LeBron James鈥攖he Future Leader of Heat_ Well-Prepared to Fight against Kobe Bryant

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					LeBron James—the Future Leader of Heat, Well-Prepared to Fight against Kobe
  Who is the super star of NBA, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant? This is the often hot
discussed topic. September 20th. LeBron James will still be only the Second in the
new season? Erik Spoelstra said NO. According to the nearest report, Erik Spoelstra,
the coach of Miami Heat, said that LeBron's play will not be limited in the new season,
he can display his basketball thoroughly. James will play as organization rearguard,
small forward and big striker, to show his talent.
  We cannot deny the fact that LeBron james will be the leader of the Heat team to
lead his team has good performances in the new season. James was regarded as the
Second after Wade when he first joined in the Heat, Wade was truly the leader, then.
Now, all elements just showed that LeBron James will take the place of Wade, and be
the first place in the Heat. "LeBron will play as the organization rearguard for a short
time, at this moment he is the organizer of the team. Meanwhile, he will play as the
last shot for he was the scoring title. Of course, he is not limited in these talent, he
should be more powerful and play the best as much as he can." Spoelstra added.
LeBron James Jersey Spoelstra’s words have great power, which will be helpful for
LeBron James fight for the MVP. Riley said before that Spoelstra will be the Heat's
coach, he will not take the place of him at the moment. And James now get supported
from Spoelstra, this will be surely good for him to fight for the MVP. Just as the
media reported before that, James could not be able to gain the MVP for he wasn't the
First in Miami Heat. Get more NBA news from together
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