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					Customer Advisory Board Minutes

October 14, 2009

DIS Forum Boardroom


DIS Director Tony Tortorice opened the meeting with a welcome and a call for introductions around the room of
attending CIO’s. There was a request to discuss the role of the new CAB as the agenda item preceding Election of
a CAB Chair and Vice Chair.


Tony then discussed his vision of the new CAB so the group had an overall sense of the group’s purpose. Tony
sees the CAB as advisory to him and through him to the ISB. His expectation is that the CAB operates on a
collaborative, transparent and participatory basis. Tony spoke to what he thinks the IT community can achieve
together and described the CAB as the Governance vehicle of Washington State’s federated CIO structure. He is
expecting that the CAB can be instrumental in pursuing the IT Shared Services agenda.

There followed some discussion following Tony’s remarks and the group indicated a desire to have the CAB
more immediately involved in the discussion and development of decisions around rates and policy, as well as
other new initiatives that might drive from the Shared Services work.


Tony called for nominations for the Chair of the CAB. Cathy Munson nominated Kit Bail from DOC. Kit accepted
the nomination but wanted to be sure the group knows that although she has been the CIO at DOC for about
three years, her background is in Corrections operations, not IT. Tony called for a vote and Kit was elected Chair.

Nominations for Vice Chair were requested and Christy Ridout Nominated Dan Russ from the Military Dept. Dan
responded with the willingness to serve and briefly described his work in IT in various state agencies. Dan was
elected Vice Chair by unanimous agreement.


Tony was then asked to discuss the Governor’s reform agenda and the IT Shared Services workgroup. He
applauded the work done by Dave Kirk (DIS) and the CIO workgroup in producing the Shared Services report,
which is now circulating for review. Tony noted that the Shared services work is directly driven by the
Governor’s reform of Government agenda and he is proud of the product the group has produced and feels it
has applicability to other areas as well as IT.

The group decided that it is important to begin now to pursue an exploration of shared services in three areas,
using the model the workgroup has developed. The three areas are: email; server management/infrastructure;

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and Desktop support. The following CIO’s have volunteered for these workgroups:

Email: Steve Young, DOP: LEAD; Jeff Kiper, DVA; Andy Hill, ATG; Keith Kawamura, GA; Grant Rodeheaver, DOT;
Christy Ridout, L&I; Carl Harris, AGR; Rob St. John, DSHS

Server Management: Debbie Stewart (drafted!) LEAD; Lynn McGuire, OFM; Carl Harris, AGR; Grant Rodeheaver,
DOT; Christy Ridout, L&I; Pam Derkacht, Print; Keith kawamura, GA; Frank Westrum ( DOH)

Desktop Support: Jim Eby, DFW LEAD: Carl Harris, AGR; Christy Ridout, L&I; Pam Derkacht, Print;

Jeff Kiper,DVA; Ron Seymour, DFI; Grant Rodeheaver, DOT; Marla Kentfield Office of the Treasure’s

These groups can certainly include others and additional staff from the agencies. The approach will be to use the
newly developed shared services model in each of the three areas.


The last agenda item was to review the draft Charter for the CAB. Christy Ridout described the Charter elements,
and the charter was adopted by the group. Thanks are due to Christy and the CIOs who worked on the CAB
development effort.

Tony also committed to developing a DIS sponsored Sharepoint site for use by the CAB.

The next meeting of the CAB is scheduled for 12/16/2009. Please forward agenda items to Kit Bail:


CAB Membership List

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