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TO THE CLAIMS PROCESS                                                                                              AC
If you’ve had an accident and are considering making a claim this                                           CL
step by step guide will help you understand what is involved, how
much money you are likely to be awarded and how long the whole                       you have any questions! C
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process will take.
This guide should prove useful and informative and whilst no two cases are totally   T 0800 198 98 98
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ACCIDENT                                                          STEP BY STEP GUIDE
C LA I M E                                                              TO THE CLAIMS PROCESS

 HAD AN ACCIDENT                                                                                     HOW BEST TO CONTACT US
 If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your AC Cchances N you will be
                                                        fault the ID E are                           It is entirely up to you how you want to contact us but through our website you can find our free
                                                             LA I M
 entitled to claim compensation from the responsible persons insurers. Here at The
 Accident Claims Centre we will provide instance and C professional advice as to the
                                                                                                     phone number which is 0800 1989898 and you can call and speak to one of our trained Claims
 likelihood of your claim succeeding. Most of the time C E tell you straight away whether
                                                          we will
                                                                                                     Advisors and be in a position to go someway in advising you as to whether you have a good claim.
                                                                                                     You may however, prefer to complete a simple on line form through this website and give us a bit
 you have a good case although sometimes in certain types of accidents we will need more             more information about your claim and then we will call you back at your convenience and go
 information. We will not pressurise you into making a claim if you don’t want to and there          through the fine detail of your claim. We also have live chat line where you can instantly contact
 is no obligation to sign up with us if you would rather think things over for a day or two.         one of our Accident Solicitors who will give you straight forward and simple advice instantly
 If you do want to proceed we will put you in touch with one of our specialist Accident              without charge. It is very important that you give us accurate and detailed instructions because
 Solicitors straight away and they will also discuss your claim with you before taking it on.        the advice we give you depends upon the accuracy of the instructions you give us.

 IF YOU WANT US TO HELP YOU                                                       WHY CHOOSE ACCIDENT CLAIMS CENTRE?
  A you have given usT accident details and answered any
 OnceC C ID
              EN your                                                             The Accident Claims Centre has helped thousands of people since it was set up in 2003 and we pride ourselves in
 outstanding I M we will send your details to one of our specialist
    C L A queriesand
 AccidentN T R E they will make contact with you and discuss
                                                                                  keeping things simple and doing the job properly which involves providing a polite and efficient service to our new
     C E Solicitors
 your case and how they will act for you. Most of the time they will act
                                                                                  and existing clients and matching them up to most appropriately qualified and expert Solicitor with experience in
                                                                                  the field with which the client has suffered an accident. We put our road accident victims with our road accident
 on a No Win No Fee basis which means that if you win your case you               Solicitors and our slip and trip clients with our slip and trip Solicitors. We believe the Solicitors we work with to be
 will receive all your damages without a deduction and they will receive          straight talking and focused in providing our clients with the best service that can be provided and to work within
 their fees from the other sides insurers as well. On the other hand              The Accident Claim Centres maxim of “Maximum damages minimum time”. Our clients receive 100% of their
 in the likely event you lose your case you don’t have to pay anything.           damages and are kept fully informed as to how their claims are progressing from the outset to the conclusion. We
 Once your claim has been accepted by the Solicitors they will continue           believe both our Company and the Solicitors we work with are professional and team focused on looking after the
 to contact you directly.                                                         interests of our clients.O

 Once your claim is within your                To understand what No Win No Fee really means you need to understand that as a general rule in English Law the winner has his/her costs paid by
 Solicitor there is only really two            the loser. That means if you win your case not only do you win the damages that the Judge awards you but also your legal fees should also be awarded
 ways your claim will go. It will either       to you to pay your Solicitor. That means that your Solicitors has to decide right at the beginning whether your case is going to win or lose and if after
 succeed in which case you will receive        discussing your case with you the Solicitor is prepared to act on a No Win No Fee basis it is a good sign because it means your Solicitors believes you
 compensation or it will fail. Of course       will win your case. If you Solicitor takes on your case on a No Win No Fee basis but if for some reason your case fails then you have not won and you
 the Solicitor taking on your case will        are not liable to pay your Solicitor anything. If you lose your case then the other side have won and they are entitled to claim costs against you. Most
 only take it on if he believes at the         No Win No Fee Agreements come with an Insurance Policy which protects you if you lose your case and be liable to pay the other sides costs. The
 outset that your claim is going to win        Insurance Policy will pay up the other sides (winners) legal costs for you.If you win your case you will receive 100% of your damages and your Solicitor
 because the Solicitor does not want to        will be paid by the other side. ACS’s fees are paid for by our specialist Accident Solicitors who pay us a fee when we send them details of clients who
 work for nothing.                             have been involved in accidents.

