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									                         Cuban Missile Crisis – Citizen Response

                                      Myra Kearns
                                      Vinton-Shellsburg Community Schools
                                      Summer 2008

800 women strikers for Peace,
Library of Congress, Prints
and Photographs
Division, New York World-Telegram
and the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection, [LC-USZ62-128465].

Students will explore and gain an understanding of the average American citizen’s
reaction/response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The citizens represented would include
Cuban refugees, women, and college students. Students will analyze photos taken during
the week of Oct 16–28, 1962. They will compare this to the itinerary of President
Kennedy during the 13 days of the crisis. After gaining an understanding of how others
reacted, they will compare and contrast it to how they would have responded then and
now to the threat of nuclear war.
   Overview/ Materials/LOC Resources/Standards/ Procedures/Evaluation/Rubric/Handouts/Extension

Overview                                                                 Back to Navigation Bar
Objectives                         Students will:
                                    Analyze/discuss pictures representing citizen
                                       response to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
                                    Interpret and infer reasons/causes/purposes for these
                                    Compare/contrast President Kennedy’s
                                       calendar/agenda for time period of Oct. 16–28.
                                    Compare/contrast their personal predicted responses
                                       with those explored/researched.
Recommended time frame             2 days
Grade level                        9th–10th grade
Curriculum fit                     Cold War Unit: Cuban Missile Crisis
Materials                               Copies of pictures
                                        LCD projector
                                        John F Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

                                                  An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                               Illinois State University
                        Photo Analysis Worksheet

Illinois State Learning Standards                       Back to Navigation Bar

                    II. Time, Continuity, and Change:
                          Systematically employ processes of critical
                          historical inquiry to reconstruct and reinterpret the
                          past such as using a variety of sources and
                          checking their credibility, validating and
                          weighing evidence for claims, and searching for

                    V. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions:
                           Identify and analyze examples of tensions
                          between expressions of individuality and efforts
                          used to promote social conformity by groups and

                    VI. Power, Authority, and Governance:
                          Examine persistent issues involving the rights,
                          roles, and status of the individual in relation to the
                          general welfare.

                    VIII. Science, Technology, and Society:
                      a. Identify and describe both current and historical
                           examples of the interaction and interdependence
                           of science, technology, and society in a variety of
                           cultural settings.
                      b. Make judgments about how science and
                           technology have transformed the physical world
                           and human society and our understanding of
                           time, space, place, and human-environment
                    Day One:
                        Display John F Kennedy’s diary on LCD
                        Lead discussion on his activities during the week
                           of the Cuban Missile Crisis, reasons some things
                           are left off, etc.
                        Display photo of people lining up to get

                                  An Adventure of the American Mind
                                               Illinois State University
                       Role model analysis of photo, comparing it
                        to Kennedy’s diary. Complete Photo
                        Analysis Worksheet.
                       Lead discussion on reasons, differences from
                        technology today, questions on
                        causes/reasons for citizens’ response.
             Day Two:
                   Divide students into groups of two or three;
                      give each group a different copy of photo to
                   Each group would complete handout on
                      photo analysis.
                   Each group would share thoughts and

Evaluation                                          Back to Navigation Bar
             Assessment would be on group participation as well as
             completion of Photo Analysis Worksheet.

             Included is a rubric for use if having students complete
             the extension of creating a diary.
Extension                                            Back to Navigation Bar
                   Students could create diary entries for
                    individuals presented, either average citizen or
                    President Kennedy, during the Cuban Missile
                   Students could create personal diary detailing
                    their responses/activities during the Cuban
                    Missile Crisis.

                           An Adventure of the American Mind
                                        Illinois State University
    Primary Resources from the Library of Congress
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Image           Description           Citation                        URL
                   Onlookers       Library of
                     gather on     Congress, Prints
                      George       & Photographs
               Smathers Beach      Division,
                 in Key West,      NYWT&S
                Florida to see     Collection,
                   the Army's      [reproduction
                   Hawk anti-      number, e.g.,
               aircraft missiles   LC-USZ62-
               positioned there    111157]
                during Cuban
                Missile Crisis
                     Group of      Library of
               Cuban refugees      Congress, Prints
                   gather in a     & Photographs
                   Manhattan       Division,
                Hotel room in      NYWT&S
                      front of     Collection,
                  television as    [reproduction
                     President     number, e.g.,
                     Kennedy       LC-USZ62-
                  announces a      111157]
               "quarantine" of
                   their home
                 island during
                    the Cuban
                Missile Crisis
                      in 1962
                 New Yorkers           Library of
                eager for news     Congress, Prints
                 of the Cuban       & Photographs
               crisis line up to        Division,
               buy newspapers          NYWT&S
                                     number, e.g.,
                   Group of        Group of Cuban
                 Cuban and         and Hungarian
                 Hungarian         demonstrators,
                demonstrators      Library of
               near the Soviet     Congress, Prints
                 Embassy in        & Photographs
               New York City       Division, New
                   carrying        York World-
               placards during     Telegram and
                  the Cuban        the Sun
                missile crisis     Newspaper

