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									                              JOB DESCRIPTION

Division:     Afghanistan PV Project      Location:       Kabul
Job Title: Customer Service               Department:      Customer Service US
Assistant Manager                         DOD

                                Depot Structure

Reports To:                  Customer Service Manager

The Job:                     Customer Service Manager
                                Assistant Manager

Direct Subordinates:
                              Customer Service Officer

Responsible to:     Customer Service Manager

Responsibility for Staff:
Directly:          Customer Service Manager
Indirectly:        N/A

Main Liaison:
Internal:           ADGM
                    Transport & Customs Manager
                    Warehouse Manager
                    Inventory Manager
                    Accounts Supervisor
                    Stock Controller
External:           Customers

Prime Objective:

Promote “Best Practice” customer service through the timely and accurate
processing of all customer order, and the fast and decisive response to all
customer enquiries.

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     4 to5 years experience in Military food services, Specialty 92G series.
     4 to 5 years experience in warehousing, receiving, inventory and
      distribution, specialty 92Aseries.
     Worked in military dinning facilities and be familiar with STORES and
      administration of the menu cycle.
     Attended Civilian or Military food specialty courses.
     Be able to grasp military terminology and concepts.

Key Tasks:

     Over sees training of Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s),
      Documents training and develops training plans with the CSM.

     Responsible for coordinating all holiday meals with the Procurement,
      Cataloging and Supply Chain teams.

     Works closely with the Joint Logistics Command Representatives (JLC)
      and the Theater Food Service Advisor (TFA) on holiday menus,
      decorations and time lines to ensure air lift needs from the continental
      United States are avoided or kept at a minimum.

     Tracks all holiday orders and provides updates and status to the CSM,
      DGM, JLC and TFA as required. Trains all Field Customer Service
      representatives (FCSR’s) develop training plans and keep all
      documentation current.

     Visits sites on a regular basis to ensure training is up to date and support
      for FCSR’s is in place and well maintained.

     Tracks all visa and passport requirements in conjunction with SPV
      administration office.

     Schedules all leaves to ensure 100% coverage 365 days per year. May be
      required to fill FCSR role during leaves. All other duties as required by the
      CSM or the DGM.

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Essential Skills and Qualifications:

Essential:   Educated to a minimum A level standard.

             Ability to work on own initiative with minimum supervision.

             Strong numerical and analytical skills with ability to prioritize
             workloads, and be both proactive and reactive.

             High degree of data entry accuracy.

             Excellent oral and written communication skills in English language.

             Proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel and Word.

Desirable:   Experience in a customer service role.

             Experience in a FMCG environment.

             Experience with computerized order entry and inventory system.

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