Learning the Art of Body Language by gyvwpgjmtx


									More than what we actually hear from our customers, we should make it also
necessary to hear what they are not saying.
  Okay. Let 鈥檚 make that clearer. What we want to know is if you are hearing
everything your customer is saying, whether it is verbal or not. For example, are you
looking at how your customer 鈥檚 eyebrows shoot up when they saw your end
product from the custom printing project you made of their print online job? Or are
you just looking at their acceptance of your print job on the fact that they didn 鈥檛
say anything or complained about their print order?
  According to a study, the verbal part that we are hearing is only 7 percent and the
rest of the 93 percent is non-verbal. The non-verbal therefore should be a major
concern for all business owners. Because what you 鈥檙 e not hearing is most likely
the very thing that would make your business fail miserably.
  It is all about reading the body language that would help you learn so much more
about your target clients and customers. More than the words, their body language is
very important because it tells you a big deal of your customer 鈥檚 reaction towards
your business, your products and services.
  If you must know, communication, whether it 鈥檚 verbal or non-verbal, is all about
the content. You don 鈥檛 just listen to what is in the language, but more importantly,
you put everything else in the picture. And this means getting your whole body and
mind involved in getting the message. This means then that you not only watch how
your customer 鈥檚 body reacts to your business; but also to the way your body
reacts to your customers 鈥?body language. Your customers would be looking out for
telltale signs that they are important to you and that you 鈥檙 e doing everything you
can to give them what they need and want.
  The bottom line is to communicate to your clients that you see and understand what
they want. If you 鈥檙 e in business, it is imperative that you sell your products and
services in the way that even your body language is focused on sending out the same
message to your target clients. You are actually convincing your target clients more
with what you 鈥檙 e not saying.
  Scientists have proven time and again that body language is the best communication
tool because people generally put weight on non-verbal communication rather than on
the verbal. We typically believe what the other person is saying through their body
actions, more than what is coming out from the mouth. This just goes to show that
body language says a lot more than the actual words does.
  The reason why body language has more weight is because it is something that we
don 鈥檛 think about. It is a subconscious behavior that provides our customers with
the real score. Hence, what we tell our customers through our body language gives
more significance on how we look at them. Our body language tells our customers
what we value more than anything else.
  The trick is to be able to determine what your body language tells your customers
about you, and what the other 鈥檚 body language tells you about them. By knowing
what our bodies tell us, we will be able to know how to react appropriately to our
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