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									PeopleSoft Grants

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                          to Campus
          Long Cutover Schedule
• Bursar Deposit Cutoff – 11 AM Friday May 7th
• System goes down approximately 12 Noon Friday, May 7th
   y     g          pp         y              y    y
• Data is converted and system is put in place Friday the 7th
  until Tuesday the 11th
• Core Users Validate the System Wednesday the 12th
• System is available to Campus Thursday the 13th
• System will be slow at first
   – 5 New modules, Cache must build
   – Budget checking – More data to check but finely tuned
   – Use standard trouble reporting process to report issues
                Accounts Payable
• Please have all direct (please pay) vouchers and purchase order
  invoices that need to be paid prior to the down time to AP no
  later than 5:00 pm on May 4th.
• The last pay cycle AP will run prior to the down time will be May
  7th for warrants to print on May 11th The next check run after
  that day will be two days after the system returns.
• During down time, Accounts Payable will have means to p
        g            ,           y                       print
  emergency checks only. This will be reviewed by Administration
  for the level of emergency and approved on a case by case
  basis.                               AP-Management
  basis Please send these requests to AP Management email
• Purchase Orders to be placed with a vendor by COB May 7,
  must have the requisition approved by Noon May 7.
• Requisitions that are in Open status or Pending status at the time
  the system is shut down for the Grants implementation will
  proceed through workflow as usual when the system comes back
  up. If you find that any requisitions did not properly go through
  workflow during this down time please email sandy- in Purchasing of the issue.
• If you need an emergency order you must email Jean Wilson or
  Jan Duke with a detailed explanation of why it cannot wait until
  after the implementation. These requisitions will NOT be entered
  in PS at a later date.
     Financials Data View System
• A copy of the most recent version of production data
  will be available so that data can be retrieved for the
  Fiscal Year budgeting process.
• It must not be used for processing any financial
  transactions during the cutover window.
• It will allow you to conduct transactions like entering a
  voucher, but they will not be saved.
• Anything you do in the Data View System will not be
  there when production comes back on line.
                   HR System
• The HR system (Human Capital) will be available for all
  business functions during the Grants cutover. The
  Financials system will only be available as a data view
• Transactions that are entered into HR that affect
  processes in Financials such as payroll can be
  performed, but the parts of those processes that take
  place in Financials won’t be executed until Financials
  is back online at the end of the cutover.
  ePAFs Required for Cost Share
• For salaries are funded through research, where the
  University is cost sharing, y must create a source
            y               g, you
  change through ePAF to add the appropriate chartfield
  spread to that particular individual. This change is
  required for accounting processes to work properly
  after the Grants go live.
• The perfect time to do this is after April 26th, or
  anytime during the Grants Cutover, but be sure to
  complete this before May 12th in order to make the
  May payroll.
              Cost Salary Transfer Form

• The new Salary Cost Transfer form is ready and will be
  rolled out to coincide with the grants go-live.
• The new form will be posted on the Financial Services
  website during the conversion period for the system.
• Training for using the new form will be provided.
               Training Sessions
• Training for new processes will be conducted in the Library
  Auditorium (LIB-299)
   – Wednesday, April 21, 10 – 11:30 AM
   – Wednesday, April 21, 2:30 – 4 PM
   – Thursday, April 29, 2:30 – 4 PM
• Video conferencing will be available for Tulsa only.
• Desk References have been created for the departments.
  These are available on the web site and in the IT
  Knowledge Base
                Training Topics
• Negotiation Bolt On
• Cost Share (budget and reporting)
• ePAF
• Award Email Notifications
• New or Changed Reports

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