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                                                                                                                 No. 37
                                                                                                      24th October 2010

                                     First of all, let me once again apologise for not producing a newsletter last week. It
                                     turns out that the AC adaptor for my laptop was defective and I couldn’t turn the
                                     thing on! It was sorted on Monday but with the normal work issues, there was no
                                     time to then put a newsletter out. Just the wonders of technology counting against us.
                                     My thanks to the number of e-mails that I received from people expressing support!

                                   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE volunteer your services for the waterpoint at the
                                   Maritimo 21km race on the 30th October 2010. At the time of writing, we only have
                                   5 confirmed names. I know some of you wish to run the race, but if you’re not
running please come along and support the waterpoint. I believe it is situated near the Phobians grounds in Lynnwood,
but hope to have confirmation for you during the week.

Kaapsehoop is just two weeks away. It will seem like an “unofficial” club away weekend as so many members appear to
going out to do this race. I’ve put together a good training few months and hope to tackle the marathon with my best
effort in some years, but I do look forward to seeing everybody there. Let’s get together for a beer (or three) afterwards.
I’ll certainly need one after that run.

So, less of the waffling. Let’s get into today’s news. There is a lot to get through!

Yours in running,

Ken Swettenham
Tel: 082-444-3955
Fax: (012) 804-3732 [all hours]

Time Trials: Every Tuesday 17:30. The Time Trials will start after the announcements from outside the Lapa near the
Tarantaal. We have 4km, 6km and 8km routes available. Please join us for a drink in the Tarantaal afterwards!

The Time Trial has reverted back to 17h30 and we will run the “Summer” Time Trial route. Same route – opposite


However, that doesn’t mean to say that you must not run Time Trials! Please come along and run every
Tuesday. It’s a great way to get some club camaraderie going.

Membership: All queries regarding membership may be directed to Annette Boshoff. She can be contacted on 076 743
6994 or

Club Colours: Club colours are available from Run-a-way Sport (Glenfair Shopping Centre, Lynnwood). They can be
contacted on (012) 3613733 with any queries.
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Website: Our club website is Chantelle Breytenbach has done a fabulous job on the website, so
please check it out. All submissions and suggestions for the website may be e-mailed to her at

May I offer my personal congratulations to Chantelle on the awesome job that she is doing. Our website is looking
the best it ever has done!

Other Interesting Websites:

Club Chairperson: Thabo Pooe. Contact him with any concerns, suggestions, complaints or compliments
regarding club affairs at or 0829017447.

3. UPCOMING                   RACES
October 2010

Sat 30 Oct The Hunter’s Challenge 21km / 10km / 5km
Race Organisers: Maritimo Marathon Club
Race Venue: Maritimo Club, Hatfield.
Pre - Entry Fee: R40 for 21km / R30 for 10km / R20 for 5km
Race Day Entry Fee: R45 for 21km / R35 for 10km / R20 for 5km
Entry Fee Age 70+: R10 for 21km and 10km.
Pre-entries at: Runaway Sport / Running Inn / The Sweat Shop / Manny’s Liquor, Gezina / Tri-ball Sports / Maritimo Club
/ Sportsmans Warehouse, Montana Crossing.
Start Time: 06h00 for 10km & 21km / 06h15 for 5km
Cut-off Time: 3 hours
*** AGN Walking League Race ***

November 2010

Race Organisers: Agape Athletics Club
Race Venue: Adelaars Sport Grounds E 28 12’74.3” S 25 42’15”
                    !             !              !             !
                  " #"   $     !              !              !                     !
   %& '                   !              !             !                    !
   %& '             " #"  $      !              !             !                      !
'            ()
* +   ,     "- !                         "- !            " - !
  , ,
+ . , -/ !                  -/ !            -/ !
        ,/                      ,
                    , 0 1 / * ! /3 ,      2                   *!                !,        4     , !
                                                                                         4 4 / %5 %
4 4       !, %6   !
*** Agn Running League Race ***
Please bring a tin of food which will be donated to charity.

