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					                                            FEBRUARY 2011
 ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES                    Used cars for sale. Automotive            Previously worn ladies clothes & shoes.
                                            accessories, auto insurance and           OWNER: Leroy Kuybus
                                            extended warranty plans. www.             SPACE #: Sun. F36, 37, 38
Antiques.                                   eNetautos.com
OWNER: Irina Tarsky                         CO: eNet Autos
SPACE #: Sun. M11                                                                     Preworn jeans, bibs, jackets, overalls
                                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. F12
                                            (See Ad)                                  & work clothing for the whole family.
Antiques, glassware.                                                                  Many brands.
OWNER: Motaz Helmi                                                                    CO: Your Store
SPACE #: Sun. N14, 15                                   BOOKS                         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. L1

                                            Books - new & used.                       Scrubs, O2 Uniforms, Prestige Medical
Antiques, glassware. Vintage items.
                                            OWNER: Sue Lee/Nangnoi Carson             & more. Nurse shoes and equipment.
OWNER: Juaquina Sanchez
                                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. G13                  CO: ScrubGuy
SPACE #: Sun. P19 (Vacation Feb.)
                                                                                      Space #: Sat. & Sun. G45, 46
Antiques, jewelry.                           CANOPIES & SUPPLIES
OWNER: Bill Keatz                                                                     Shoes, t-shirts and jewelry.
SPACE #: Sun. G32 (Vacation Feb.)           Canopies. All accessories, all            OWNER: Mauricio Ramisey
                                            types, sizes & styles. Banners - any      SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. I54, 55
Antiques, vintage lamps, toys.              size any color, logo reproduction.
OWNER: Jose Quirino                         Best prices guaranteed!                   Socks and hats.
SPACE #: Sun. N1
                                            PHONE #: (619) 575-2272                   OWNER: Myung Choi
                                            CO: Marco’s Canopies                      SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. E17, 18
                                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. M17, 18
Assorted memorabilia, costume jewelry       (See Ad)
1900's to 1950's.                                                                     Socks and t-shirts.
                                                                                      OWNER: Lee Sang
CO: The Garage Sale
                                                                                      SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B33
SPACE #: Sun. G-row                          CLOTHING & ACC. (Adults)

                                            Blow out deals on name-brand              Socks and underwear.
Baseball cards, toys.
                                            clothing for men and women.               OWNER: Gabriel Peralta
CO: Kemper Imports
                                            OWNER: Pierre Guillaume                   SPACE #: Fri. A13 Sun. L15
SPACE #: Sat. N10 Sun. L10
                                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. K12, 13
                                            (See Ad)                                  Socks, sheets and miscellaneous.
Coins & currency. U.S.A., Mexico &
                                                                                      CO: Goldie Ltd.
World. Coin supplies & price guides.        Clothing - misc. fashions and t-shirts.   SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A11, 12
OWNER: Walter Schmidt                       OWNER: Kim Huynh
SPACE #: Sat. E54, 55 Sun. F19, 20          SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. K/L9                 Sportswear. Official licensed jerseys,
                                                                                      jackets & t-shirts.
Miscellaneous collectibles.                 Hats for men and women. Hiking, fash-
                                            ion, cowboy, novelty and more.            OWNER: Sandy Benjamin
OWNER: Samuel Metros
                                            CO: Lace Patch                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. M1
SPACE #: Sun. F1
                                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. J54, 55
                                                                                      San Diego T-shirts.
        AUTOMOTIVE                          Hats and caps for the whole family.       OWNER: Do Tenth
                                            OWNER: Roland Martinez                    SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B38, 39
                                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. K1, 2
Auto accessories: dash Covers, seat
                                                                                      T-shirts, clothing close-outs.
covers, car & truck floor mats, car bras,   Name-brand t-shirt closeouts.             CO: Bud's T-Shirts
sheepskin & more.                           OWNER: David Mizrahi                      SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. O1
CO: Al's Auto Accessories                   SPACE #: Sat. A55 Sun. B56
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B8, 9
                                            NFL and sports merchandise:               T-shirts & sweatshirts. Adult & children’s
                                            jerseys, t-shirts, flags, banners.        sizes.
Tires, wheels.
                                            CO: Verm's Sportswear                     OWNER: Joseph Do
OWNER: Michel Neumann
                                            SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A18, 19, 20          SPACE #: Sat. G58, 59 Sun. E56 - 58
SPACE #: Sat. L15
                                            (See Ad)

