Keyword Research and How To Do It

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					In order to wind up on the first page of search results, one has to do keyword research.
Since most people do not bother to click beyond the first page when they are
searching it makes sense to want to be on the first page. Researchers have found that
exactly 42.13% of the people who perform a search will click on a link from that first
page. That is nearly half the number of people that land on a first page that do not
bother to look beyond that page. That really tells you something.
  This means that the first page is the place to be. How can this be done? Keyword
research is the key to being on the first page. Check out what your competition is
doing first. There are people who have succeeded in making it to the first page so it is
a good idea to look at their statistics. One thing you will want to look for is the age of
a website. Lucky websites that have been around for a while receive higher rankings
by Google. If you know that your website was created yesterday and the website you
are competing with is 10 years old you can decide to move on to another keyword to
  Keyword research means more than looking up how long a website has been around;
you can also see what page rank the website has. Every website will have a page rank
that goes from 0-10 with 0 being irrelevant and 10 being off the charts important.
Competing with a website of page rank 10 doesn't seem like a good idea, but if the
website has a 0 that will be much more possible for you to beat and there are websites
on the first page that rank 0, sometimes there are several. You can find out the page
rank by adding a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox which can be found at
  There are also the number of links that point back to the websites on the first page.
These      are    known      as    backlinks     and    they can        be    found     at If you find that a website has hundreds of
backlinks the competition there may be too stiff; it may be advisable to continue your
keyword research to include a website that does not have quite so many backlinks
pointing toward it. You can also get to work creating backlinks to your website that
will rival the backlinks of the other websites, a good tactic anyway.
  Keyword research also requires that you find out how many backlinks are pointing
toward the competitions' URLs. If the domain has hundreds of backlinks, just like in
the example in the last paragraph, the competition may be too fierce for you. The
place to go to look into these backlinks is Once you have
looked up all of these statistics and found you can compete with the website for a
keyword go for it and good luck!
  Using pay-per-click as a marketing strategy means that you need to know how to
perform keyword research. Since it can be an expensive tactic you will want to learn
everything you can about the keyword research tool that exists by going to expert
internet marketer A. D. Kellon’s website.