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									                                                    Dial Shellac Stick-Black                       Seth Thomas Dial Retainer Clip
         Dials & Related
Tempus Fugit Dial                                   For filling numerals on dials. 1/2” square,
                                                    5-1/4” long. Works best at 180°C/360°F.
                                                    No. 18948                       $8.50 each
                                                                                                   1” long metal dial retaining clip.
                                                    Winding Arbor Locator                          No. 24704                          50¢ each
                                                                                                   Dial Templates

Brass colored aluminum dial is 7-7/8”               Place these plastic locators over the wind-
square with a 6-1/4” time track. 10-3/8”            ing arbors to properly locate the movement.
overall height.                                     5.5mm ID x 1-1/8” long.
No. 19429                    $11.00 each            No. 23153                         $1.00 each
Moon Discs
                                                    Dial Cutter

                                                                                                   Aid in aligning minute markers on your
                                                                                                   dial. 8” round, from 2” to 7-7/8”.
                                                    Adjustable dial cutter cuts perfect circles    No. 11976                          $3.50 set
                                                    from 2” to 16”. 2 blades included.
                                                    No. 13477                     $12.50 each      Dial Template
                                                    Dial Cutter Blades
Beautifully crafted metal moon discs                Four blades to a package.
have a have a turned brass mounting pin             No. 13481                      $2.00 pack
measuring 3mm inside diameter. Crisp
graphics. 148mm size is used on 250mm x             Circle Cutter                        NEW
331mm/351mm clock dials. 168mm size is
used on 280mm x 396mm clock dials
   Dark Blue Background with Gold
No. 29633 ..... 148mm Dia. $12.00 each
No. 29631 ..... 168mm Dia. $12.50 each                                                             Positions numerals when making a clock
Gold Background with Black Graphics:                                                               dial. From 1-1/2” to 8” diameters.
No. 29632 ..... 168mm Dia, $13.50 each              Cuts and scores paper, cardboard, light        No. 16941                         30¢ each
                                                    wood, plastic, etc. Cuts precise circles up
Dial Adhesive                                       to 5.9” diameter (15cm). With 6 blades.        Cuckoo Clock Numerals-Plastic
                                                    Made in Japan.
                                                    No. 17737 ...... Circle Cutter $11.50 each

For gluing paper dials to dial pans. A light        Dial Pillar Post
coat is all you need. 10-1/2 oz. Must be                                                           Sets of 12 white plastic numerals.
shipped UPS Ground.                                                                                No. 17432 ................ 9mm Tall $1.00 set
No. 13725                       $8.50 each                                                         No. 17433 .............. 11mm Tall $1.05 set
Dial Adhesive (Small)                NEW                                                           No. 10513 .............. 12mm Tall $1.10 set
                                                    For tall case clocks. Steel. 32.0mm long       No. 10514 .............. 14mm Tall $1.15 set
                                                    x 7.0mm barrel diameter. Barrel length is      No. 10515 .............. 16mm Tall $1.25 set
                                                    24.5mm.                                        No. 10517 .............. 20mm Tall $1.50 set
                                                    No. 29741                      $3.00 each      No. 10519 .............. 24mm Tall $2.00 set
                                                                                                   Cuckoo Clock Numeral Assortment
Strong,      permanent bond. Extended               Dial Pillar Post Lock                          Seven sets of plastic cuckoo clock numer-
open tack time. Smooth, non-wrinkling                                                              als I through XII. 9mm to 24mm tall.
adhesion. All-purpose adhesive for                                                                 No. 11508                           $9.00 set
bonding lightweight materials, including
dials. Acid-free. 5.5 ounce can.                                                                   Cuckoo Clock Numerals-Wood
No. 14498                        $5.00 each         Brass. For 30 hour tall clocks.
                                                    No. 29740                       $3.00 each
Dial Paste-Enamel-Bergeon
                                                    Dial Mounting Feet

                                                                                                   Complete sets of 12 wood numerals.
                                                                                                   No. 19307 .............. 12mm Tall $1.75 set
White enamel for repairing dials. Heat the                                                         No. 19308 .............. 14mm Tall $2.00 set
compound on a smooth clean steel spatula                                                           No. 19309 .............. 16mm Tall $2.25 set
until just soft. Press into chip and let it cool.   Set of 4 nickeled feet. 5mm diameter,          No. 19310 .............. 20mm Tall $2.50 set
Razor off the excess and polish. 16 grams.          20mm long with tapered pins.                   No. 19311 .............. 24mm Tall $3.00 set
No. 18484                         $16.00 each       No. 17435                    $7.50 set         No. 19312 .............. 28mm Tall $4.00 set
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