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					Believe it or not, the word wallet has been in use since the first century AD. The word
used to describe a typical small sack for carrying provisions including food. Later on
it was described more as a survival pack until the late 18th and 19th century
descriptions aptly mentioned wallet as a currency-carrying medium. The leather
wallet is of course an invention of the late 16th and early 17th century. Leather wallets
grew in importance with the invention of paper currency. Paper currency necessarily
meant that all adequate precaution were to be in place to ensure safe and easy delivery.
Nothing could do this job well than the famous chamois leather, which not guaranteed
complete protection, and safety, the man walking next to you never realized the value
of the leather wallet in your pocket.
  There are a variety of leather wallets in the shops today. The price of the wallet today
is dependent on the type of the leather that is in use. Some wallets are made to
withstand the wear and tear of rough handling through a good many years. Men's
accessories now have an assortment of wallets to suit every occasion. The more suave
and chic your wallet looks the more serious you are in your dealings and business
  It is believed by fashion accessory manufacturers that wallets must exude a certain
amount of personality. When the wallet is whipped out of the pocket, the style itself
displays a certain amount of arrogant male power. Now also known as the bill fold,
the wallets double up as a carrying case of credit and debit cards, identity cards,
visiting cards and important documents that would be needed while on the move.
Wallets are now available under a number of brands some of which are signature
names today. Though there are some machine made wallets available, this is one
industry where the customer depends heavily on hand crafted skills and refinements.
  Most of the time leather wallets are either black or brown in color. Any other color
does not quite suit the personality of the product as some researchers have found out.
The moment the wallet begins to show signs of fatigue, it is best to be replaced with
another wallet. Men however prefer to keep a number of wallets that suit their
clothing and the occasion. Leather wallets are powerful instruments and must
skillfully display the power of wealth in such a way that the person gets immediate
respect and recognition by the admirer.
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