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									Konrad Hartl                                                                        SAP R/3, ABAP, SAPScript

      CV of Konrad Hartl (SAP R/3, ABAP Objects, ABAP,
                  SmartForms, SAPScript, )
Konrad Hartl has 15 years of experience as an SAP R/3 consultant.

He is working as a Technical Analyst and Developer and has broad experience in ABAP Objects, ABAP/4,
SmartForms and SAPScript in the area of logistics, in SD functional consulting as well as 10 years of experience
with systems and communications software.

He consulted Retail, Medical Supplies, Automotive, Mobile Phone, Oil, Chemical, Sports Goods, Tobacco,
Electronics and Telecommunication Industries and Public Services.

Mr. Hartl wants to focus on technical aspects of SAP R/3 implementations such as analysis, specifications, ABAP
Objects, ABAP/4, SmartForms, SAPScript, enhancements and interfacing.

Mr. Hartl is fluent in German (native language) and English.

Accomplishments SAP R/3

Konrad Hartl is performing various tasks in ABAP, e.g. programming, tutoring junior         09/10 -
members.                                                                                    SAP R/3
                                                                                            IS Retail
                                                                                            EDEKA Germany
Konrad Hartl programs transactions in ABAP for Central / Eastern Europe's largest Oil       04/08 – 02/10
Company in the area of IS Retail.                                                           SAP R/3 4.7C
                                                                                            IS Retail
Roll-outs to new countries included LSMW and interfacing.                                   OMV Austria

Konrad Hartl programs transactions in ABAP Objects for Austria's largest Food Retail        05/07 - current
Chain in SD.                                                                                SAP R/3 4.6C
                                                                                            Object Oriented
                                                                                            SPAR Austria

Konrad Hartl programs reports and transactions for the BRZ (Bundesrechenzentrum -           10/05 - 05/07
Federal Computing Centre) of Austria in the area of HR.                                     SAP R/3 4.7
                                                                                            (R/3 Enterprise)
                                                                                            BRZ Austria

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Konrad Hartl                                                                         SAP R/3, ABAP, SAPScript

Konrad Hartl handles ABAP and SAPScript for a Medical Supplies and Automotive               1/02 - 12/06
Company across all implemented SAP modules. Most work is done in the Logistics and          SAP R/3 4.6C
Financials modules.                                                                         Analysis / Development
                                                                                            TFX IT Services AG,,
Examples of his tasks at this client are: programming the complete interface to an external Germany
warehouse system (from a logistics service provider), maintenance of existing programs,
adaptation of various forms, applying enhancements and modifications to SAP,
programming user exits, etc...

He also performed the ABAP work related to the upgrade to SAP R/3 4.6C.

Roll-outs to new countries included LSMW and interfacing.

Konrad Hartl handled custom ABAP and SAPScript adaptations for an upgrade to version 1 week upgrade
4.7 for a Glass Packaging Producer.                                                  activities during
                                                                                     several months in 2003
                                                                                     SAP R/3 4.7
                                                                                     Vetropack, Austria

Mr. Hartl developed an interactive status management tool for extended search for, and        5/00 - 12/01
powerful handling of, customer orders with irregularities, such as returned shipments etc.    SAP R/3 4.6B / 4.6C
The client is the largest private Mobile Phone Company of Austria. This development           Analysis / Development
includes an external interface to enable non SAP systems to utilise these search features.    max.mobil and
Other tasks include several interfaces to the Internet via the ITS (Internet Transaction      Niedermeyer,
Server) for Order Creation from the Web and other interfaces utilising BAPI's, e.g. for       Austria
maintaining material master records.

Konrad did all ABAP work for Go Live of max.mobil's subsidiary Niedermeyer, a Photo
and Electronics Retail Chain. This Go Live covered the SD modules of SAP R/3. The
work involved user exits, interfaces, reports and initial data load from legacy systems.

Mr. Hartl performed the role of a technical analyst for a large international Oil Company.  9/98 - 4/00
Mr. Hartl analysed and defined interfaces such as Orders and Contracts, loading from        SAP R/3
TAS (Terminal Automation System) and communications with Lubricant production               Technical Analysis
systems. His duties included the supervision of junior ABAP/4 programmers.                  IS-OIL
He worked on upgrading interface programs from SAP 3.1H to 4.0B.                            Exxon, Belgium
During this assignment he was also responsibility for the technical aspects of piloting new Coopers (Contractor)
SAP functionality, the Standard Interface for Terminal Automation Systems, in close
contact with SAP in Walldorf. This is part of the IS-OIL functionality as of SAP R/3 4.0B

Mr. Hartl was ABAP/4 team lead for a Circuit Manufacturer. This assignment required           3/98 - 8/98
to be proactive in providing leadership for junior consultants on the technical side and in   SAP R/3
general consulting skills such as communication, client expectation management and            Team Lead ABAP/4
reassuring the client in stormy waters.                                                       ASAP
                                                                                              Data Conversion
Mr. Hartl was also responsible for Data Conversion in the FI and MM area.                     Jabil Circuits, USA
                                                                                              Plaut Consulting