CLOTHING & ACC. (Child)                       Fresh ground coffee and whole               Gifts from Asia.
                                              beans.                                      OWNER: Karen Tran
                                              CO: The Coffee Merchant                     SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A36, 37
Baby and children items: cribs, car
                                              SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B16
seats, strollers, little tikes, toys, books
                                              (See Ad)                                    Imports from Asia and around the world.
and more. New items weekly.
www.yeahbabystore.com                                                                     Beads & jewelry.
                                              Home ice shaver, 43 shaved ice syr-         OWNER: Charles Taich
CO: Yeah Baby!
                                              ups, plus sugar-free, supplies & more.      SPACE #: Sat. M9 Sun. M8
SPACE #: Sun. Q15-18
                                              Shipped anywhere. MC & Visa.
                                              CO: Tropical Ice Distributing               Incense bottles, incense, burners & oils.
                                              SPACE #: Sat. E36 Sun. E33                  Gifts from around the world. name-
                                                                                          brand fashions.
                                              Hot mini donuts, coffee, hand-              CO: Smoking Joes
Karoake. Speakers, amplifiers. Karaoke
                                              dipped corn dogs, lemonade and              SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. K8, L8 (Vacation
CD and G.                                     cherry lemonade.                            Feb.)
OWNER: Alfonso Chairez                        CO: Donutman Joe’s
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. J10                      SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D/E49-51               Nostalgic metal signs and posters.
                                              (See Ad)                                    CO: Remember Then
Name-brand electronics and
                                                                                          SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D53, 54
accessories up to 80% off retail.             Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, candy. Look
ipod, cell phones & more!                     for specials!                               Russian gift items: nesting dolls, pins
CO: Vera-fied Equipment                       OWNER: Javier Barraza                       and jewelry.
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A34, 35                  SPACE #: Sat & Sun. KX4                     CO: Russian Fair
(See Ad)
                                                                                          SPACE #: Sat. L10 Sun. L9
                                              Visit our mobile snack bar at Kobey's
Save up to 75% off your ink jet and toner     every Friday. We can bring food, drinks
needs. New store open on Adams.               & snacks to your location for any occa-         HEALTH & BEAUTY
PHONE #: (619) 487-0594                       sion.
CO: Coastal Ink & Toner                       PHONE #: 619-464-5271                       Cosmetics & perfumes; from 20% to
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. F13                      CO: Little Ms. Muffin                       60% off store prices.
                                                                                          OWNER: Hoai Chau Ha\Thanh Nguyen
                                                                                          SPACE #: Fri. B14, C14 Sat. & Sun.
         ENGRAVING                                     FURNITURE                          B50, C50

Personalized gifts, custom                    Foam futons, tri-fold. Selling at Kobey's   Cosmetics, perfumes, hair shampoos,
license plate frames, I.D. Tags,              for 21 years. Large variety of patterns     barrettes.
trophy plates & more!                         & colors. Call for for weekday appoint-     CO: Discount Cosmetics
CO: ECM Engraving & Gifts                     ments.                                      SPACE #: Fri. D12, Sat. & Sun. B7, C7,
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B14                      PHONE #: (619) 281-1416                     B17, C17
(See Ad)                                      CO: West Coast Import & Mfg. Co.
                                              SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. F52 - 54               Hair jewelry & accessories, cosmetics,
                                                                                          nail supplies. Wrap dresses.
    FOOD SPECIALTIES                                                                      CO: Hairstuff
                                                       GIFT ITEMS                         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B54, 55
Candy and toys.
CO: Los Tres Chinos                           $1 & $2 gift items. Brass & bronze          Scrungies, hairbows, chokers, hair acces-
SPACE #: Sat. KX3 Sun. KX3                    figurines.                                  sories, name-brand perfumes & cosmet-
                                              CO: Rod Iron                                ics.
Canned and boxed foods.                       SPACE #: Sun. O2                            CO: Jannel’s Acc.’s & Cosmetics
CO: Food Cost Savers                                                                      SPACE #: Fri. Sat. & Sun. B11, 12
SPACE #: Sat. M9, 10, N7, 8                   African art and gifts. Reggae
                                              clothing and merchandise. Nag               Shampoo & hair care products.
Farm Fresh Produce.                           Champa and imported incense.                OWNER: Moc Nguyen
CO: Baja Produce                              CO: Magnifiscent Fragrances & Gifts         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. N17
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A13                      SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A22
                                              (See Ad)

