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BRUCE LEE                                                     123 Hennessy Road | Wanchai | Hong Kong

   –   Dedicated and results-driven with expertise in media relations, direct marketing, & event management.
   –   Holds Master’s Degree in Marketing International Trade and recent Professional Diploma in
       Marketing with distinction in Marketing Planning.
   –   Experienced in the IT industry with the ability to build channel networks and international trade.
   –   Keen to take on new roles and adapt to new work environments with the desire to excel.


   Move to Hong Kong                                                                             2005 – Present

   Study Year                                                                             2004 – 2005
   Studied for Professional Diploma in Marketing from XXXXX of Marketing in London. Completed in June
   2005 with distinction in Marketing Planning.

   Travelling Years                                                                                2002 – 2004
   Relocated from India to the UK and travelled extensively to Europe, USA, and Australia.

   XXXXX, Delhi, India                                                                            2000 – 2002
   Manufacturing and marketing of high-quality computer screen glass filters.
   Marketing & Sales Manager
   ► Established long-term relationship with corporate audience, obtained strong referrals, and executed
     sales pitch.
   ► Built channel network of distributors and retail dealers and provided training and support to their sales
     team. Contributed approximately 12% to total sales figures.
   ► Played key role in establishing a sales tie-up with XXXXX, one of leading computer manufacturers in
     India. Efforts increased sales figures by 2% in the first three months.
   ► Negotiated retail tie-up with technology retail outlets for one the top XXXXX TV channels that has
     diversified into consumer focus technology product retailing.
   ► Built relationship with and obtained orders from the XXXXX Ministry of Defence.

   ► Established tie-ups with XXXXX in India and the XXXXX Association, two of the most influential
     entities in the field of eye care in India.
   ► Organized media reviews of the product, which was rated as best product available in the market.

   XXXXX, Delhi, India                                                                          1999 – 2000
   Corporate communications consultancy offering marketing solutions to organisations planning brand
   building and market expansion.
   Senior Account Manager
   ► Managed key accounts: XXXXX and XXXXX (a B2B subsidiary of XXXXX Telecom).

   ► Attracted wide electronic and print media coverage for XXXXX products and support services,
      successfully increasing brand awareness in India which supported approximately 9% increase in overall
   ► Positioned XXXXX in the leading Indian industry forums: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII),
      Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Computer Society of India (CSI),
      and Manufacturers Association of Information Technology (MAIT).
   ► Resulted in successful organization of co-branding activities and achievement of a platform for XXXXX
      to launch new products to corporate clients.
   ► Established XXXXX’s Country Manager as a representative for the hardware industry in India.

   ► Organized launch event of XXXXX in India.

   ► Developed customer loyalty programmes and organised media relations for the clients.

   ► Organized marketing tie-ups and co-branding activities for client companies with other companies.
Hong Kong Sample

BRUCE LEE                                                                                       PAGE TWO

CAREER HISTORY (continued)
   XXXXX, INC.., Delhi, India                                                                       1998 –1999
   A direct marketing company with operations in all of the major cities in India; providers of fulfilment
   support and database management.
   Account Manager
   ► Conceptualised and implemented direct marketing campaigns for key accounts such as XXXXX,
      XXXXX, XXXXX, and XXXXX.
   ► Designed and generated All-India car market analysis report for XXXXX, providing insight into the
      company’s key markets and basis for future marketing campaigns.
   ► Focussed on new business pitches and servicing of accounts.
   ► Worked on CSR drive to educate teachers about computer aided training programmes in government run
      schools for less privileged children.

   XXXXX INC., India                                                                           1995 – 1997
   Coordinator, Enterprise Customer Unit
   ► Marketed and coordinated partnership program to strengthen product base among developers in India.
   ► Launched new products and events for marketing promotions, such as Windows NT, MS Exchange, and
     SQL Server.
   ► Introduced an exclusive forum for the CIO of top companies in India to present pre-launch preview of
     new products and to maintain customer loyalty for Microsoft.
   ► Planned and executed company’s participation in key trade shows, such as XXXXX and XXXXX.
   ► Developed and implemented a process to import software and promotional items from abroad.

   XXXXX, Delhi, India                                                                        1993 – 1995
   An established export company in India with a strong buyer network in North America and Europe.
   Export Manager
   ► Completed export orders within time limits and remittance of order payments from foreign banks.
   ► Researched and developed new markets abroad to expand the product line for towelling material and
      hand tools. Gained an order for export of towels from a Japanese Hotel.
   ► Established connections with Foreign Embassies and their Commercial Consulates, such as Italian Trade
      Council, Swiss Embassy, Canadian Trade Division, and Indian Trade Promotion Council.
   ► Represented the company at the Executive Board of the Quality Control and Productivity Committee of
      PHD Chambers of Commerce.

   XXXXX INSTITUTE OF MARKETING, London, UK                                                       2004 – 2005
   Professional Diploma in Marketing, distinction in Marketing Planning
   IXXXXX OF FOREIGN TRADE, Delhi, India           1997
   Executive Masters in International Trade
   XXXXX UNIVERSITY, Delhi, India                                                                        1991
   B.A. (Honours), Economics

   Languages: Hindi (fluent) | English (fluent)
   Computer: MS Word | Excel | PowerPoint | Access

   Keen reader of philosophy | Travelling | Learning new sports activities | Member, Toastmasters International

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