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ACCIDENT                                                              STEP BY STEP GUIDE

 1 You make contact with your Solicitors                                               ACCIDENT TYPES

 Once you have been put in touch with your Solicitors it is for you to
                                                                                       The Accident Claims Centre specialises in providing help to anyone who has been involved in a non fault
                                                                                       accident however unusual the circumstances are. Check out our website for further details and accident types.
 give your Solicitor all the information that has been requested. I M
                                                         C LA
                                                          CENTRE                           Accidents at work            Criminal injury claims               Cycling accidents               Fatal accidents
 2 Your Solicitors then does the following                                                                                                                                                      INQUEST

    Writes a letter of claim to the other side setting out details of

    your claim.
    Evidence gathers. This will involve your Solicitor in obtaining a

    medical report and any other documentation in support of your
    claim. Once all the evidence is received your Solicitor then sends
    it off to the other sides insurers.
    ACCIDENT                                                                              Holiday accidents               Industrial disease                  Medical negligence           Motorcycle accidents

   C LA I M
 3 Defendants accept the claim or the Defendants reject the claim
 If the claim is accepted by the insurers it just remains for your Solicitor
 to agree with the Defendants the amount of damages you are to

 4 Claim disputed Claim rejected                                                          Passenger accidents            Pedestrian accidents            Accidents in a public place       Road traffic accidents

 If for whatever reason the Defendants reject your claim your Solicitors
 then has to make a decision as to whether to drop the claim with no
 charge to you or the case into Court.

 5 Case goes to Court and you Win

 If the matter proceeds to Court and you win then you will receive all
 the damages that have been awarded to you by the Judge and your                          Serious injury claims         Slip and trip and falls        Uninsured and untraced drivers   Whiplash claims and other

 Solicitors costs are paid for by the other side.

 6 If your case goes to Court and you lose then you receive nothing
 and we do not have to pay anything

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ACCIDENT                                                                   STEP BY STEP GUIDE
C LA I M E                                                                       TO THE CLAIMS PROCESS

 HEAD INJURIES                                                                   accidentsWHAT IS MY CLAIM WORTH?               NECK INJURIES

 Minor head injury — £1,500 - £7,500                                                                                            Whiplash with full recovery within 12 months — £1,500 - £2,000
 HAIR INJURIES                                                                                                                  Full recovery in 12 months to 2 years — £2,000 - £3,500
 Damage to hair — £2,500 - £6,500                            C LA I M E                                                         Neck injury of a permanent nature — up to £15,000

 Post traumatic stress disorder — £2,500 - £60,000                                                                             SHOULDER INJURIES
                                                                                                                               Non severe shoulder injury of soft tissue nature causing acute pain but overall
                                                                                                                               recovery within 12 months — £2500 - £4000
 Brain damage (minor-severe) — £10000 - £170000
                                                                                                                               Moderate shoulder injury of a restrictive movement, taking 1 - 2 years for
                                                                                                                               full recovery — £3,750 - £6,500
                                                                                                                               Dislocated shoulder taking over 2 years for full recovery — £6,500 - £9,000
 Severe elbow injury — £18,000 - £25,000

                                                                                                                                HAND INJURIES

    C LA I M E
                                                                                                                                Fracture of a finger, complete recovery within few weeks — £1,000 - £2,000
 Soft tissues — up to £6,500                                                                                                    Loss of a thumb — £18,000 - £27,000
 Severe injuries resulting in permanent disability — up to £15,000                                                              Severe dislocation of thumb — £2,000 - £3,000
                                                                                                                                Loss of terminal phalanx, ringed or middle fingers — £2,000 - £3,000
                                                                                                                                Amputation of little finger — £4,000 - £6,000
 ELBOW INJURIES                                                                                                                 Loss of part of little finger — £2,000 - £3,000
 Severe elbow injuries — £18,000 - £25,000                                                                                      Fracture with impairment of grip — £4,500 - £6,000
 Injury resulting in restrictive movement not requiring surgery causing                                                         Loss of middle fingerupto — £7,500
 disability — £7,000 - £14,000                                                                                                  Serious injury to ring or middle finger — £7,000 - £8,000
 Moderate to minor elbow injury e.g. simple fracture, tennis elbow, with no                                                     Severe fracture to fingers with partial amputations resulting in deformity
 ongoing permanent damage lasting for more than 2 years — up to £6,000                                                          and impairment of grip reduced function — up to £19,000
                                                                                                                                Loss of index finger — up to £10,000

 Minor injuries — up to £7,000
                                                                                                                                LEG INJURIES
 Severe injuries requiring replacement — up to £15,000
                                                                                                                                Fracture of fibula or tibia — up to £4,500
                                                                                                                                Severe leg injury including simple fracture of femu — up to £7,000
                                                                                                                                Fracture where recovery is incomplete — £8,500 - £15,000
 Torn cartilage or meniscus, dislocation injuries resulting in minor stability
 or weakness — £7,000 - £13,000
 Severe bruising injury with complete recovery within 12 months                                                                 ANKLE INJURIES
 — up to £3,500                                                                                                                 Severe injury requiring long period of treatment — £15,000 - £25,000
 Ongoing symptoms — up to £7,000                                                                                                Fractures and tears resulting in moderate disability — £6,500 - £14,000

