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Monday, August 2, 2010
Project Manager: Wendy Gibson

Overall project status: -- Behind schedule --
   Feb           Mar         Apr        May                Jun         July       Aug          Sep         Oct        Nov          Dec         Jan
    G             G           G           G                 G           G

Dashboard status:
 SCHEDULE                                 Major deadlines and deliverables have been identified, but some schedule slippage being experienced in
                                          budget development milestones.
   BUDGET                          G      Spend analysis complete for current contractors and spend is within 10% variance of baseline.
   SCOPE                           G      Scope has been identified. No scope changes are currently being requested.
   CHANGES                         G      No major budget or scope changes are currently requested.
   RESOURCES                       G      No major issues.

Executive update:
Overall, the project is close to schedule and within budget, but some schedule slippage is being experienced in the budget development portion of
the project. This forces other teams later in the project off schedule such as Financial Structures. All major decisions around budget have been
determined and teams are starting their work. Key budget leaders will meet again on Tuesday to confirm decisions and directions before beginning
the “lift and place process.” This will put us about three days behind schedule. The presentation to Cabinet regarding logic of budget decision
making will be postponed until August 9th due to no cabinet meeting on the 2 .
Leads still need to be identified for all areas of OHA to being the work of transiting branding image. This work was scheduled to start August 1 ,
but will need to be moved out further into the month of August. If you are a leadership member of OHA and have not chosen a lead, please contact
the project manager.

Communications: Director's Message on Transition to publish Friday, July 30. Message template for assistant directors to send a Transition update
to staff drafted. Copy for the August edition of The Stakeholder newsletter drafted.

Looking for more information? Visit the project on GovSpace at https://oregon.jivesoftware.com/community/agencies/dhs/transitionproject.

   RESPONSIBLE – MILESTONE                                                                STATUS      % COMPLETE      DUE DATE
   AKT – Redesign of financial services complete                                             G            97%         5/31/10 6/18/10 7/30/10
   AKT – Redesign of budget and analysis complete                                            G            97%         5/31/10 6/18/10 7/30/10
   W. Gibson – Transition process map library in GovSpace complete                           Y            30%         7/2/2010 7/16/10
   J. Scherzinger – Presentation to cabinet on logics of budget decision making and
                                                                                              Y            0%         7/19/10 8/9/10
   position allocation.
   Identification of all shared services sections down to the actual position # based
                                                                                              Y           98%         8/1/2010
   on allocation of current positions is turned over to budget team
   Begin branding image transfer for OHA Directors Office, Healthy Kids, OPDP and
                                                                                              Y            0%         8/1/2010

             Organizational structure                                 No change from status submitted on 7/19/10: Strategica is working on specific
               Lead: Tina Edlund                    On Schedule       organizational issues requested by DHS in their creation of a new director’s

                                                                      office level. Work is expected to continue in this area through August.
             OHA Transition Work Group                                No status submitted. Last status updated on 7/12/10: OHA Transition group
               Lead: Tina Edlund                    On Schedule       met to review their organizational structure for OHA. Cabinet reviewed the
                                                                      draft structure.
             Human Services Transition                                DHS Leadership scheduled to meet with David Howe from Strategica on
             Leadership Executive Team              On Schedule       Monday regarding organizational structure for DHS. The HuSTLE meeting
               Lead: Margaret Carter                                  scheduled for 8/2 has been canceled.

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                          Budget, planning and analysis         MAPS AND           Finalizing redesign report and presenting to BPA leadership for approval.

                          and Financial services                PLACEMENT          Mapping: No change. Redesign is 97% percent completed.
                            Lead: AKT, Geoff Guilfoy             DECISIONS
                          Human resources                                          Met with the small HR leadership team to discuss organization structure to
                            Lead: AKT, Geoff Guilfoy                               support proposed redesign. Conducted 3 sessions with all HR staff to

                                                                MAPS AND
                                                                                   introduce concept and offer opportunity for input. Next steps: Meet with HR
                                                                                   leadership to further develop position placements into hybrid organization
                                                                                   structure. Hold last meeting with the Core Redesign Team to present
                                                                                   organization structure. Draft recommendation. Mapping: No change.
                                                                                   Redesign is 65% percent completed.

