prop-
         erly applied. However, there have been documented cases where people have been severely injured or
         died after having been subjected to these holds. But if the suspect was armed
         with a weapon, whether it be a knife, broken bottle, a club, or weapons of many different descriptions,
         now what do you do? You have to get close enough to safely disarm the suspect and physically subdue
         the person. Because we didn't have anything except our sidearms to handle the situation, many of us
         bought our own nightsticks. These could sometimes be used to disarm the suspects. In most cases the
         suspects received many sorts of injuries, as did many of us in the fracases. In some cases, sidearms
         were used because we had no choice but to bring the show of deadly force into play.

         So, Ms. Barr, maybe you get the picture. When we were faced with a "crazed" person, whether they
         were on drugs, booze, or in a mental state, in order to "Maintain the Right", uphold the law and pre-
         serve the peace as we had been sworn to do, we didn't have anything like pepper spray or tasers to an-
         swer the threats. It came down to a very dangerous game of "hand to hand" combat. Many police offi-
         cers and suspects have been injured or killed trying to do just that, when a simple zap from a taser
         would have easily removed the threat. In most cases this would be accomplished much more safely
         than the way we had to do it "in the old days". Try giving the members who patrol our streets the bene-
         fit of doubt and quit trying to be armchair quarterbacks. Remember that they have to make split sec-
         ond life and death decisions while everyone sits back in their easy chairs and/or bar stools and ponder
         the outcome over coffee or beer. Try marching in their boots just once, and see how you fare. I can
         guarantee you, you won't like it.

         Jim Thoreson
Volume 2, Issue 6                                                                                       Page 7

    Division Christmas Party

       Newly Installed 2008 Executive       Phil Braybrook, newest member           Neil Matheson receives
                                                    was inducted                          30 year pin

       Entertainment by Honish Four        Taking a break from dancing            Three Wise men conferring

                                        On behalf of my wife Mary and I ,
                                        we wish everybody a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008.
                                        This past year has been a growing one for Saskatoon Division, mem-
                                        bership is increasing, new events started i.e. Golf Tournament and a
                                        new meeting location at the Saskatoon Shrine Club.
                                        The coming year will be the 50th Anniversary of the Division so plan-
                                        ning is underway for that event. Early planning for the 2013 AGM will
                                        also be commenced in 2008.
                                        We look forward to the new year and all that it brings.

                                        Hugh Esson, President
                                        Saskatoon Division

        President Hugh and Mary
                                                                Maestro of                                        Page 8

                                                                Majestic Skies
                                                                Glen Scrimshaw - Canadian Artist

For information on galleries featuring the artwork of Glen Scrimshaw, please call toll free
1 888 521-2226 or check his website: www/
Glen is a strong supporter of the Vets Association.

This is to notify all interested persons wishing to attend the 2008 Provincial Golf Tournament, that
is being held in North Battleford. I was notified today that there will be a last minute change of
dates by the organizing committee. The dates for this Tournament are now June 23, 24, 25 2008.
Cost is $175.00 and will include a hosted ‘greet & meet’ night on the 22nd June, and also includes
power carts for all 3 rounds.
Application forms will be sent out early in the new year.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Detective Sgt. Dave McKenzie
Criminal Investigations Branch
Special Investigations Unit

Bob Kelly builds urns exclusively for veterans.
They are built so that two can be accommodated in one
columbarium at the cemetery at Depot Division, Regina
The urns are made of either solid oak ($150.00) or
walnut ($160.00) plus shipping.
The RCMP hat badge or the Veteran’s hat badge, together
with a brass plate with information about the deceased are
appropriate. These items have to be supplied by the mem-
ber or member’s family.
Call Bob at Regina (306) 586-7718

The Saskatoon Division Treasurer advises that some members of this Division have not paid their 2007 mem-
bership fee. If you are in arrears please send your $35.00 dues to:
Ted Markus, 318 Brunst Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7N 3S8.

You know who you are!!!!!

This bulletin is published for the benefit and enjoyment of members of the Saskatoon R.C.M.P. Veterans’ As-
sociation. Opinions expressed in this bulletin do not necessarily reflect those of the membership in general.
Articles and photos of interest are welcomed and may be included in future editions; relevancy and space per-
mitting. Submitted articles may be edited for content and space restrictions. Submit articles or suggestions to
the editor at:

 Coffee Club every Friday 10 a.m. at McDonald’s, 8th and Louise

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