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									                     Alaska Court System                                                                                   Stephanie Cole                        Lesa Robertson
                     Organizational Chart                                                                                Administrative Director               Administrative Assistant


          Jennie Marshall-Hoenack                                                              Christine Johnson                           Chris Christensen
           Administrative Assistant                                                         Deputy Director, Operations                   Deputy Director, Legal

   Support Staff
   Ellen Moran
                                                                    Debbie Cook                    Rhonda McLeod                     Cynthia Fellows                     Cindy Chase                        Kit Duke
                                                               Chief Information Officer         Mgr, Fiscal Operations                Law Librarian               Human Resources Director            Facilities Manager
                                                                Information Systems

                       Legal                                   Sharon Chen, Asst. Mgr.             Deanna Hoey, Fiscal                 Branch Library              Jennifer Smith, HR Specialist    Lesa Hall, Assistant Facilities
           Barb Hood, Ct Initiatives Attorney                 Annette Nadreau, Admin Asst                  Officer                      Operations                  Linda Shaw, HR Specialist                 Manager
            Susan Miller, Special Projects                             CMS Team                     Accounting Staff                  Peggy Michielsen                                             Kathy Murray, Project Manager
                                                                                                                                                                   Louise Eshenower, HR Asst
            Doug Wooliver, Admin Attorney                          Charlene Dolphin                      Kris Rose                    Public Services                                                 Corinne Smith, Technical
                                                                                                       Renie Ludwig                                                 Rose Byes, HR Generalistt
                                                                       Lora Newby                       Crystal Boe                        Vacant                     Tracy Grasty, HR Clerk                  Assistant
              Court Rules and Forms                                   Julie Monsen                     Tina Metrokin                     Trudy Moss                  Connie Budahl, HR Clerk
           Nancy Meade, Ct Rules Attorney                              Chad Wilts                       Judy Nettle                    Therese Veker                  Meghan Kell HR Clerk
            Beth Adams, Ct Rules Analyst                          Integrated Justice                 Rachel Sundberg                 Technical Services             Christy Carmody, HR Dlerk
            Kathleen King, Court Analyst                            Diane Schenker                  Jury Management                     Beth Odsen                    Vacant, HR clerk (P/T)
             Debbie Hulen, Court Analyst                         Programming Team                    Leanne Flickinger                 Bonnie Williams
                                                                     Greg Cushing                        Teri Keller                    Lori Mitchell
                      Training                                        Dick Richards                  Purchasing Staff                  Susan Padgett
  Susanne DiPietro, Judicial Education Coordinator                     John Fargo                      David Bohna                      Carol Taylor
                                                                                                      Eveline Phillips
   Natalie Finn, Magistrate Education Coordinator                   Tamara Grueber                  General Services
   Brenda Aiken, Resource Development Officer                          Tom Crowe                      Sylvester Perry
    Sonja Davis-Wade, Administrative Assistant                     Electronics Team                   Micrographics
                                                                     Paul Marmillion                    Heidi Styno
          Alternative Dispute Resolution                            Michael Paoletti                    Robert Brito
        Karen Largent, Mediation Coordinator                           Rick Largin                      Linda Bright
                                                                     Robert Crager                   Darlene Melickian
               Therapeutic Courts                                      Randy Cler                    T. Piang Daigger
   Robyn Johnson, Therapeutic Courts Coordinator                     Bryson Wright                     John DeClue
                                                                                                       Elaine White
                                                                     Tech Support                         Supply
                                                                       Paul Davis                      Don McEwen
                                                                                                       Diana Runyan
                                                                                                        Robert Lee
                                                                                                       David Strong
                                                                                                        Print Shop
                                                                                                      Norman Garey
                                                                                                      Joseph Godsoe

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