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Las Vegas Wedding Options -- Four Popular Vegas Wedding Deals


									Las Vegas wins Nevada Magazine and the Review Journal Newspaper votes for the
best wedding locale of all time.
  So, if you want to give a twist to the regular chapel wedding and add a little personal
style to your wedding, choose from these 4 best-loved Las Vegas wedding packages:
  1. Disco Lights and Flower Power The Disco theme is a great wedding package to
pick up for a reasonable $700-$900.
  This package will truly make you feel like you've stepped back in time to the groovy
sixties with Austin Powers, floral aisle decor, psychedelic lighting and wedding
costumes fashioned along hippie lines while you keep pace with the John Travolta or
Donna Summer double who can marry you off!
  You can choose retro tunes, mood lighting and your favorite film and music
characters from the 50's, 60's or 70's in this package, which offers a limousine service
pick up and drop for the chosen chapel too!
  2. Elvis for a Rocking Wedding An irresistible combination of Elvis Presley's top
hits floating in the background, loads of Elvis memorabilia decking the wedding
chapel, a minister who'll impersonate the King for you, showgirls dressed like Hula
dancers against a Hawaiian backdrop and even a Priscilla double, should you need a
showgirl to seal the deal!
  All available at an affordable $750 onwards, including theatrical lighting and colored
fog machine effects for conversation-starting wedding snaps and videos.
  Venue decor, music, beautiful rose bouquets, different professionally-arranged poses
of the wedding couple and proofs are typically included in the Elvis package. For a
little more, you can also get the Elvis impersonator to croon your sweetheart his or her
favorite Elvis number and have the full wedding ceremony broadcast live on the
  3. Go Gothic for Otherworldly Charms Not everyone is an ultimate fan of
sugary-sweet wedding packages. And when in Vegas, it's natural to feel a bit like
letting down your hair, considering this is where all the action seriously is! So while
slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables may not always make you a winner, you
can hold the trump card when it comes to mixing funk with wedded bliss in Las Vegas
by bypassing the regular wedding chapel in lieu of a ghostly gothic theme!
  Think wall accents and cutouts dripping with vampire lore, or a complete Goth look
with a fierce hairstyle, dark makeup and skull jewelry to match the foggy graveyard
backdrop where Count Dracula can heart-stoppingly pop out of a coffin. Or, The Grim
Reaper with his trademark scythe can creep closer to do the honors at your unique
wedding ceremony. The cost of a typical Gothic theme wedding package at most Las
Vegas chapels ranges from $600 to $900 and includes spectral music, chapel fee, and
candle-lit effects for an authentic haunted venue look.
  4. Wed about a Harley? Okay, maybe that should have read 'what about a Harley?'
But seriously, if you adore a little living on the wild side, then Las Vegas wedding
packages featuring 2 awesome Harley bike rentals for 24 hours is the way to go. The
vintage bridal bouquets and the groom's boutonniere, pro video footage of a candlelit
ceremony, a snazzy wedding scroll, having your own Harley wedding coordinator and
the chapel fee taken care of for $800 sure beats getting married the conventional way!
 Oh, did we mention, to get your wedding license for the Harley theme you need to
have a valid motorcycle license? Now you know everything you need to have the Las
Vegas wedding of your dreams!For more on cool vegas weddings and to find that
squeal-inducing wedding and party favor that's tailor-made for your event, stop by
FavorIdeas today at

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