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     DECEMBER 2008
The Chamber would like to
                            Message from the President
welcome our newest           Holiday greetings everyone!       Factors that are likely trig-
members:                    There’s an old Chinese prov-       gers for a positive turn-
                            erb that says “may you live in     around include:
∗    Walk N Paws—Jane       interesting times.” 2008 cer-      —the price of housing in
     Cuthbert               tainly qualifies as an interest-   the US; Tal expects prices
                            ing time! As we put this year      to bottom out in the next
∗    St. James Anglican     to bed, let’s take a brief eco-    six months with a further
     Church—Father          nomic reality check.               drop of 5 to 10% by April or
     David Andrew                                              May of 2009. At that point,
                            Even as a banker there are         the market can attach a
∗    The Brick—Rob          times when I’m overwhelmed         value to sub-prime proper-
     Melnychuk              with the sheer volume of infor- ties and prices will begin to
                            mation available, but how          rise.
∗    Carleton Trailers—     much of it is valid? How much —The price of oil; when it
     Dave Cousineau         of it only contributes to volatil- stabilizes somewhere be-
                            ity and panic?                     tween $40 to $50/barrel
∗    Sandy’s Burgers &                                                                          The Chamber would
     Caribbean Delight—     The clearest explanation I’ve      this will spark a recovery
                                                               driven by the emerging          like to wish everyone
     Sandy & Jay            heard on current economic                                            a Merry Christmas
                            trends comes from Benjamin         markets of India and
                                                               China; Tal states that com-     and a festive Holiday
                            Tal, a Senior Economist for
                            CIBC World Markets. Here’s a modity prices are likely to
                            brief summary of what he had remain low for the next 8             In lieu of sending our
                            to say to a room full of small     to 12 months, and when
                                                               they begin to rise, the          members traditional
                            business owners from across                                         Christmas cards, the
      Click on me!          Ottawa and the Valley on No- TSX—which is heavy on                 board has decided the
                            vember 25th.                       commodities—will follow.
                                                               —a reduction in de-              Chamber would sup-
                            Prior to every recession           leveraging by strapped           port those less fortu-
                            there is a spike in oil            hedge funds; again, Tal          nate than ourselves
                            prices. While the credit crisis emphasizes that we’re in           and are making a do-
                            and sub-prime lending prob-        the 7th or 8th inning of the     nation to the Lanark
                            lems in the US have greatly        sell-off.                       County Food Bank on
                            contributed to the recession,      —a return to realistic mar-      our members behalf!
                            true to past patterns, a spike     ket expectations, including
                            in oil prices led the way. In      the assignment of appropri-     Best Wishes for a safe
                            fact, the US has been in a re-     ate levels of risk to invest-   and prosperous new
                            cession for the past 12            ments (sub-prime lending                year!
                            months—in Tal’s words, “we’re in the US was the antithe-
                            in the 7th inning” of the decline sis of this.)...continued pg2
                                                      CHAMBER CHATTER

Chamber Office Report
Please join me in welcoming Chris-        We all lead busy lives, and committee
tine Lafrance as our new Grant Re-        work does take a little time, but it also
searcher. So far we’ve kept Chris-        presents a fantastic opportunity to
tine busy getting acquainted with         meet other business members and get
our database and looking up funding       involved with your community. So if
sources for non-profits but that will     you have the inclination to devote
change quickly as she investigates        some time and effort to a good cause
where the money is to support busi-       please give me a call!
ness initiatives during these trying
times!                                     Looking forward, I’m pleased to an-
                                          nounce that our Christmas Wine and
As I gradually catch up on member-        Cheese Mixer will be held on Decem-
ship and admin work it’s come to my       ber 18th, 5 to 7pm at the Leather-
attention that growing our commit-        works. Cost is $20.00. Please call the         THE CHAMBER
tees needs to be a priority. Specifi-     office to let us know if you’re attend-       OFFICE WILL BE
cally we need help with our Golf          ing—cancellations will be accepted up
Tournament, Event Planning and            to Dec. 17th, otherwise you’ll be in-            CLOSED
Membership Committees. It’s our           voiced! (And speaking of invoices—if
intention to expand our trade show        any of yours are outstanding, we ac-          DECEMBER 24TH
in March from a 3 hour to a two day       cept payment any time!)
event, and we need to beef up the
                                                                                         TO JANUARY
Event Planning Committee to real-         Happy Holidays and hope to see you               5TH FOR
ize that goal!                            soon!

