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									p>Pearls have always been a desirable piece of jewel among women of all ages. But
what surprises one and all is that, where do they actually come from, or how do they

Behind every precious stone, there is a surprising story behind, like for e.g. diamond
stones are very precious and very expensive since we think they are rare. But the truth
is that, diamonds are found in abundance in the mines of South Africa, but then just so
that it does not lose its value, the investors 鈥?portrayed diamonds as rare stones,
which justifies there reason for pricing diamond so high.
Similar to this, pearls also have a very surprising story for you; the general public is
under the impression that the fine pearl jewelry are made from pearls that are grown
in oyster clams which is found beneath the water; however the truth is that, pearls that
are used to make pearl jewelry are called cultured pearls, now these are certainly not
natural pearls. These cultured pearls are actually what are used in order to make pearl
jewelry such as pearl necklaces, pearl pendants, pearl rings, or diamond jewelry.
Akoya and South Sea Pearls are the types of cultured pearls that are considered to be
of top most quality, however they are not considered unique or special. Black Pearls
are something that are rare to find, because it is hard to mass grow them, they are
considered very special and unique because of there rarity.

If you have plans to buy pearl pendants, then your best option is to go with online
jewelry stores, where you could find a huge collection of pearl pendants available at
the best price. In fact you could also find black pearls which are very rare and almost
impossible to find in a brick and mortar store.

If you have plans to gift your sweet love a beautiful pendant, then the best options are,
either you could go with diamond pendants or designer pearl pendants; white gold
pearl pendants are also a great choice, which you could choose from.
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