Sat 13 Nov Irene Liquifruit 21km / 10km / 5km / 1km
Race Organisers: Irene Running Club
Race Venue: ARC Irene Campus
Entry Fee: R40 for 21km / R30 for 10km / R20 for 5km / R10 for 1km. Age 70+ is R10 for all distances.
Start Time: 06h00 for 21km & 10km / 06h10 for 15km / 08h00 for 1km
Cut-off Time: 3 hours
Pre-entries at (close 5 Nov ): Run-A-Way Sport / Running Inn & Sweat Shop, Southdowns.
Free T-shirts to the first 1500 pre-entries for the 21km and 10km

Sat 20 Nov Andrew Greyling Memorial Race 10km / 21km
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December 2010

Sat 18 Dec Great Run 15km & 5km
Race Organisers: Global Running Club
Race Venue: Voortrekker Monument
Entry Fee: R40 for 15km / R20 for 5km
Start Time: 06h30
Cut-off Time: Not specified
Pre-entries at:
More details at

Selected upcoming Races in other Provinces (Confirmation has been received that these races are on or off, as
the case may be!) Races marked in blue indicate that I have a flyer for them, if you would like to have a flyer,
please e-mail me!

WPA – 27th October 2010 – Old Mutual Nite Race 5km / 10km
MPL – 29th & 30th October 2010 – Reach for a Dream Challenge – 100 miler / 24 hrs / 12 hrs day / 12 hrs night.
LIM – 30th October 2010 – RWFL 21km / 10km / 4.8km
MPU – 30th October 2010 – Sabie Shufflers 5km / 10km / 21km (Note: No 32km this year)
WPA – 30th October 2010 – Isostar Forest 15km
CGA – 31st October 2010 – Sportsmans Warehouse 5km & 15km
SWD – 3rd November 2010 – Escom 10km Nite Race
CGA – 6th November 2010 – Constantia Kloof Primary 10km / 5km / 2km
MPL – 6th November 2010 – Kaapsehoop 42km / 21km / 10km
OFS – 6th November 2010 – Sasolburg Summer 15km
WPA – 6th November 2010 – Easterns Kraaifontein 10km
CGA – 7th November 2010 – Soweto Marathon 42.2km / 10km / 5km
LIM – 13th November 2010 – Warmbad 5km / 10km / 21km / 42km
SWD – 13th November 2010 – Heather Superspar 5km / 10km
CGA – 14th November 2010 – Paul Ras 21km / 10km
CGA – 17th November 2010 – Rowlin National Night Race 5km / 10km / 15km
WPA – 20th November 2010 – Mr Price Winelands 21km / 42km
CGA – 28th November 2010 – Tough One 32km / 5km
EPA – 4th December 2010 – Aspen Pharmacare PE City Marathon 10km / 42km
SWD – 16th December 2010 – Candlelight Run 5km / 10km
SWD – 27th December 2010 – Engen Nite 5km / 10km

I’ve only given full details of AGN races here. I do have information on races in other provinces. Please e-mail me
at should you require any information on races in other areas. If I don’t have it – I will do my
best to get it for you.

Overseas Races
Interested in doing a race overseas? See the list below for dates of some of the most popular overseas
marathons (and some other events) in 2010 and 2011: -


25 October - Dublin Marathon, Ireland
31 October - Athens Classic Marathon, Greece
07 November - ING New York City Marathon, USA


3rd to 11th January – Disney Marathon & Half Week
20 March - Rome Marathon, Italy
10 April - Paris Marathon, France
17 April - Vienna Marathon, Austria
17 April - Virgin London Marathon, England
17 April - Madrid Marathon, Spain
18 April - Boston Marathon, USA
23 April - Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, Cape Town, South Africa
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4. CSIR 10/21km             ROAD RACE
Our race next year is confirmed for the 17th September 2011. Please, please, please keep this
morning free in your 2011 planning!

Our 2010 Race

The following notification has been received from Jaap Rossouw at AGN regarding the 10km results for
our 2010 road race: -

On our Exco Road Running meeting last night ( 21 Oct ) the following was decided upon regarding the
CSIR League

1.    For the league…..all athletes will be awarded 4 points regardless their position.
2.    For the super league.. As far as possible stay to the normal allocation of points. Clubs to help in this
regard to identify runners that finishing times did may look doubtful.

The revised log positions are attached. (See below under “AGN League” for revised league logs and
update on the Super League).

