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					Dani Johnson holds multiple roles. She is both teacher a trainer and an MLM coach
with a diverse customer base. A network marketer at age 19, she was a millionaire by
the time she was 23 years old. She is widely popular in the network marketing world

Dani's clientele includes prominent members of society such as counselors, doctors,
celebrities, artists, musicians, lawyers, teachers, media people, film makers, and many
more. Everybody in the world of business has heard of Dani Johnson.

Dani wrote "The Script Book" as a guide to her recruitment process and it is now the
best book for training available. It has become one of the most widely used books for
those in business trying to make money on the internet. It has been a number one best
seller and sold over 10,000 copies in a single year.

Dani has also published an audio training guide called "Instant Customer Goldmine"
which includes some of her proven successful methods for making money in a home
business and on the internet. Business people are continually encouraged and
motivated by Dani's success in MLM and this audio guide is an example of her
inspiration to go from broke to millionaire in a short time!

Nobody will deny that "Instant Customer Goldmine" is a highly effective system that
really helps trainees to generate an instant income irrespective of the life situation
they are in. It is Dani's newest training tool, and in it, you can discover the keys to the
success of, an online training company, which now boasts of
100,000 plus members. This company, which began with just 3,000 members, became
successful in the complete absence of advertisement. Today, it is worth millions of
dollars, and it does not owe its success to any expensive advertisement campaign.

Dani uses her training tools and manuals to organize and create top sales teams for a
multitude of companies. In addition, she is an inspiration and a positive role model for
people everywhere determined to achieve their dreams of financial freedom. Many of
Dani's clients are already earning six-figure incomes, and many are moving steadily
towards a million-dollar paycheck.

Because of Dani's past and own personal success she strives to help others achieve
financial freedom. She is direct, free speaking and frank and this along with her
passion and care have fueled her success, helping others become free from financial
fear and grow not only financially but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Unlike other training methods, Dani's is based on her own experience, both negative
and positive and her Christian faith rooted in the Bible. Her passion sets this program

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