                                , 257-1976
                                                                                         THE HOLIDAYS

...President’s Message
                                                                                       Welcome Christine!
So what does this mean for Canadi-         Tal says the Canadian dollar will          I am Christine Lafrance and I joined
ans? Expect an upturn by mid to late       remain down for the next six months        the Chamber on November 10 as the
2009 or early 2010 as oil and housing      and then recover as people realize         Grant Researcher. I am becoming
prices stabilize and then expect the       the US needs to finance their debt-        acquainted with the research pro-
market to level off for a number of        load. In fact, Tal stated that he’s
years.                                                                                grams and the routine of the Cham-
                                           bullish on the Canadian dollar and
                                                                                      ber. I look forward to meeting the
                                           bearish on the US.
On the plus side governments around                                                   members of the Chamber.
the world have acted quickly by re-        As for the Canadian housing market,
ducing interest rates to introduce li-     while prices are starting to fall here,    My background includes a B.A. in
quidity and the financial bail-out is a    he doesn’t foresee a freefall. Areas
valid response to the crisis. According                                               Law from Carleton University and a
                                           where real estate speculation is
to Tal “if you don’t bail out Wall                                                    diploma from Algonquin College for
                                           higher will realize greater devalua-
Street, you kill Main Street.”             tion—primarily out west.                   Office Administration. I have worked
                                                                                      in law firms and in office environ-
In the same vein, Tal expects the US       Finally, while the Canadian small          ments.
to provide some sort of auto industry      business sector typically underper-
bailout as a means for creating stabil-    forms during a weak economy the            I am the mother of three children, two
ity and reducing panic.                    opposite is true today, thanks to Ca-      girls and one boy. They are ages 8, 3,
                                           nadian consumers.                          and 1 and keep me very busy. We live
Canada is poised to announce large
                                                                                      outside the village of Lanark with our
government spending on public infra-       Please join us for festivities at the
                                                                                      dog and our donkeys. I enjoy reading
structure, which is a realistic way to     Leatherworks on December 18th, 5 to
                                                                                      and spending time with my family.
create jobs and stimulate the econ-        8 pm. Please call the office to reserve
omy. Expect infrastructure invest-         your spot by December 15th—price is
                                                                                      You can reach me at
ment to rise from 3% to 10% of pen-        $20/person. (Cancel by the 17th or
sion funding expenditure in the next 5     an invoice will be issued.) Cheers!
   DISTRICT CHAMBER OF                                                        Upcoming Events:
                                                      December 18th - Annual Wine and Cheese - This year’s event
                 175 Bridge St.
         Carleton Place ON K7C 2V8                    will be held at the Leatherworks.
            Phone: 613– 257– 1976                     Time: 5pm to 8pm      Cost: $20.00
               Fax: 613-257-8170
        Email:                  Please RSVP to the office, 257-1976 before December 15th!

                                                      January 14th - Networking Event at Staples! Come learn about
                                                      our Grant Writing/Research service!
                                                      Time: 7pm to 9pm         Cost-Free!
                                                      Please RSVP to the office, 257-1976 before January 12th!

                                                      February - Networking Event—Our guest speaker will be a
                                                      specialist in the area of Accessibility and they will be informing us
                                                      about Ontario’s new Accessibility Legislation and how it will effect
             We are on the web!                       every business! Watch the Chamber’s next newsletter and website
                           for details.

                                                      March - AGM & More - watch for details.

53 Colours — Signs & Digital Imaging
53 Colours is dedicated to “making         Valley, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.       town you’ll know another strong cor-
your business look sharp!” How dedi-       Whether you’re a new company look-        porate specialty is vehicle graphics.
cated? After 28 years you might say        ing for a logo, cards and letterhead to   Lesley’s car is bright yellow with
it’s a family tradition…with an edge.      build your corporate brand or a con-      giant daisies and the 53 Colours logo
Apparently the family that drives          struction company in need of outdoor      emblazoned across it.
together thrives together. If you’re       signage someone from their team will
                                           work with you to get it right.            Lesley acknowledges that they are
into stock car racing you might rec-
                                                                                     awarded many contracts for entire
ognize the 53 Colours Racing Team
                                           As leaders in the outdoor signage         fleets of vehicles, from passenger
in the winner’s circle at Capital City
                                           niche market the people at 53 Colours     vehicles, to transports, to airplanes.
                                           work to stay in step with emerging        Knowing Lesley’s car, one can only
A team approach on and off the track       technologies. From initial design and     imagine the kind of bold visuals that
is key to their success in racing, busi-   production through to site installation   an airplane might inspire!
ness and life. Founder Carl Musker,        their unspoken motto is “any sign, any
                                           size, anywhere.” Billboards and build-    For more information on 53 Colours’
son Todd (Production Manager) and
                                           ing signage whether electrical, LED or    range of services visit
daughter Lesley Musker (the “Sign-
                                           digital, along with location, display, or give them a
tist”) have all raced competitively at
                                           and material recommendations are all      call 613-253-5324.
Capital City Speedway and at tracks
across Ontario, with Todd placing          part of the service.
third overall in 2008 in the Thunder
                                           Lesley Musker, (the Sign-tist), volun-    Have a success story you’d like to
Car series.
                                           teers with the Chamber’s Event Plan-      share? Just give us a call!
53 Colours specializes in creating         ning Committee and acted as the vis-
bold, visual branding and identity         ual eye behind the amazing room dé-
development for clients all across the     cor at our recent “FunRaiser.” If
                                           you’ve seen Lesley driving around
                                               CHAMBER CHATTER