                          Governance                                               No change from status submitted on 7/19/10: Initial two meetings of this work
                            Lead: Linda Grimms                  On Schedule        group discussed its goals and objectives, and some of the key issues that should
                                                                                   be considered for effective shared services governance. The group will meet
                                                                                   weekly to develop the charters, service level agreements, and related joint
                                                                                   governance documents related to shared services.
                          OHA Branding                                             Presented logo options to OHA cabinet. Revisions to logo will be sent to Logo
                            Lead: Nick Kern                     On Schedule        Core Review Group August 2nd for final approval. Branding implementation
                                                                                   begins after approval August 2.
                          Change Management and                                    No change from status submitted on 5/24/10: Work not expected in this area
                          Culture                               On Schedule        of the project until next month. Core team beginning to be identified. Team will
                             Lead: Steve Hastings                                  focus on defining the scope and strategies for change management and cultural
                                                                                   integration for things such as Transformation, lean and the Leadership Model.
                                                                                   Team will work to develop the charter over the next several weeks.
                          HR: Staff Transfer                                       We received notification this week that two positions will be transferred from
                            Lead: Sharon Beck                   On Schedule        DAS to OHA. One position is vacant and the other has an incumbent. The
                                                                                   DHS/OHA Sr HR manager has been informed and will be planning next steps.
                          Budget development                                       Continued work on 2011-13 Structures. Outstanding question on relationship
                            Lead: John Swanson                 Behind Schedule     between ORBITS Structure and Appropriation Structure needs to be resolved

                                                                                   before releasing structure list. Still requires BAM & LFO approval, as well. Still
                                                                                   pending CSL audit results from DAS to move forward with Revenue shortfall,
                                                                                   Lift & Drop, and POPs packages and all supporting documentation (Budget
                                                                                   Document) that go with it. Revised timelines per "Home Stretch" Budget
                                                                                   meeting to be released by COB 7/30/10.
                          Cost allocation                                          No change in status. Steering team meet on Thursday. Update was given on
                            Lead: Mike Boyer                    On Schedule        progress and mission of sub-technical review team. Updated team on progress
                                                                                   of lift and place project. Quick update on new organization structure of the two
                          Federal compliance/legal issues                          No change from status submitted on 7/19/10: Continued focus on identifying
                            Lead: Linda Grimms                  On Schedule        intergovernmental agreements with other state agencies that should be
                                                                                   updated. Next meeting is August 4.
                                   Information security                            No change from previous status reported on 7/26/10: ISO is currently linking
                                   subcommittee                 On Schedule        ATK identified business processes and computer applications to OIS identified
                                      Lead: Kyle miller                            computer applications. Once linked and loaded into GRCM, ISO will meet with
                                                                                   OPAR to validate business process, computer systems, identify information
                                                                                   content types, business roles, and possible information exchange agreements.
                                    Medicaid                                       No change from status submitted on 7/19/10: Provided a draft interagency
                                    subcommittee                On Schedule        agreement and organizational chart for review to DMAP and SPD. Milestone
                                       Lead: Linda Grimms                          achieved. Future meetings will begin to work on charters.
                          Financial structures                                     No change from previous status reported on 7/26/10: Team leader finished up
                             Lead: Jerry Russell                 On Schedule       preliminary org structure, based on the latest information provided. We know
                                  Robert Johnson              (Schedule slippage   this is not the final version, but the need to get started dictated using the draft
                                                                  concerns)        version as changes can be made before we send out for review and set up a
                                                                                   meeting. Also, team leader has been going through DHS' RTI's and making
                                                                                   comments/action items for our team to discuss at a future meeting. Met on
                                                                                   Wednesday, with other team leaders to get an update on when the ORBITS
                                                                                   program structure will be available. We were told that we should have ORBITS,

