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					Lace and Ribbon Inlay
By Missy Cahoon
Hot Rod Scrampers
Advanced Scramping Team Designer


•   Versamark
•   Black Beauty Dye Ink (TAC)
•   It’s A Girl Thing Stamp Set (TAC)
•   Cursive Alphabet Letter Stamps (Making Memories)
•   Date Stamp (Making Memories)
•   Black Card Stock (Stampin’ Up!)
•   Mauve Mist Card Stock (Stampin’ Up!)
•   Mellow Moss Card Stock (Stampin’ Up!)
•   1 ½” Calligraphy Letter Template (ScrapPagerz)
•   White eyelets (Making Memories)
•   Pink Ribbon (Unknown)
•   Lace – sold by the yard (Wal-Mart)
•   Foam Hydra Sponge (Mehron)
•   Tacky Glue (Aileene’s)
•   Hermafix Tabs (Herma)
•   Xacto Knife
•   Anywhere hole punch and eyelet setter (Making Memories)
•   12” paper cutter (Fiskars)

    1. Tear Mauve Mist and Mellow Moss 12”X12” card stock down the middle. You
       will only use ½ of each color. Tear an additional ½” off the one torn side.

    2. Cut a piece of lace about 3” wide and 12” long. Glue the lace to the center of
       the black 12”X12” card stock using Tacky Glue. (The glue is white, but it will
       dry clear).

    3. Stamp both the mellow moss and mauve mist torn sheets of cardstock with
       the “It’s a Girl Thing” stamp in both black beauty dye ink and Versamark all
       over the background.

    4. Punch and set 6 white eyelets down the torn side of each piece of cardstock.

    5. Thread the pink lace through the eyelets like lacing up a shoe. Tack down to
       the black cardstock using tacky glue.

    6. Trace your title using the calligraphy template. Cut your letters out using an
       Xacto knife. Sponge the edges of your letters with the black inkpad and a
       sponge. Glue down using tacky glue.
   7. Mat pictures leaving ¼” border. Mat one in mellow moss and one in mauve.
      Attach your pictures to the page using Hermafix tabs.

   8. Stamp names on a square of mauve card stock using black dye ink and the
      cursive Making Memories stamps. Sponge around the edges with the black ink
      and a sponge. Attach to the page using Hermafix tabs.

   9. Stamp the date on a small piece of mellow moss card stock using black ink
      and attach to the Layout.

It is that simple and easy, but very elegant!

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