        HOME DECOR                           Jade jewelry. Beaded purses. Body      Collectibles, VHS and video games.
                                             Jewelry.                               OWNER: Jean Ethebarren
Fine art on tiles.                           OWNER: Xiaoyuan Law                    SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. N18
OWNER: Fazil Kuliyev                         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A50, 51
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B15                                                            Video movies. Posters.
                                             Jewelry, indian collectibles.          CO: Vision Records & Tapes
                                             OWNER: James DeLoach                   SPACE #: Sat. D23 Sun. D21
Lamps. Southwest, seashell, floral, floor
                                             SPACE #: Sun. J52
& lamp shades made to order.
CO: The Lamp Man                                                                     PETS & PET SUPPLIES
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. G14                      LUGGAGE & HANDBAGS
                                                                                    Birds. Self-bred birds; guaranteed
Rugs and carpets.                            Fashion handbags - the latest          healthy. Canaries, exotic finches, para-
OWNER: Lisa Ellis                            designer styles. Accessories,          keets, lovebirds, cockatiels & supplies
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D36-39                  wallets, jewelry and more.             for small animals.
                                             CO: Josie's Handbags                   CO: Feathers R Us
Wrought iron.                                Space #: Sat. & Sun. C33               SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. E27
OWNER: Cirilo Medina                         (See Ad)
SPACE #: Sat. G52                                                                   Dog clothes and accessories.
                                             Luggage.                               Paws Playground
                                             CO: Price Mart                         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D33
HOUSEHOLD/HOUSEWARES                         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D56, 57

Cleaning products, soap, shampoo,            Luggage, women's clothes and acces-     PRINTS, FRAMES & ART
toothpaste.                                  sories. Inventory changes weekly.
OWNER: Dat Le                                OWNER: Mark Jurisich                   Art. Aerial posters and framed prints of
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. I36                     SPACE #: G12, H56 Sat. & Sun.          San Diego’s famous skyscapes.
                                                                                    CO: Picture San Diego/VM Assc.
Dollar store. Over 200 items                 Wallets, hats.                         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. F33
every weekend! Housewares,                   OWNER: Chong-Kai Ma
toys and much more.                          SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. L14               Mirrors, framing.
                                                                                    OWNER: Omar Guizar
OWNER: Bai Ren Wang
                                                                                    SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. F6, 7
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D12, E12                     MISCELLANEOUS
(See Ad)
                                                                                    Oil paintings available in many sizes and
                                             Batteries, gloves and socks.           genres. Framed or unframed. From $30.
Dollar items. Koi fish and supplies.
                                             OWNER: Edwardo Noriega                 CO: Lee's Gallery
OWNER: James Chen                            SPACE #: Fri. C1 Sat. & Sun. G33       SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. J34, 35
SPACE #: Fri. B13, C13 Sat. & Sun. B, C51,
52, 53                                       Military surplus & supplies.           Original oil paintings, wood frames &
                                             OWNER: Jose Salcedo                    classic mirrors.
Largest selection of housewares. As-         SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. M16               CO: La Jolla Frame
Seen-on-TV items at very good prices.                                               SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B1
CO: Seen It                                  Palm reading.
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. C55, 56                 CO: Psychic Reader                     Picture frames & mats. Retail, whole-
                                             SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B25               sale & manufacturing. We make special
Scissors, gloves & knives.                                                          sizes.
OWNER: Nasim Arefi                           Wallets, belts, lighters and knives.   CO: CT Arts & Frames
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. K7, L7                  OWNER: Phat Tai                        SPACE #: Sun. B26, 27
                                             SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. KX2

          JEWELRY                                                                      PLANTS & FLOWERS
                                                   MUSIC & VIDEO
Exotic sterling silver jewelry, imports,                                            Dried flowers.
folk antiques, oddities.                     CDs, clothing and candy.               OWNER: Yong & Chom S. Pak
OWNER: Robert Mussen                         OWNER: Felipe Nunez                    SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D15, 16
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. L23                     SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. L5

