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					When it comes to business, the internet is fast becoming an essential function,
required to carry out day-to-day processes. If your business relies on the internet to
function then downtime is bad news as this grinds proceedings to a halt, resulting in
diminished productivity and potentially lost revenue. Internet dependent businesses
need a connection that is 100% reliable and lightning fast. This is achievable by using
a leased line, as opposed to a standard ADSL connection.

 A leased line is a dedicated circuit that connects your business directly to your
Internet Service Provider (ISP). This direct connection means your business has
permanent connectivity to the internet and, unlike ADSL, because you are not sharing
the line with anyone else, you have full use of all the bandwidth, all of the time,
therefore you benefit from superior speeds and quality of service.

  A leased line connection is symmetric as opposed to the asymmetric (ADSL) lines
that are commonly used for both residential and business broadband customers. A
leased line will result in improved connectivity at a much faster speed, enabling your
employees to work more effectively and more productively, which ultimately results
in more profit for your business.

 Leased lines are commonly used by businesses with lots of users, such as banks,
educational institutions and hospitals and tend to become an essential for most large
organisations. Any business that requires a dependable internet connection, 365 days a
year and with no downtime should investigate all that leased line services have to

  If your business offers customers online transactions, all day, every day, then a
leased line could help to support your business model because speedy access to any
websites and mail servers that you host is fully achievable.

 Leased line internet connections result in high upload and download speeds, which
are ideal if you deal with large volumes of data. A speedy connection also makes VoIP
as easy as 1-2-3 which can save your business money in the long term.

 A leased line is always active therefore you can secure permanent IP addresses,
particularly beneficial if you offer online services such as VPN, run a server, host
your own domain name or want to link remote offices to your main office.

 When researching the leased line options available to you, investigate the
accompanying Service Level Agreement (SLA). Backup and support are an important
aspect of all technological considerations, so this is definitely a point worth
comparing. Look for a service that offers around the clock helpdesks with pro-active
service monitoring and reporting so you avoid complications altogether.

 All in all, a leased line provides permanent, reliable, high-speed internet connectivity
when compared to the temporary connectivity available via ADSL access. Due to the
direct and uninterrupted nature of a leased line, your business can benefit from a
much higher quality connection that is significantly speedier and completely reliable.

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