                                                       OREGON DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES :: OREGON HEALTH AUTHORITY
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                                                    org structure and appropriation number information by August 1. These are
                                                    three pillars we need to continue working on structure and the decisions made
                                                    need to be firm. While we can have minor changes, major revamping of these
                                                    pillar decisions could cause the agencies to not meet their deadlines. Because
                                                    so many other teams (interface, payroll labor cost codes, cost allocation, etc.)
                                                    are dependent on structure being in place and we have testing to do, I would
                                                    put our status to yellow (warning). We probably can still meet our deadline,
                                                    but if these pillar decisions are not made by August 1 or major changes made
                                                    late, the risks will increase the shorter period of time we are given.
Grant reporting and draws                           No change from previous status reported on 7/19/10: Richard Getgen has
  Lead: Linda Lamb                   On Schedule    finished the workload metrics study for the DHS central office (Salem) grants.
                                                    The federal EIN/DUNS review project is on hold pending further information
                                                    from the EIN/DUNS coordinator in the SFR Unit. Most members of the
                                                    committee will be working on quarterly federal reports for the next two weeks.
Financial interfaces to SFMA                        No change from previous status reported on 3/1/10: Draft charter developed.
   Lead: Joe Resch                   On Schedule    Team members are being identified and schedule being determined. Work not
                                                    scheduled to take place on this portion of the project for a couple of months.
Delegated authority and security                    No change from previous status reported on 6/28/10: The Improvement
  Lead: Nancy Walton                 On Schedule    Process Event is scheduled for August 11, 12, and 13. After the DHS event, we
                                                    will start meeting with the other agency representatives and the HB2009
                                                    Technical Committee starting in September 2010. Our timeline to be completed
                                                    is June 30, 2011 with an effective date of July 1, 2011.
Financial record transactions                       No change from status submitted on 7/6/10: The Financial Records tech
   Lead: Shawn Orias                 On Schedule    committee met Thursday and each agency is going to be putting together a list
                                                    of assets and liabilities, identifying any new programs that they have started or
                                                    will be starting, and the type of funds they have. The next meeting is scheduled
                                                    for the end of july., and what new funds are going to be created as identified in
                                                    HB 2009. Next meeting is scheduled for June.
Payroll and personnel transition                    DAS-SABRS staff and DHS' Position Management Unit (PMU) met to discuss the
  Lead: Becky Daniels                On Schedule    technical aspects of the "lift and drop" package 075 for 11-13 budget
         Sharon Beck                                development. The plan is contingent on the final decisions being made for
                                                    'final structures' - and cannot move forward until these are decided upon by
                                                    DHS and OHA Exec. An agreement was made to stage the transition with
                                                    multiple 'mini-audit points' along the way, to ensure all dollars, positions and
                                                    FTE are accounted for. PMU has started development of the 075 package, and
                                                    cannot move forward without the new structures. When these are decided,
                                                    PMU will work with the appropriate budget areas to determine position
                                                    funding split changes and where the positions should land in the new
                                                    structures. PMU will send the completed 075 "To/From, Abolish and Establish"
                                                    worksheets to SABRS for programming. PMU will key the remaining position
                                                    actions and the complete package will be audited. Meeting with the larger
                                                    workgroup will be scheduled on an as needed basis throughout this
                                                    process. The goal is to complete the package prior to Sept 1, 2010.
Cash management                                     The team lead is still researching issues identified at 7/7 meeting, drawing up
  Lead: Christie Jungling            On Schedule    draft chart of integrated treasury accounts and funds, and designing
                                                    preliminary diagram of OHA and DHS cash flows for committee review and
                                                    discussion at the next meeting which will take place on 8/18.
Contract conversions to OHA                         Contacts Conversions to OHA tech committee met on Tuesday this week and
  Lead: Wayne Breach                 On Schedule    followed up on action items. We are working on tools to gather information
                                                    about contracts that will need to be converted, but otherwise there are no new
                                                    developments to report. The committee decided that because of vacations in
                                                    August, and because nothing else is pressing until we can get some coding
                                                    structure from the Structure Committee, our next meeting will be September
                                                    14, 2010.
Accounts receivable                                 No change from previous status reported on 6/21/10: Accounts Receivables and
and receipting                       On Schedule    Receipting technical committee leads are working on summarizing all business
  Lead: Jeff Aldridge                               processes for AR and Receipting. They will begin meeting again once they have
        Linda Wells                                 established all processes.

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Information technology                           Continued OIS review of existing IT software categories and standards in
   Lead: Ed Klimowicz             On Schedule    preparation for discussions with DHS/OHA governance bodies. Reviewing
                                                 options for procuring a project coordinator for facilitating application changes,
                                                 given the current budget situation. NEXT STEPS: OIS Executive Team and the IT
                                                 Technical Team will continue to address plan in preparation for
                                                 implementation activities. Continue review IT software standards and

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