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					King George V and the late Alexander McQueen were huge fans, as is the existing
British royal family; the enduring reputation of tweed is a testomony to the high
quality and status of the substance. In his 1960 autobiographical operate 'Windsor
revisited', he recounts an anecdote that apparently explains the story behind the term.

A twill weave requires the filling threads being passed over a single and below two
warp threads, giving the physical appearance of diagonal lines.

In accordance to the Duke, in 1830 or thereabouts, a London-based mostly merchant
is considered to have acquired a short notice relating to some 'tweels' from a textiles
enterprise in Hawick, a city in the south of Scotland famed for its knitwear.

The service provider, not recognising the Scots time period, misunderstood the
hand-written letter, mistaking 'tweel' for 'tweed', assuming it to be it a tradename
derived from the River Tweed that runs by means of the Scottish Borders region. They
have recommended that it is practically nothing but an attractive folktale - or urban
myth, to give it a a lot more modern spin - and that there is some evidence that the
phrase originated from a parallel expression for 'twilling', also current in the Scots
language (proposing the visual appeal of 'twedlyne' in 1541, as evidence for this
linguistic principle).

If the Duke's version is to be believed, tweed would not be the only solution to have
earned its identify by advantage of an error or misunderstanding. Take arguably the
quickest-increasing model of recent years, Google.

The tale connected with the beginnings of the all-potent look for engine goes back
again to 1997. When Sean Anderson, a personal computer science student, suggested
'Googolplex' (a reference to a powerful computer described in Douglas Adams' 'The
Hitchhiker's Guidebook to the Galaxy'), Page stated a desire for the mathematical time
period 'Googol' on its very own.

Anderson, in an act of verification that has because been referred to as the '$160
billion typo', erroneously typed in 'Google' (somewhat than 'googol') to verify that it
was offered, and the relaxation is now Internet background.

A research for 'ladies' tweed' or 'Harris Tweed' on Yahoo would consequently be an
example of one accidental manufacturer revealing an additional. Fortunately for the
two of these worldwide good results stories, their slightly smudged commence in
existence had no negative impact in any respect on their future!

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