Fresh flowers for any occasion. Roses,           SPORTING GOODS                           USED MERCHANDISE
bouquets, seasonals. Floral arrange-
ments.                                       Boots, uniforms, backpacks and mili-      Clothing, shoes, glassware, dvds and
CO: Ramirez Flowers                          tary gear.                                more.
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. B13                     CO: Cammoes                               OWNER: Mark Converse
                                             SPACE #: Sun. E36 - 38                    SPACE #: H45-50, I45-50
Fresh flowers, mixed bouquets. Amazing
prices!                                      Camping Equipment, clothing.              Glassware, books & movies.
CO: Mendoza's Fresh Flowers                  OWNER: William Davila                     OWNER: Perfecto Baltran
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. O14, 15                 SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. E15, 16              SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. N15

                                                                                       Indian art, flags and used items.
Fresh flowers, plants at wholesale prices.   Skateboards, scooters, helmets, pads,
                                                                                       OWNER: Gerald Shaw
CO: Margarita's Flowers & Nursery            bearings, blank decks and more. www.
                                                                                       SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. H33, L13
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. M3                      mikedeem.com. Look For Our Banner.
                                             CO: MD Sports                             Used clothes and shoes.
Plants and trees.                                                                      OWNER: Jennifer Diedrich
OWNER: Alva Gonzalez                         Sporting supplies. Instruments.           SPACE #: Sun. O19
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. C5, 9                   OWNER: John Plagg
                                             SPACE #: Sat. E48 Sun. Q19                Used Merchandise.
Various selection of bonsai trees and                                                  OWNER: Steve Mattson
table top waterfalls (custom waterfalls                                                SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. F/G38-43
CO: OC-KA Bonsai/Waterfalls                                                            Used Merchandise.
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A33                     Fashion sunglasses.                       OWNER: George Miller
                                             OWNER: Michael Brodsky                    SPACE #: Sun. N13, 14
                                             SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. C13
                                             Fashion sunglasses.
                                             CO: Ben’s Sunglasses
Blue Cross, Cal-Farm and Blue Shield.
                                             SPACE #: Sun. G59 (See Ad)
Health, life, & home insurance.
PHONE #: (619) 584-7650
                                             Fashion sunglasses: $6 each or
CO: Darcey Insurance Brokerage
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A-row
                                             CO: Wong’s Sunglasses
                                             SPACE #: Sat. K13, 14 Sun. A16,
Keys made while you wait.
OWNER: Gerry Buckhanon
                                             17, A55, K14 (See Ad)
                                                                                           OPEN EVERY
SPACE #: Sun. G57                            Sunglasses.
                                             OWNER: Kwi Ha
                                                                                           FRI. SAT. SUN.
Massage and acupuncture.                     SPACE #: Fri. A12, Sat. & Sun. A9, 10          7 AM - 3 PM
OWNER: David Shin
SPACE #: Fri. A19                            Sunglasses.                               REGULAR ADMISSION:
                                             OWNER: Jim Zimmerman                            FRI.: 50¢
                                             SPACE #: Sat. F58 Sun. K14-16
      SHOES/SANDALS                                                                       SAT. & SUN.: $1
                                                                                            FREE PARKING
Hipster name-brand shoes and boots                      TOOLS                            Child 11 & under FREE
for everyone at about 50% off retail.
OWNER: Patrick La Haye                       Tools, pet accessories, electronics and
                                                                                          KOBEY’S SELLER’S
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. F14, 15                 automotive supplies.                          INFORMATION:
                                             CO: American Tool                           Reservations are available
Thongs, Chinese shoes, sandals &             SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. J14, 15
                                                                                         at the Swap Meet Friday,
                                                                                         Saturday, and Sunday from
ladies canvas boots.
                                                                                         10 AM to 3 PM and at Kobey’s
OWNER: Charles Lam                           Scissors, small tools, manicure imple-      Corporate Office Wednesday
SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. D42                     ments. Binoculars.                          and Thursday from 10 AM to
(Vacation Feb.)                              CO: Unique International                    4 PM at 3350 Sports Arena
                                             SPACE #: Sat. & Sun. A38                    Blvd. Ste. K. Weekend Selling
                                                                                         Spaces start at just $30.