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Konrad Hartl                                                                         SAP R/3, ABAP, SAPScript

Mr. Hartl wrote conversion programs for a Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics                        1/98 - 2/98
Manufacturer in MM and PP.                                                                    SAP R/3
                                                                                              Data Conversion
                                                                                              Perrigo, USA
                                                                                              Plaut Consulting

Mr. Hartl provided SD consulting for a US based international Chemical Manufacturer           3/97 - 12/97
and Distributor. He was responsible for streamlining pricing processes and mapping            SAP R/3
them to SAP R/3 systems. The project methodology used was SAP's new ASAP.                     ASAP
                                                                                              SD Pricing
The most challenging fact on this project was that this company is a merger of four           Specification for
distinctive businesses with a highly heterogeneous customer base ranging from small           Enhancements
laboratories to international manufacturers.                                                  ABAP/4
This represented complex business requirements for the discount structures with               MM
characteristics of both the retail and bulk business.                                         Sigma Aldrich
                                                                                              Chemical, USA
The hazardous nature of some of the products required a high degree of differentiation in     Plaut Consulting
the freight calculation process.
Mr. Hartl defined the business processes and specified add-on programs for compliance
screening of sales orders for restricted and hazardous chemicals (poisons, drugs etc.). The
design enables the capture of state, national and international regulations for the US and
the European markets.

Mr. Hartl provided support for the other functional team members for questions regarding
enhancements, interfaces and conversion.

Before that, he supported an ABAP/4 team in the critical phase a few weeks before and         1/97 - 2/97
after Go Live for a US Sports Goods Manufacturer on a multi-language project                  SAP R/3
(English, German, Japanese).                                                                  ABAP/4
                                                                                              Burton Snowboards,
                                                                                              Plaut Consulting

Mr. Hartl provided support for a US subsidiary of a large German Chemicals and                8/96 - 12/96
Pharmaceuticals Company through a successful Go Live. On this project he developed            SAP R/3
reports to extract data from SAP R/3 to feed into proprietary legacy information systems.     ABAP/4
                                                                                              Hoechst Celanese,

Mr. Hartl was part of the ABAP/4 team in the last phase of the project to ensure              2/96 - 7/96
successful Go Live of SAP R/3 at a large Tobacco Processing Company in the USA. He            SAP R/3
developed inventory reports for the special industry requirements as defined by ATF, the      ABAP/4
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms authority.                                                      MM
                                                                                              Philip Morris, USA

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Konrad Hartl                                                                    SAP R/3, ABAP, SAPScript

He provided development, training, customer support and documentation for customer        4/95 - 2/96
specific modifications of SAP R/3 for a large European Electronics Manufacturer.          SAP R/3
These modifications were maintained in several languages and Mr. Hartl provided support   ABAP/4
for further country specific translations. This assignment required all team members to   SD
provide hotline support.                                                                  MM
                                                                                          Siemens Nixdorf,

Mr. Hartl customised a PM demo system for an International Food and Beverages             1/95 - 3/95
Company.                                                                                  SAP R/3
                                                                                          Cadbury Schweppes,

Mr. Hartl developed COBOL and ABAP/4 programs to interface a Legacy Database              11/94 - 12/94
System to SAP R/3 for an Electronics Manufacturer.                                        SAP R/3
                                                                                          Siemens , Austria,

Mr. Hartl developed ABAP/4 reports for a European Telecommunication organisation in 7/94 - 10/94
the FI module.                                                                      SAP R/3
                                                                                    Telekom, Austria

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Konrad Hartl                                                                          SAP R/3, ABAP, SAPScript

Accomplishments various IT
Development of a data distribution system for a Software House                              4/94 - 6/94
                                                                                            Siemens, Austria

Functional and technical specification, co-management and implementation of an API for      1/94 - 3/94
accessing an proprietary X.400 product from NATURAL for a European Police                   Assembler
Organisation                                                                                Police National
                                                                                            Organisation, UK

Technical specification and development of a port of a text retrieval program from MVS      4/93 - 12/93
to BS2000 (proprietary operating system)                                                    Assembler
                                                                                            Police National
                                                                                            Organisation, UK

Development of a 4GL tool for installation and maintenance of telephone lines for a         1/92 - 3/93
European Telecommunications Company                                                         4GL (ROSI)
                                                                                            Telekom, Germany

Functional and technical specification and implementation of an a protocol converter for a 10/90 - 12/91
heterogeneous network for a European Police Organisation                                   Assembler
                                                                                           Police National
                                                                                           Organisation, UK

Design, implementation and test of system programs (file transfer, access control) for a    8/84 - 9/90
Software House                                                                              Assembler
                                                                                            Siemens, Austria

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