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Keeping Up With the Joneses - Bespoke Web Design or Nothing


									That old English phrase, 鈥渒 eeping up with the Joneses 鈥? can apply to pretty
much anything. It certainly applies to anything to do with web design, where the only
way to be sure that one 鈥檚 company, business or site is doing as well as it ought to
be is to make that site do the things everyone else 鈥檚 site can do, and look like
everyone else 鈥檚 site looks. Bespoke web design is absolutely the only way to
make sure that happens. In effect, one is talking in black and white, when it comes to
web design 鈥?go bespoke, or face a very real risk that your site won 鈥檛 be able to
keep up with the market even six months after it was built.
  Why? Basically, because web design is about a lot more than just how something
looks and how it feels. All web sites look the way they do, and work the way they do,
because they have code, programming, in the background that is telling them what to
do and how to be. A company that provides bespoke web design is able to provide not
only the latest versions of that programming, but to maintain a site and keep its coding
up to date.
  Let 鈥檚 explain further. Web sites are only as successful as the search engines that
鈥渟 ee 鈥?them. A search engine is less likely to look at a site with outdated
programming: the ethos of the web is modernity, futurity, keeping in the now and
looking to the future. Keeping up with the Joneses. A web site, to be looked at and
used by search engines when they return results against someone 鈥檚 search terms,
has to be in accordance with the latest fashions for web coding and design. If it isn 鈥
檛, it won 鈥檛 appear on the search results. And 鈥?here 鈥檚 the rub 鈥?even if it
does now, it won 鈥檛 in six months time. Bespoke web design, which allows for
flexible solutions and programming that is built with the capacity to be updated, is the
only sensible and cost effective way of ensuring that one 鈥檚 site is always up with
the latest trends. The alternative is to scrap one 鈥檚 site completely about twice,
sometimes even three times, per year and pay for a whole new one.
  We all know that web commerce, in one form or another, is where all the money is
going to be in a few years 鈥?time. In order to make sure that a company is ready, that
company has to keep on top of its web site. That 鈥檚 a full time job, which is why
no successful company actually builds its own web site. Bespoke web design, which
can translate a company and its business successfully, currently and quickly into an
online platform, is the only way to ensure a powerful presence in what is already the
chosen business medium for most of the financial world. Do not get left behind. This
is one time where keeping up with the Joneses is more than just a style thing 鈥?it 鈥
檚 a survival thing. Go for bespoke web design or fall between the cracks.

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