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									Writing a Curriculum Vitae
A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a concise outline of your personal details, employment history,
education, achievements, skills and interests which would accompany an application for
employment. It is an opportunity to sell yourself. It is longer than a resume and is now expected
when responding to job advertisements. The following should help when applying for new job.

1. Read the job advertisement (ad.) carefully. Determine what it is that the organisation advertising
   the job is really after. Determine whether the organisation is right for you. Do not be afraid to
   contact the organisation and ask for a further explanation of the position and a copy of the job
2. In the ad. there will usually be a essential and desirable criteria, closing date for applications
   and contact details.
3. Always submit the application prior to the closing date. Determine whether they want your
   application electronically, a hard copy or both.
4. Your application should contain a number of documents
      • A covering letter showing your interest in the position and a VERY brief summary of
          why the potential employer should read further.
      • Your CV
      • A additional attachment which addresses the all the essential and desirable criteria
      • Any documentation which proves statements in your CV e.g. copy of your
          registration/copy of post grad. qualifications; copy of your drivers license.
      • And may include a job application form.
5. Your letter should be addressed to the person listed in the ad. Identify the specific position
   advertised, via title and job reference number.
6. The document addressing the essential and desirable criteria is the opportunity to E.g. if they
   are asking for excellent communication skills give specific examples of your communication
   excellence e.g. I manage a team which requires verbal/electronic and hard copy
   communication. I maintain minutes of meetings; I receive on average 60 emails per day which I
   reply to by close of business each day; I have presented a forums/conferences/workshops.
   There is also an opportunity here to include activities outside your professional role e.g. I
   manage my son’s soccer team.

This letter is an opportunity to really sell your attributes- take time to write it and ask a colleague or
friend to review your letter to make comment and add additional information (see accompanying

CV- The ten most common resume mistakes
1.    Too long
2.    Disorganized- information scattered
3.    Poorly typed and printed, hard to read (hand written application/CV are no longer acceptable.
4.    Overwritten- long paragraphs and sentences
5.    Too sparse - not enough detail
6.    Accomplishments not highlighted
7.    Too many irrelevancies
8.    Poorly proofread
9.    Presentation overdone ( coloured paper, icons, pictures)
10.   Misdirected

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What to Include in your CV

Page 1
    •    Cover page- Curriculum Vitae of <name> and date

Page 2
    •    Full name
    •    Address
    •    Contact phone numbers- home, business and mobile
    •    Email address
    •    Nurse Registration number
    •    Drivers License- license type and number.
    N.B - do not include your date of birth, citizenship, religion or marital status.

Page 3
    •    Educational achievements
         List your highest qualification first and work backwards. List post graduate, graduate and
         undergraduate degrees and studies.
    •    Professional development activities - list in logical sequence those activities that were
         relevant to your professional and personal life (latest first). However, workshops of less
         than 1 day duration do not necessarily account for professional development. List the last 2
         years only unless there is direct relevance to the position to which you are applying.
    •    Employment history
         List employment in reverse chronological order 2005 - present - Give job title and
         employer/organisation. Indicate whether the job was full time, part time, casual or voluntary.
         Then dot point key tasks and responsibilities. 1999 - 2005. - Give job title and
         employer/organisation. Give fewer details BUT include relevant information. And so on.
         Remember to account for all your time -if you were unemployed for a period then explain
         way -e.g. maternity leave, child raising.

Next pages
    •    Professional memberships
    •    Publications
    •    Notable achievements - both professional and personal
    •    Name of two referees: if requested
         One personal and one professional referee. Include contact details and position title.
         Choose referees with whom you have a close personal contact. Some organisations may
         want the names and contact details of 3 professional referees. Make sure that the persons
         you list are current (no more than 2 years) and that they are aware that you are applying for
         a new position. Provide them with details of the job.

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Letter template

Your name
Your address
Phone Number
Email address


Name of Contact Person on Job Ad.
Contact person address.

                                       Re: Position Title/Number

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr              ,

I would like to express my interest in applying for the above position advertised in the
<name the source e.g. Sydney Morning Herald> on <date>. I enclose a copy of my
curriculum vitae, attachment addressing essential/desirable criteria and/or an application

I have been a <current position> for <how long> and have a number of notable

I would be pleased to attend an interview scheduled at your convenience and can be
contacted on the above number. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require
any additional information.

Yours sincerely

<Full name>

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