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									Project Manager
The development of new information technology now makes it possible to create new needs and to conquer new

My goal is to manage an E-Business as the launch of a new concept, a new store or a new service on the Internet.

The CV is a CV demonstration, the data are fictitious.
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Work experience

                 Since        IT Project manager
             July 2004        NewtonBiz Agency
                              Mission: Project management for creating websites
                              Means: Team of 5 persons
                              Appraisal: 35 projects already completed, budgets from 30,000 to 100,000 €

     December 2000            Account manager in multimedia communication
      February 2003           Harvas Project
                              Mission: Marketing System Implementation project :
                              analysis, feasibility study, development and implementation
                              Means: 15 members team of programmers, marketing specialists, analysts
                              Appraisal: Turnover of 800,000 euros

        October 1998          Webmaster
       February 2000          CBF Electronic Arts
                              Mission: Realization of the website of a non-profit organization promoting Electronic Arts.
                              Means: Marketing and Technical studies / Production (programming, database) / Marketing and
                              informative feedback and reporting
                              Appraisal: Increase the importance of the organization, increase awareness of the artists,
                              15,000 monthly users

    September 1997            IT assistant
         May 1998             Technologies and Solutions Department
                              Mission: IT assistant for students of the University of Zaragosse in Spain

Diplomas and education

        January 2003          Colombia Business School, New-York - Etats-Unis
           June 2004
                              Full-time MBA
                              Area of specialisation: Program for Social Intelligence

                                             Mario Rossi Via Cavour - 00134 Roma Italy
                                    Telephone: 0102030405 - -
     October 1998    University of Quebec, Hull - Canada
      March 2000
                     Master in project management and information technology
                     - Project design, feasability, risk management..
                     Area of specialisation: Project management

   September 1997    University of Zaragossa - Spain
        May 1998
                     Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales
                     Equivalent of BS (Bachelor of Science) in UK in Business Management
                     Area of specialisation: Computer Science

      August 1995    Hanzehogeschool, Groningen - Netherlands
        June 1997
                     Training in International Trade.
                     Equivalent of HND (Higher National Diploma) in UK
                     Examples of courses: Accounting, Human Resources, Finance, International Business,
                     Intercultural Communication, etc ...

   September 1991    International High School "Leonardo da Vinci", Florence - Italy
        June 1995
                     French Baccalauréat (scientific)
                     Diploma Franco-Italian: Italian "Esame di Stato" Italian + French "Baccalauréat"

Computing skills
- Microsoft Word + Powerpoint
- Microsoft Excel, Visio, Outlook
- Lotus Notes
- SEO Webmarketing tools (incl. Google AdWords)
- Websearch
- Photoshop
- Windows 95 - XP
- Microsoft Project
- HTML Editing: Dreamweaver
- JavaScript

Language skills
Speaking competence: Native speaker, Written competence: Native speaker
Speaking competence: Fluent, Written competence: Fluent
Speaking competence: Fluent, Written competence: Intermediate
Speaking competence: Fluent, Written competence: Intermediate

                                  Mario Rossi Via Cavour - 00134 Roma Italy
                         Telephone: 0102030405 - -
Speaking competence: Intermediate, Written competence: School level

Fascinated by the discovery of new cultures and new land, I travel when the opportunity arises. (USA, Canada,
Indonesia, Europe, South Africa, Cote d'Ivoire)
New technologies
I am passionate about new technologies and networks.
I create interactive Web sites.

                                    Mario Rossi Via Cavour - 00134 Roma Italy
                           Telephone: 0102030405 - -

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