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									                                                             FY05 Budget Recommendations

     Project                                         Amount        Direction Notes
1    Deferred maintenance                              810,000         2b     Direction from Board
2    Health Clinic facility                            500,000         3a     Contingent on positive initial experience & results; requires Board approval to spend funds
     Workforce/CE initiatives
                                                                                 Develop curriculum to be used by contract training department to conduct diversity training for K-12
3     Contract training: Diversity                       12,000       1c/2a      staff.

                                                                                 "No Child Left Behind" training. Curriculum Development. Part time backfill for one class for three
4     Continuing Education                               12,000       1a/1c      terms
     K-12 Initiatives
                                                                                 Summer 2004 there will be 5 academies. In summer 2005, we will grow the number of summer
5     Summer academies development                       16,000       1a/1c      academies
                                                                                 Develop a laddered curriculum: Training for NCLB to a one year certificate to the AAOT. Part time
6     Teacher prep curriculum development                12,000       1a/1c      backfill for one class for three terms.
                                                                                 Reading/writing/math testing in high schools; costs for 400 students; cost neutral is high school
7     Pilot Placement Testing Program                      4,000        3b       students charged $9.54
                                                                                 Two 3-credit courses; curriculum development, testing, individual career counseling on site,
8     Pilot Career Development Program                   20,000         3b       coordination with high school personnel.

9     Distance Learning                                  20,000         1a       Pilot; temporary .5 FTE classified support for additional classes to be offered to the high schools.

10 MOA/clinical restructuring                            30,000         1a       .5 classified

11 International ESL                                     16,000         2a       International student recruitment
12 Effort to lower bad debts                             23,000         3a       Increased collection costs to reduce bad debts

13   Energy Analyst                                     60,000        2b/3a      Hire energy analyst; performance expectation to lower electricity/natural gas use by 10% in two years
14   Innovation                                         30,000         1a        Continuing innovation projects
15   Governance staff costs                            100,000         3b        Non-recurring costs first year; assess for FY06 budget development
16   Governance stipends for students                    8,000         3b        Non-recurring costs first year; assess for FY06 budget development
17   Stabilization Reserve                             500,000         3a        Set aside for 2006-2007 Biennium revenue shortfall
     TOTAL PROPOSED                                $ 2,173,000

*    See separate sheet for keyed list of Strategic Directions

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