       Csir results for the Chamberlain Capital Classic (AGN) 21km race - 2010-10-09
                                      13 club finishers
                    Position Initials     Surname       Sex Age Club Finish Time
                    36            S      Nkosi          M       27    Csir 01:25:07
                    64            C      Fisher         M       52    Csir 01:30:39
                    143           J      Wybenga        M       31    Csir 01:40:11
                    166           J      Rautenbach M           43    Csir 01:43:08
                    171           K      Rautenbach F           44    Csir 01:43:42
                    187           H      Breytenbach M          41    Csir 01:44:52
                    208           R      Visser         M       50    Csir 01:46:26
                    341           C      Wessels        M       38    Csir 01:54:11
                    539           E      Mogwanye       M       35    Csir 02:03:28
                    549           L      Lans                         Csir 02:04:05
                    829           A      Te Reh         M       61    Csir 02:17:09
                    1045          S      Haacke         F       36    Csir 02:29:39
                    1249          O      Oosthuizen M           58    Csir 02:55:27

       Csir results for the Chamberlain Capital Classic (AGN) 10km race - 2010-10-09
                                      27 club finishers
                   Position Initials      Surname           Sex Age Club Finish Time
                   50         N        Groenewald           M    25    Csir 00:42:38
                   112        M        Crampton             M    41    Csir 00:46:42
                   163        S        Mallory              F    23    Csir 00:49:18
                   238        D        Mynhardt             M    43    Csir 00:52:48
                   256        H        Ribbens              M    60    Csir 00:53:33
 271       S           Mallory            M        48    Csir 00:54:04
 278       C           Breytenbach        F        38    Csir 00:54:23
 349       D           Van Der Merwe M             25    Csir 00:56:27
 402       P           Peres              M        39    Csir 00:57:52
 570                   Annette            F              Csir 01:02:16
 571                   Grobbelaar         M        37    Csir 01:02:17
 587       A           Eerenstein         F        64    Csir 01:02:38
 629       C           Botha              F        32    Csir 01:03:48
 688       C           Van Der Merwe F             41    Csir 01:05:20
 690       C           Eerenstein         F        16    Csir 01:05:21
 792       M           Marais             F        31    Csir 01:07:26
 878       M           Van Wyk            F        56    Csir 01:09:16
 975       C           Fisher             F        20    Csir 01:11:08
 1003      I           Lee                F              Csir 01:11:53
 1032      M           Mgangara           M        51    Csir 01:12:22
 1132      J           Morris             M        65    Csir 01:15:12
 1168      J           Molekoa            F        44    Csir 01:16:19
 1250                  Letitia            F        46    Csir 01:18:31
 1274      R           Coetzer            F        41    Csir 01:19:09
 1307      L           Eerenstein         M        59    Csir 01:20:17
 1390                  Johann             M        45    Csir 01:23:28
 1696      M           Fisher             F        22    Csir 01:43:28

Csir results for the Spar Ladies (CGA) 10km race - 2010-10-10
                        1 club finishers
    Position Initials Surname Sex Age Club Finish Time
    2442           J      Molekoa F           44    Csir 01:24:58

Csir results for the Woodlands (AGN) 10km race - 2010-10-16
                       18 club finishers
  Position Initials       Surname     Sex Age Club Finish Time
  16           N        Groenewald M           25       Csir 00:42:00
  136          D        Mynhardt      M        43       Csir 00:52:28
  170                   Paulo         M        59       Csir 00:54:01
  249          M        Smit          F        33       Csir 00:56:39
  250          P        Meyer         M        62       Csir 00:56:41
  251          N        Van Wyk       M        59       Csir 00:56:41
  272          L        Lans          M        43       Csir 00:57:10
  290          R        Smit          M        56       Csir 00:57:36
  567          M        Van Wyk       F        57       Csir 01:06:00
  633          M        Mgangira      M        51       Csir 01:08:19
  634          I        Lee           F        31       Csir 01:08:21
  689                   Yvonne        F        49       Csir 01:10:41
                     722        J          Morris        M     65    Csir 01:12:06
                     724        S          Martin        M     43    Csir 01:12:08
                     854        R          Coetzer       F     41    Csir 01:16:53
                     855        L          Wannenburg F        47    Csir 01:16:54
                     950        J          Wannenburg M        45    Csir 01:20:00
                     979        A          Oosthuizen    M     58    Csir 01:21:08

                   Csir results for the Woodlands (AGN) 21km race - 2010-10-16
                                          5 club finishers
                     Position Initials      Surname      Sex Age Club Finish Time
                     29         C          Fisher        M     52    Csir 01:30:25
                     96         R          Oellermann M        26    Csir 01:44:47
                     131        R          Visser        M     50    Csir 01:48:08
                     258        C          Breytenbach F       38    Csir 01:57:04
                     377        E          Mogwanye      M     35    Csir 02:04:40

