LED TVs vs. Plasma Television by gyvwpgjmtx


									New members have been added to the TV family, along with LCD and Plasma. Now
there is LED. LED back light TVs which the industry is simple calling LED TVs.
  LED TVs has three main advantages without going into a physics lesson about the
technology behind it. Its color, depth and energy efficiency. Comparing it to Plasma
TVs and LCD TVs . LED TVs are known to have whiter whites and deeper blacks.
This is also called ratio and you'll often see this listed as a feature on TV's. To get a
better viewing picture you'll need a higher ratio to get better contrast as a result it will
give you a better picture. 2nd LED TVs are really thin. LCD TVs cannot hold a
candle to LED TVs in regards to its thinness. LED's are typically less then half the
depth. 3rd as they work differently from plasma and LCD televisions. They use a lot
less energy which will save you money and help you be more green. And the final
benefit to having a LED TV. you can view your LED TV from almost any angle in the
room and unlike plasma and LCD the color wont be darker...
  Plasma television will give you a bright in-depth picture. They also have a skinny
design that allows them to be set on a stand or on a wall. Plasma televisions are
known for there smooth motion, rich colors and impressive contrast levels.
  If your considering a plasma television there's two things to keep in mind. First
plasma's our not available in smaller screen sizes. Just 42 inches or bigger. So a cheap
plasma TV is usually around $600 or less. Therefore there not ideal for small rooms
like a kitchen. Second, some plasma television screens may reflect room lights. If
your room is very illuminated with windows and lamps. Then you may want to turn
them down and close the curtains.
  So how do you know if a plasma TV or LED TVs is right for you? If you want a
cinema-like experience in a dim or darkened room. Then you'd probaly want to go
with plasma television because of its true to life color and fluid motion. If you looking
for a TV under 42 inches then LED TVs are right for you. They have brighter whites
and deeper blacks, the cheaper one is plasma televisions.
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