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									                              Lighting Truss/Motorized Hoist Rental Order Form                                                                             E-8-lv
                              RETURn TO: GES Exposition Services • 7050 Lindell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118-4702 • Phone: 800.475.2098 • FAX: 866.329.1437
                              International Exhibitors Only: Phone: 702.515.5970 • FAX: 702.263.1520   Contact us Online: www.ges.com/contact
                               All orders are governed by the GES Payment Policy and GES Terms & Conditions of Contract as specified in this Exhibitor Manual.

                                                       Craft & Hobby Association                                                 DiSCOUnt DEADlinE DAtE:
                                                       Anaheim Convention Center, Halls A - E                                             January 17, 2008
                                                       February 10 - 13, 2008
               COMPANY NAME                                                    EMAIL ADDRESS                                                         BOOTH NUMBER

              By signing and delivering this form to trade show electrical, customer agrees to all terms and conditions printed in the service kit.
              to receive the advance rate, we must receive your order, along with full payment, By the deadline date aBove. all other orders will Be processed
              at the regular rate. no credits will Be issued on services installed as ordered even though not used.

                                      __ 20½"x20½" Box                                Truss                     __12"x12" Box
                TSE is responsible for assembling and hanging all truss. However, your Company may have a
                representative available at the time of installation. If no one is present at the pre-arranged time, TSE will install your truss
                on your behalf with TSE supervision. TSE will operate all lifts.

                Qty $/truss@:$14.15 per foot        Qty. Corner Blocks @ $84.50 /ea
                __ 3' Truss                          __ 2 way corner block
                __ 5' Truss                          __ 3 way corner block
                __ 8' Truss                          __ 4 way corner block
                __ 10' Truss                         __ 6 way corner block
                Ground Support Truss:               Qty. Motorized Hoist @ $456.00
                __ Upright                           __ ½ ton
                __ Head Blocks                       __ 1 ton
                __ Bases
                                                     __     Motor Outlet @ $95.75

                TSE needs an engineered print of all truss and lighting two weeks prior to show. Failure to provide an engineered print
                with pick points and weights may delay your move-in date and increase exhibitor cost.

                                When ordering a TSE Truss/Lighting Package you can save up to two days of move-in time!
                                                               Truss/Lighting Packages
                                                 Truss/Lighting Packages include delivery, set-up of all equipment,
                                                 electrical power for lighting package, labor and a one time focus.

                20' Truss                     80' Truss                           160' Truss                          250' Truss
                10 Par Cans or Lekos          16 Par Cans or Lekos                32 Par Cans or Lekos                50 Par Cans or Lekos
                2 Chain Hoists                4 Chain Hoists                      8 Chain Hoists                      9 Chain Hoists
                Rigging                       Rigging                             Rigging                             Rigging
                Condor Lift/Boom Lift         Condor Lift/Boom Lift               Condor Lift/Boom Lift               Condor Lift/Boom Lift
                $ 4,435.00                    Dimmers/Control Console             Dimmers/Control Console             Dimmers/Control Console
                                              $ 7,916.00                          $ 12,912.00                         $ 21,058.00

                        Additional Theatrical Lighting available upon request when ordering package
                                           Lekos (575 watts) • Par 64’s 1K • Robotic Type • Color Gels
                                                    Cable Package • Dimmers • Silver Par Bars
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