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Laptop Computers Computers can


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									Computers can be defined as a programmable machine that receives inputs, stores and
manipulates data/information and provides output in a useful format 鈥? this is a
technical definition of computer. Is every-one familiar to the technical study?
Now-a-days every one knows what computer is and how it works. There are number
of benefits it produces. When this machine was invented long ago there were many
conditions to be followed to make it work well. This machine was named as computer
in 1913. Steadily this became a comfort than requirement followed by need to have
one and now the time has come where it is a biggest necessity. These days there is no
one in this world who doesn 鈥檛 know the word Computer. It is also called as a 鈥
渕 agic machine 鈥?which completes the work within minutes which required hours
previously. Computer influenced world in amazing manner. Newton, the Scientist
once said that 'Every Action has a Reaction'. The action was taken by inventing such a
machine and now it is flooding with a number of reactions in a passive sense.
Computers have touched anything and everything in this world as none of the place is
left out without its influence. It has a higher level of influence. There are number of
industries in the market such as Service, Manufacturing, Telecommunication,
Logistics, Transports, Banking and so on. But none of the industries in the world can
develop without the help of computers. It has become one of the necessities of lives as
it reduces the work load of human being and can do the work of 100 people at a time
without much use of time, money, energy, resource which are said to be the most
important assets of people and also are called the basic source of lives. Previously the
computers were requiring huge space for accommodation. A room attached with
air-conditioner, free from dirt and dust were the additional demands of the computers.
They were followed by the fan attached computers which made the computer users
free from the highly expensive need of air-conditioner. The development process
continued and the advanced computers were converted into Laptops which possess
same features of computers but only the difference is in the size because it has
reduced quite remarkably. are even known as notebook computers, briefcase
computers, and personal computers. Laptop can also be called as the next generation
of computers. They are basically the portable body of computers. Now let us have a
brief of above mentioned types of laptops. Rugged Laptops
  These are the types of laptops which are having quite stable and stronger nature.
They are meant for tough conditions, extreme temperatures. Notebook Laptops These
are the smallest wonders of technology. They are Cheaper, more users friendly and
highly portable. Full-size Laptops These are the laptops which are having a QWERTY
keypad with body of 11 inches. Ultra thin Laptops These are the most utility oriented
and advanced laptops. They have invented a new class of thinner body and lighter
weight. Tablet PC These are the most advanced and latest modes of which have
become quite popular in the tech lovers. They are having a touch screen feature. There
are more aspects of Computers and Laptops which are not covered in this article .But
need a checkout as it would help you to know the aspects in deep because it is said in
English " The more you go deep in the sea , The more depth is bound to increase ".
All of these features denotes and indicates that the laptops and computers are the
technical bloods of the world.

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