            Csir results for the BASF Arcelor Mittal (AVT) 32km race - 2010-10-16
                                       4 club finishers
                     Position Initials      Surname      Sex Age Club Finish Time
                     39         K          Rautenbach F        44    Csir 02:44:35
                     40         J          Rautenbach M        43    Csir 02:44:36
                     114        R          Nell          F     46    Csir 03:26:25
                     121        K          Swettenham M        47    Csir 03:27:51

6. PERSONAL                RACE REPORTS / NEWS
For those of you on Facebook, there is a group simply called “CSIR Running Club”. I post updates of club
events and happenings on the group and encourage all members to join this group. We now have 59 members
on the group, including a number of non-CSIR running club people who are interested in what we are doing
here. (This is the highest number of members we’ve had linked to the group to date! Thank you for all who
have joined, and if you haven’t done so yet – why not?).

This is a great way of keeping in touch and I encourage everyone to add me as a Friend and to add each
other as Friends, so we can all keep in touch. If you are not a member of Facebook, then join at Please join the group on the link

AGN League

As you have seen from our race information above, the 10km race has not, Thank Goodness, been cancelled as
a league race, but a standard 4 points allocated to all runners. This benefit’s a club like ours, which has more
“slower” runners on average and this reflects in the league positions after our race. We’ve moved up to 4th! If
we can maintain that, we will finish in the highest position that we have done in many years – after more often
than mot finishing 5th in the league! The latest Top 10 clubs in the running league is listed below: -

  Pos'       Csir         n
                       Pos'                       Pnts
  Was       Pos'n       gue
                       L'           Club           gue
    1          1           1    Overkruin         113
    2          2             2           Pmmc                  111
    3          3             3           Ace               102.5
    5          5             4           Csir                  91
    4          4             5           Arete                 89
    7          6             6           Zwakala               82
    7          8             7           Resbank               78
    6          7             8           Agape                 77.5
    9          9             9           Aerosud               60
   13          12           10           Arcadia               53

Super League

From Ken Nurden: -

I' gone into the personal race history of the top male and female finishers in the Csir 10km race. Based
on my findings I will delete from the super league calculations certain athletes whose times on the Csir
10km do not tie up with their other 10km races results. I am delaying the sending out of the super league
logs in order to give clubs an opportunity to dispute my decisions regarding their athletes.

            Running and Walking, League and Championship Races - 2010
                        Event                    Date                       League                      Championships
                                                                      RR                RW            RR        RW
               Hunters Challenge                 30-Oct                              10 & 21 Km
               Agape                             06-Nov         10, 21 & 32 Km
               Andrew Greyling                   20-Nov                              10 & 21 Km

No news yet if the Andrew Greyling race, which has been cancelled, is going to be replaced by another race
for the Race Walking League.

            Running and Walking, League and Championship Races - 2010
                          Event                         Date                       League                     Championships
                                                                            RR                 RW              RR       RW
                           Ace                       15-Jan           10 & 21 Km            10 & 21km
                     Bronkhorstspruit                12-Feb           10 & 32 Km            10 & 32 Km
                         Bobbies                     12-Mar           10 & 21 Km            10 & 21 Km
                    Solomon Mahlangu                 09-Apr                10 Km              10 Km
                    Jacaranda Centre                 28-May           10 & 20 Km            10 & 20 Km
              Fanie Booysen Icebreaker               18-Jun                10 Km              10 Km
                         Laudium                     02-Jul                10 Km              10 Km
                         Carlton                     06-Aug           10 & 21 Km            10 & 21 Km
                      Spirit Of Flight               03-Sep                10 Km              10 Km
                    Hunters Challenge                29-Oct           10 & 21 Km            10 & 21 Km
                    Montana Crossing                 19-Nov           10 & 21 Km            10 & 21Km
                     Muller Potgieter                03-Dec                15 Km              15 Km

Please note that the club Gazebo with eats & drinks for free for all members will be at Running League Races

For the benefit of all those that are new to participating in league races … both running and walking … there are
some important points that you should be aware of when entering a league race.
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    1. The league races only apply to Athletics Gauteng North … AGN. It does not apply to Central Gauteng
       Athletics … CGA. If you therefore fill in the ‘Prov’ section with Gauteng or GP or G or leave the ‘Prov’
       section blank you will be deleted from the league calculation unless someone from the club emails that you
       are in fact a registered AGN athlete. This rule applies to every AGN athlete and not only to some who
       happen to be members of a club with a sister club with the same club name in another province.