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ACCIDENT                                                                              STEP BY STEP GUIDE
C LA I M E                                                                                   TO THE CLAIMS PROCESS


 How do I know if I can claim compensation?                           ACCIDENT
                                                                       C LA I M E
 If you have suffered a personal injury or any kind of financial loss, due to another party, then you are permitted to make a claim. In order to be able to claim compensation, the accident at hand must have been at the fault of someone else. You must
 be able to prove that your opponent was negligent and fully responsible. When making a claim, you must also be able to confirm you have suffered some sort of damage due to the oversight of the opposing party. This can be verified by seeing a
 doctor and having a written report of the injuries you have sustained due to the disregard of the person at fault.
 When should I make my claim?
 The sooner you make your claim, the better it is. However, the general ruling is that you have until it reaches three years after your accident, to make your claim. If there is a serious injury or illness involved in the case, you have three years after you
 are aware of the injury.
 What are damages that I can make a claim for?
 When in an accident, you are entitled to make a claim for any damages that resulted from it. You should be compensated for any losses due to the accident. This may include any damage to your property, loss of earnings, medical expenses and
 compensation for pain or suffering.
 What is the difference between General and Special damages?
 Special damages are ones that you can classify and can be proven, such as medical expenses, car repair, and loss of earnings. Whereas General damages are harder to identify as they depend on one’s circumstances. For example, general damages
 would be the value that is placed on the suffering that the accident caused you.
 What steps should I take to ensure that I make a claim correctly?

 There are 5 main steps in order to make sure that you are making a claim the right way and efficiently. The first, and most important, is to make sure that you have proof of your injury, as your compensation depends on it. Next, you should
 always save all forms of evidence. Once all of the evidence is accounted for, it is important to calculate your losses and create a document explaining it all. Always make this is all done in a timely fashion. And lastly, make sure you have the right

     C LA I M E
 representation and legal help, and that your best interests are at heart.

 How long will it take to receive compensation?
 If all runs smoothly and your injury is of a moderate or lesser nature, then with the solicitors we use your claim is likely to be concluded within six to eight months from when you contact us. We are very keen to ensure that Solicitors we instruct
 have modest case loads so that they can devote the appropriate amount of time and attention to dealing with your claim. If you want your claim to be dealt with quickly, you will have to do your bit as well by responding to our solicitors as soon as
 our solicitor needs you to answer any questions or give any instructions. Often the responsible parties insurers drag their feet but our Solicitors will apply the appropriate pressure if they try to delay processing your claim. Once you win the claim,
 however, it usually takes a few months to receive the money you won.
 How much compensation will I receive?
 The compensation that you receive directly corresponds with the intensity and seriousness of your injury and suffering. Often enough, if the condition you are currently in looks as if it is going to continue for a long period of time or worsen, you
 tend to receive more compensation. However, each claim is different, depending on the accident and the outcome of your injury and suffering. It is based on individual circumstances. Take a look at our Compensation Calculator to see how much
 compensation you could be entitled to.
 What do I do if I cannot prove negligence on another party?
 If you cannot prove that there was negligence involved on the part of the other party involved, then unfortunately you cannot make a claim for the accident, as you must be able to prove negligence in order to receive any money.
 What does “no win no fee” mean?
 This means that as long as you tell us and your appointed Solicitor the full truth about the circumstances of your accident and the injury and losses you have suffered as a result, you will not be responsible for the other sides costs if you lose the
 case. If you win the case, technically you are responsible to your Solicitor for any costs and fees that they cannot get back from the other side but we guarantee that the Solicitors will not charge you anything if you win.
 How much will it cost me?
 Nothing, as long as you tell us the truth at all time about your claim.
 Will I have to go to Court?
 Less than 2% of cases end up in Court because most cases are settled by negotiation between the parties. This means that you are most likely to receive your damages without having to go to Court as our solicitors will negotiate these with the
 Insurance company on your behalf.
 Does it matter it I did not go to hospital or see my GP?
 By going to your GP or to hospital following an accident the Doctors can ensure that any injuries you have suffered are correctly treated and recorded. This helps the Solicitor get the most damages and compensation for you. You can still claim for
 your injury if you have not sought medical attention although the compensation is likely to be less.
 I do not like paperwork!
 We understand that completing forms and documents is time consuming and inconvenient and both we and the Solicitors we refer claims to are mindful of this and will where possible try and communication with you in the most straightforward
 way possible. We will try and keep things simple and also there are some forms that need to be signed we shall keep these to a bear minimum.

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