; Kitchen appliances and accessories for a trendy kitchen
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Kitchen appliances and accessories for a trendy kitchen


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									A kitchen is the heart of the house. It defines the taste, style and the personality of the
lady of the house. Contemporary homemakers keep their kitchen trendy, appealing
and organized so that working can be stress free and enjoyable. Modern kitchens are
furnished with elegant cabinets, shelves, kitchen furniture and fitted with the latest
kitchen appliances like chimneys or electric hobs, gas stoves, microwave ovens, food
processors to name a few. There are a lot of kitchen accessories that are available in
the market to make your kitchen chic just like you.
  In the present scenario where most of the Indians are living in flats there is hardly
any freedom to go for big kitchens of L, U or G shaped kitchens. The only option is to
go for the galley-shaped kitchen keeping in mind the triangle work concept. Small
kitchens can be designed in such a way that there is good amount of storage capacity.
For this reason the selection of cabinets is very important. Cabinets can be customized,
semi- customized or even made by a carpenter to suit your requirements.
  The colour scheme of the cabinets can be matched according to the tiles, countertops
and flooring thereby enhancing the look of the kitchen. Glass, steel, sandstone,
limestone etc are in vogue for countertops while granite is loosing popularity.
Kitchens can be painted in light colours like beige, sea green, pink and blue to give a
soothing effect. The metal look is definitely in hence the colour gray is also sneaking
into the kitchen. To give it a more coordinated look utensils and containers can be
assimilated as per the theme of the kitchen. Stainless steel, melamine, bone china or
microwave safe brands should be used according to the needs.
  Hobs or chimneys are very important kitchen accessories that not only add
sophistication but also help in ousting smoke from the kitchen. The choice of kitchen
appliances depends on the type of food that has to be prepared. Indian kitchen
appliances like the gas stoves, mixer- grinders, refrigerators can never be out no
matter how modern we become.
  According to usage gas stoves with one, two or four burner can be installed.
Refrigerators too can be chosen as per requirements from the variety available in the
market. Under the counter refrigerators, fridge with large freezers or more storage can
be bought. For a convenient and hassle free cooking modern appliances like
microwave ovens, dishwashers, food processors, ro machines etc are also useful.
Sinks are an important component of the kitchen. Double sinks, flexible sinks in steel
look very trendy. Modern and traditional kitchen appliances of all brands and range
are readily available in the market.
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