    2. If you don’t fill in your gender or sex you will default to “Male’

    3. If you do not fill in your age you will default to ‘Senior’

Comrades 2011

The 2011 Comrades Marathon will take place on Sunday 29 May and will be an Up Run,
starting in Durban and finishing in Pietermaritzburg. The race will commence at 05h30
from the Durban City Hall and finish at the Midlands Cricket Oval in

Comrades Entries Open!

Entries for the 2011 Comrades Marathon open on 1 September 2010 and close on 30 November 2010. There will
only be one entry window period for ALL ATHLETES to enter whether they are former Comrades runners or
Novices. Entries will be limited to a maximum of 18,000 and no extensions will be entered into. We urge all
runners and potential runners that wish to run in 2011 to take careful note of the entry process and urge you to
enter early to avoid disappointment.

Closing Date of Entries

Entries will close on the 30 November 2010 or once the 18,000 cap has being reached.

According to the Comrades website they already have 10902 entries, so don’t delay!

Qualifying Criteria for 2011

All entrants must qualify by completing an officially recognised race during the period of to 30 May 2010 to 6 May 2011. All
entrants who completed the 2010 Comrades Marathon within the 12 hour cut-off may use their finishing time for 2011 and will
be seeded according to their finishing time. If you do not supply qualifying details with your entry, you must submit these by
no later than 6 May 2011, either by email or contacting the CMA office.

Club Information (For South African Athletes Only)

Athletes will not be in possession of their 2011 licenses by the time of entry; however athletes will still have to comply with
the rule that they must be licensed through an officially registered athletics club affiliated to Athletics South Africa in order to
run the 2011 Comrades Marathon. As with the new qualifying criteria, you will be able to enter for 2011 Comrades Marathon
before having received your 2011 license. You will however have to submit your club name and license number to the CMA
before or by the 6 May 2011.

Notice: In 2011 the CMA will send all qualifying times and details to each runners club for verification purposes. This
has been necessitated due to the fact that some runners submit false information and qualifying times. Please note that
submitting false information will result in your entry being rejected.

Old Mutual Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 56km

Please make a note if you wish to run this fantastic event in 2011. The date for the Two Oceans Marathon in
2011 will be 23rd April 2011. A little later than usual. Gives you more time to train.

Start Time: 21km – 06:00 / 56km – 06:25
Entry Fee: 21km: Runners who own a timing chip R90 / Runners who do not own a timing chip R170
           56km: Runners who own a timing chip R165 (TBC) / Runners who do not own a timing chip R245 (TBC)
                                                          Page 9

Runners who have credit cards and Internet access are encouraged to enter online from 1 November
onwards. Otherwise, you are advised to make photocopies of entry forms (available after 1 Nov), cheques,
etc as proof of entry in case of queries. We suggest you send your entry via registered or priority mail, or
deliver it in person to our offices. An incomplete entry form or insufficient funds attached to the entry form
may result in the form being posted back to you. Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon reserves the right to
accept or reject any entry. Please do NOT send more than one entry; you will not be refunded for additional

We Will Not Accept Faxed Or E-Mailed Entry Forms. Please note that Entry fees are not refundable under any

Closing Date for Entries
21km Wed 16 March 2011 or the first 11000 entries
56km Wed 16 March 2011 or the first 10000 entries

Note that entries will close for the 21km as soon as 11 000 entries have been received and for the 56km as
soon as 10000 entries have been received, even if this is before closing date. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE
ACCEPTED. Runners cannot enter for the Ultra Marathon if they have not yet qualified. Postal entries must
reach the TOM Office no later than 16 March 2011.

Trail Running

Check out for all Trail running news and details of upcoming Trail Races around the
country, if you are interested in doing this type of running.

Internet Articles From Colin Billau - Magnolia

Ice, Heat or Both? By Dr. Hamid Sadri First Choice Healthcare
Our patients often ask us whether they should use ice or heat for their particular conditions. There are certain
factors to help you determine which of these thermal modalities to use, and if you follow the guidelines, you will
reduce the risk of further injury or adverse effects.
Among the many different physiological effects that ice and heat have on a tissue, there are basically 2 that make
the most difference. These are vasoconstriction and vasodialation. Simply put, ice results in a narrowing of the
local blood vessels (vasoconstriction), while heat will increase the vessels’ diameter (vasodilation). It is because of
this main difference that the use of these modalities will vary. While both help to reduce pain, they should be used
at the right time and in the correct manner or adverse results may occur.

