How GENIE SERIES II grants your wish for easier pool maintainance by hjkuiw354


									                                 How GENIE
                                 SERIES II
                                 grants your
                                 wish for
                                 easier pool
The exclusive Baracuda diaphragm technology has been helping pool owners keep their pools
sparkling clean for many years. Baracuda improved their diaphragm technology by enclosing it in a
cassette to make it easier removal for maintainance and cleaning and to increase suction power at the
pool surface. Advantages of the cassette diaphragm are:

Increased cleaning efficiency.

   The suction removes dirt and algae from pool wall surfaces like pebblecrete with ease.

   Stronger suction pulls difficult debris like gum nuts and small twigs, through the diaphragm with
less chance to jam.

   Twist-and-Release cassette gives easy access to diaphragm

   Diaphragm is easy to release or replace.

   Diaphragm now available in long-life material.

                                    [Genie II Cassette Diaphragm]
          Other GENIE SERIES II Attributes
Revolving outer body - The GENIE SERIES II swivels freely on its inner cassette system to increase
                               random coverage of your pool.

Swivel action - Helps pull cleaner head away or over pool obstacles like steps, main drains and lights.

Hydromatic shape - Directs water flow to increase suction on pool floor and walls.

New completely automatic water flow control & skimming valve - Fits any skimming box.
Automatically adjusts flow of water through the GENIE SERIES II head for the most efficient cleaning
of pool walls and floor, while the bypass inlet skims debris from surface. Bypass switch allows the
cleaner to stop while the pump and filter operate.

New Screw-In cassette Fitting - provides an extra strong connection between the cassette and the
main frame.

Special light weight design - Assists the GENIE SERIES II to climb over or around pool obstacles.

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