                                         An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                      Illinois State University
                  Collection, [LC-
800 women         800 women
strikers for      strikers for
peace on 47 St    peace, Library
near the UN       of Congress,
Bldg / World      Prints and
                  Division, New
                  York World-
                  Telegram and
                  the Sun
                  Collection, [LC-

Denise            Denise   
Davidson, 5       Davidson,
months old,       Library of
sleeps            Congress, Prints
peacefully        and
while her         Photographs
mother, Mrs.      Division,
Donald            New York
Davidson,         World-
marches with      Telegram and
ban-the-bomb      the Sun
group outside     Newspaper
the United        Photograph
Nations           Collection,

Miami's           Miami's  
churches held     churches,
special masses    Library of
10/23 praying     Congress, Prints
for the success   and
on the Cuban-     Photographs
Russian           Division, New
blockade.         York World-
                  Telegram and
                  the Sun
                  Collection, [LC-

                        An Adventure of the American Mind
                                     Illinois State University
The Army           Army     
Recruiting         Recruiting
Station in         Station in
Miami was          Miami, Library
busy 10/23 as      of Congress,
they processed     Prints and
volunteers into    Photographs
the Armed          Division, New
Services.          York World-
                   Telegram and
                   the Sun
                   Collection, [LC-
Composite          Demonstrators
photograph of      outside the
demonstrators      White House,
outside the        Library of
White House        Congress, Prints
during the         and
Cuban Missile      Photographs
Crisis carrying    Division, New
placards: (left)   York World-
member of          Telegram and
Nazi group         the Sun
supporting         Newspaper
invasion and       Photograph
(right) woman      Collection, [LC-
from Women         USZ62-
Strike for Peace   128466].
against invasion

                         An Adventure of the American Mind
                                      Illinois State University
Other sources:


   1. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

   2. Something about Everything Military – Cuban Missile Crisis

   3. The Cuban Missile Crisis in order this week:,%201962.pdf

                                             An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                          Illinois State University
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                Citizen Response to Cuban Missile Crisis Diary

Student Name:   ________________________________________

   CATEGORY          5                    4                     3                       2                      1
Mechanics            Spelling/            Spelling/ Grammar/    Spelling/ Grammar/      Spelling/              Spelling/
                     Grammar/             Punctuation: One      Punctuation: One        Grammar/               Grammar/
                     Punctuation:         or two mistakes in    or two mistakes in      Punctuation: Many      Punctuation:
                     Perfect!             one area.             two or more areas.      errors in many         Did you edit
                                                                                        areas.                 or proofread?

Number of events 13 or more entries 10 - 12 entries             7 - 9 entries           5 - 6 entries          less than 5

Creativity           Excellent            Many creative         Few creative            Few creative           Little
                     creativity! Many     details/descriptions. details/descriptions.   details/descriptions   evidence of
                     details/descriptions                                               but they distract      creativity or
                     that contribute to                                                 from enjoyment.        imagination.

Content/Accuracy Excellent                Minor errors to       Some questionable Little accuracy to    No accuracy
                     content/accuracy.    accuracy to time      accuracy to time    time period/events. to time
                     True portrayal of    period/events.        period/events. Fair Poor portrayal.     period/events.
                     events.              Good portrayal.       portrayal.                              No portrayal.

Appearance           Excellent            Student's finished    Student's finished      Student's finished     Student's
                     appearance,          product is done       product is done         product needs          finished
                     displays going       very neatly; shows    neatly.                 more care and          product in
                     above and beyond     time and effort.                              effort.                done very
                     requirements.                                                                             sloppy.


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                           Photo Analysis Worksheet

Study the photograph and answer the following questions:

   1. List:
   Objects                          People                      Activities

   2.   Give two possible reasons why the people involved responded this way:


   3. Would you have participated in this scene; why or why not?

   4. How would this scene be different if it occurred today?

   5. If you had been there, what would you have done differently?

   6. List 2 questions you have about the photo/scene

                                             An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                          Illinois State University

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