The general rule is that if the injury is acute (72 hours or less) or if there is inflammation in the tissue, then ice is the
treatment of choice. By the same token, if there is no inflammation and if the condition is in a subacute or chronic
stage (3 days to several weeks after an injury), then heat may prove to be more beneficial.

When applying ice, one should take caution NOT to apply the ice pack directly to the skin as there would be a risk
of frostbite. There should always be one layer of a damp towel or T-shirt placed between the ice pack and the
skin. The proper way to use ice therapy is to multiple, back-to-back applications by applying the ice pack for 20
minutes, leaving off for one hour, and reapplying it again. Best results are obtained when this is repeated at least
3-4 times immediately after an injury. To prevent tissue damage, it is important to be sure that the tissue
temperature has returned to normal before applying ice to the area again. When using ice therapy you can expect
the tissue to feel cold, followed by a burning sensation that will in a short time turn into an ache and will finally
begin to feel numb. The main benefit of this will be a reduction in pain, spasm and swelling.

When using heat, once again, prolonged exposure should be avoided. The therapeutic benefit of heat is best
achieved by 30 minute applications with an hour in between to allow the tissue temperature to normalize. Heat
therapy should never be used in bed as the risk of burns increase if one falls sleep during application resulting in
prolonged exposure. The benefit is increased circulation along with reduction of pain and spasm.

Since ice reduces blood flow to the tissue, it is important to remember NOT to use ice when a condition has
reached a sub-acute or chronic state. This will result in a slowing of the healing process as the tissue is deprived
of oxygen and nutrients.

There is a third method of application called “contrast therapy” and it is considered to be superior to using ice or
heat alone. This is once again used after the acute inflammation has subsided and its benefit is in its ability to
rapidly flush the tissue with blood. Heat will bring in increased blood flow and with it comes increased oxygen and
nutrients and ice will cause the blood to rapidly leave the tissue and take the waste and pain producing elements
away. This will aid in increasing tissue repair and hence improve speed of recovery. When using contrast therapy,
heat is applied first and last and ice is alternated. The time application ratio is usually 3 to one (3 minutes of heat
followed immediately with one minute of ice). This should be repeated for approximately 20 minutes and repeated
every hour.