                                      CP Chamber of Commerce Grand
                                      ‘FUN’ Raiser
                                      Mark your calendars: for next year!     Salmon, Eggplant or Prime Rib the
                                      This year’s Grand Ol’ Fun Raiser        meal was excellent—thanks again to
                                      was a tremendous success raising        the Heritage Inn, who went out of their
                                      $6270 towards the purchase of a         way to get in the spirit of the evening
                                      portable ECG Machine for the            by having the servers dressed in coun-
                                      Carleton Place & Memorial Hospi-        try-western style.
                                      tal in memory of Randy Slater!
                                                                              Radio personality Mark Papousek
                                      The evening began with the most         acted as master of ceremonies and af-
                                      spectacular sunset and unseasona-       ter dinner the crowd was entertained
                                      bly warm, beautiful weather! The        by impersonator James Kirkham!
                                      room was filled and everyone en-        Something of a quick-change artist,
                                      joyed the cocktail hour—all the         James involved the crowd in his act as
                                      profits from any Caesars sold           he mimicked everyone from former
                                      (Randy’s favourite drink) went to       Prime Minister Chretien to Bill Clin-
                                      the Lanark County Food Bank,            ton to Tina Turner, Michael Jackson,
                                      courtesy of the Heritage Inn.           Elvis and the Phantom of the Opera.

                                      The dinner was exceptional              Thank you all for participating and
                                      whether you had Chicken & Ribs,         making the evening a success!

  MEMBER 2 MEMBER BENEFITS            Writer’s Corner…& the Winner is...
  The team at Tomahawk Tech-          To roll-out our proposal/research        for research and proposal writing.
nologies is pleased to offer $40 in   service we invited some local chari-     Christine Lafrance, our new Grant
 Tomahawk Bucks as part of the        ties and non-profits to enter a          Researcher has been busy getting
 Chamber’s Member-to-Member           “contest” to win an initial consulta-    familiar with the funding database
         Benefit Program.             tion and ten free hours of research/     and non-profit resources. She’s
Apply your bucks to Tomahawk’s        writing assistance. We’re pleased to     starting to focus on business re-
 web development and technical        announce that we’ll be working with      sources to build our expertise in
 support service. Send an email       Alwood Treatment Centre and              that area
to to receive       Arts Carleton Place—the first
     your Tomahawk Bucks              two viable submissions received.         Stay tuned as we roll-out this ser-
        ($40 per member).                                                      vice in more detail at our network-
                                      In these days of dwindling resources     ing event at Staples, January 14th,
  Enter a draw for free hockey        we’ve noticed potential funders do-      7pm to 9pm.
 tickets—including the Ottawa         ing some necessary belt-tightening.
          Senators—visit              From a proposal writing perspec-         In the meantime, why not approach            tive, this means paying close atten-     the holiday season by putting to-
 & fill out a survey on the home      tion to the details. Our recent sub-     gether your very own “funding
               page.                  missions to a provincial government      wish-list”? If you had the money,
                                      department have been given the           how would you apply it to benefit
                                      “fine toothcomb” treatment, and I        your business or social service
                                      spent a good part of the past week       agency? Would your priorities be on
If you are willing to participate     re-evaluating and fine-tuning our        training, hiring, research and devel-
in our Member 2 Member bene-          initial requests. We hope to have a      opment, infrastructure, capital as-
fit program, please contact the       definite answer in early December.       sets, equipment purchase or a spe-
             office!                                                           cific program or project?
                                      The Grant Committee is meeting
                                      December 4th to discuss priorities       Questions?