Following these simple guidelines will help in better outcomes when managing your injuries and will reduce the risk
of adverse effects. Always remember: when in doubt, use ice.
To TAPE or Not to TAPE -- That is the Question
By Dr. Hamid Sadri First Choice Healthcare
Thanks to Kerri Walsh, beach volleyball player during the 2006 Olympic games, Kinesio Tape found its way into the
athletic world. Kinesio Tape is the original kinesiology taping method. Prior to the 2006 games, if I mentioned
Kinesio Taping to a patient, I would get a blank look in return. Today, I have patients that specifically come to us
for this procedure. With the increased exposure of Kinesio Tape also comes a plethora of self applied, You Tube
promoted applications, which for the most part are incorrect or at best ineffective.
This method of “functional” taping was invented by a chiropractor (Dr. Kenzo Kase) who hypothesized that by using
an elastic adhesive such as the Kinesio-like tapes, one is able to cause a neurological change in the underlying
muscles. This is presumed to be achieved through the manipulation of mechanoreceptors, which, put in simple
terms, are specialized nerve endings that provide the brain information regarding the position of body parts in
space. These mechanoreceptors are part of the sensory system that the brain uses to effectively control and
coordinate motion and mechanical function. There are five basic types of application that the Kinesio Taping
Association teaches:
1.   Facilitatory
2.   Inhibitory
3.   Structural
4.   Functional
5.   Lymphatic Drainage
The basic concept is to utilize the elastic characteristic of the tape in order to help improve function (this should
theoretically decrease pain); or in the case of lymphatic drainage, to help reduce swelling. This can be done
correctly ONLY if a proper diagnosis has been made by a healthcare professional, and the individual applying the
tape has detailed knowledge of anatomy, human biomechanics, rehab/exercise physiology, and last but not least,
they have received some form of formal training (full certification is best) in how to utilize the tape properly. There
are many factors that affect what the tape does and how its application may ultimately result in some sort of
change in symptoms/function. For example, the direction of application, the area where it is applied, the amount of
tension that is used for the desired outcome are only a few of the things that will make the difference between a
therapeutic application versus a decorative design. Unfortunately, I see many athletes/patients who either through
the internet, or by means of “flyer” promotions or other forms of advertisements, are spending a lot of money (and
yes, at about $20/roll, the tape is rather expensive) and applying the tape to various parts of their bodies with the
belief that it will give them some sort of relief from whatever pain may be ailing them.
If you are considering using this form of taping, at least get a proper evaluation and the proper training in how to
self-apply the tape for your particular condition. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money and delaying the time
to proper treatment and recovery. Also, please keep in mind that this method of taping, as is almost all other forms
of taping, is not meant to treat a condition. It is only meant to assist in a desired therapeutic outcome and it will do
so only if it has been used properly.
10 Best Sports Nutrition Tips – by Ilana Katz (The Sports Factory)
 1. Rev up your metabolism by eating within 30 minutes of waking up, even if its pre workout. If you have a hard
    time eating before a work out, start off with half a banana to get used to it, its easily digestible, high in carbs
    and low in fiber, which contribute to a more efficient work out.
 2. Recover with a 3:1 carb to protein ratio combination as soon after your work out as possible. Some good
    examples of this ratio is a protein shake with 1 scoop of protein and at least 2 servings of fruit and some milk
    or yogurt blended together, or low fat chocolate milk, or a Mix OneT and a fruit. Do not forget to use protein as
    part of the recovery meal. It begins the rebuild and recovery of muscles as well as makes you feel more
    satisfied, decreasing the temptation to eat anything not tied down to the table, after many hours of intense
 3. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. These superfoods are high in antioxidants which combat
    off the build up of free radicals from exercise, as well as high in vitamins and minerals that keep your
    metabolic pathways working efficiently and effectively.
 4. Keep a food log daily. Patterns of issues will be evident thus providing you with valuable data. A problem
    cannot be fixed unless you have the data to get to the root of it. Furthermore, logs make you self accountable
    to your goals and your current focus.
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 5. Always have a sports nutrition strategy, for both training and racing. Plan in segments eg. How many grams of
    carbs either mile by mile or in 15-20 minute blocks. Plan textures and products, eg. Liquids (GatoradeT,
    acceleradeT), solids (sports beans, shot bloks) or semi solids (gels).
 6. Know your carbs. Fuel accordingly. Pre work out and post work out carbs can be higher in (GI) Glycemic
    Index compared to the rest of the meals in a day, where slower burning carbs would be more appropriate. If
    you are not sure of the different fuel burning rate of carbs, good examples of fast are sports drinks, gels, and
    shot bloks, also banana and potato. Slower burning would be whole grain products, whole grains themselves
    (like brown rice, barley, quinoa), legumes, oats (more fibrous carbs slow the fuel burn rate). See article called
    “Give me Some Sugar” in the sports nutrition article library.
 7. Stay constantly hydrated. Goal pre workout is to be hydrated, goal duringworkout is to keep replacing losses,
    goal after workout is to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes from sweat loss.
 8. Experiment with nutrition during training. Never try new products during a race and do not regress from the
    sports nutrition strategy you had designed for a particular race.
 9. Use safe and effective carbo loading strategies starting about a week before a race. Tapering exercise and
    switching carbs to a higher percentage at least 3 days before a race, leading up to the race is the most
    effective way of carbo loading. Do not over eat the night before or the early morning before a race.
Eat nutrient dense food (rich in color and fiber) versus calorie dense food with limited nutrients (such as sodas and
candy). Body stores carbs in limited amounts therefore eating smaller meals more often throughout the day will aid
in maintaining well fueled muscles constantly, rather than 2 or 3 big meals a day which just slows down the
1000km Challenge
The 21st Annual 1000km Challenge is now up and running, and entry forms are only a few clicks away! In order to
receive your 2010/11 entry form simply click on the link: and sign

Race Reports

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             "                                                                                           +        ),       )
                                .          .#                                      /

&                                                      -     ' 2
                                                           0+ 1

     #   #                                                                                      "

,        +(         ')-
                   +( '                                                                                  ),
                                                           +)        $
                            "3                                                         +4            #         ' '
                                                                                                              + 5+ #

3                                                                                           $
                                       6                       ..            +*   0             ),        2
                                                                    3                       7                          ,
)(            '4

%        7                        '
                                #) ()-         #                                            8
                  ' '
                 ) 5        %       7

%        ,9      )-                                .       .                                    !
                                                                                        )                )'
                                )(                              /
                                                               ,&3       $         !
                                                                           Page 12

&                                                         7                                   $                   &
                                              ;           &                   $                                                                   )(

%                             =                                                                   >                           )
                     )                )                                               "

         =                                    7

$ %          #           & '(

                              #       #            +
                                                  )$                                  )                                                                    #

    7                                                                                         %
                                                                          3                    $

                                                                 5     &                                                          #
.7                   .

     $                                                                                         '5(
                                                                                              )+ '1
                 )+                '-

%                                                                 #                                #                  $
                                              7                ( (
                                                              - (                     )+          :
                     *(                   <                   %#                                                 ($
                                                                                                                5(                                     3
$                             #                                                           $                        "

%                                                                         ?                                           %                           <

&                                                                     %                                     @         $


)        *       )                            +                                ,
                                                                              !,&             %

:                                                                                             A
         !               +-
%                        ;,                                                        ?
                                                                                  , &                                     "

%                             B                                                           B         C                                 B       #
                     B                                B                                            &

                                  C                                                                                       "           -
     B                                                                 '4
                                                                      )+                      )+

                                              E                  /                                     ,                                           #   #
        )+                :                                      C                                                                A
                           B                                          B                                     #    "&                            F
                                                                                                                 ' '5
                                                                                                                ) 5( C                        C

                                          #                                                             ;         ;
                         :                                                        <                                ;
                 #                ;               ;               ;                                                                       /
                                              C                                                                                           "
                                                           Page 13

                        %#            #                                           C                                             "
                                                                                      +(                                        "

                  %       % #.                                            +(                  3                    %
                        ;,                B                           7

(                                /#   %
                                      0)              1               2

              !" $      %     &
                             "$                                  !#                                            ##           !
    ''        #            &                                            !                      (
               &)   *                                 '               " !             !       #            !           &%
                  #   (' '                            !       !                                    '                     +)
                "     "" * !                           "                          !!

              !#                  #   '       '              ,            !                   -
                                                                                              !            .   &   &/       #
      -   .         &        &

)#           5
          3&4 . 3 * 1                     6       '        #                  7 8

Please keep this date free in your diaries. It is confirmed. The venue will be in the lapa by the Volleyball courts next to
where we start the Time Trial. Proceedings should get underway around 18h30 after the Time Trial run. Catering and cost
will be advised in future newsletters.

Please give some thought on committee nominations for 2011, as there will be some positions open. These will be advised to
you in due course, but needless to say, anybody may be nominated to any committee position, even if the current incumbent
is still willing to stand. In the event of more than one person being nominated for a position, a secret ballot will be held to
determine who gets that position. All club members in good standing may nominate, be nominated and vote, including
social members.

If you were a trophy winner in 2009, please be prepared to bring your trophies back towards the end of October 2010 so that
they can be prepared for the 2010 awardees.

All queries in connection with the AGM or Prize Giving can be directed to our Chairman, Thabo Pooe or myself.

Want to run something different?

                                                      !           "                            #
                                                                              #                                    $%
 &%                                                   !                                       #                '

(                                                                                                  !                    #

              ) !        *                                   &%       ) %         +       %   +        %   + $%    *,

-         "                                                                   "
                                                         Page 14

                                                           %& !        ).       *

                                                                       "             #

                                      / 0           1     2        &       .   33&

7. FUTURE           EVENTS
Please keep the following club events in mind when sorting out your personal diaries: -

30th October 2010 – Water Point at the Hunter’s Challenge. Details to follow shortly.
16th November 2010 – Annual wine-tasting evening.
7th December 2010 – AGM, Prize-Giving and Year-end function.
17th September 2011 – Our own CSIR 10km & 21km race. Time to build on our success …..

8. JOKE        OF THE WEEK
Police Raid in Hillbrow
Gauteng Police just announced the discovery of an arms cache of 200 semi automatic rifles with
250,000 rounds of ammunition, 10 anti-tank missiles, 4 grenade launchers, 2 tonnes of heroin, R80
million in forged South African banknotes and 25 trafficked Nigerian prostitutes all in a block of flats
behind the Hillbrow Public Library.

Local residents were stunned.

A community spokesman said: "We' shocked. We never knew we had a Library!!"

Photo of the Week!

                Rassie Smit among a crowd of runners finishing the Sunrise Mini Monster earlier this year.