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DATE:          July 2, 2007
TO:            All Military Agents
FROM:          Kevin Spealman, Vice President, Claims & Customer Service
SUBJECT:       Superior Customer Service through Employee Screening

In today’s environment, and with the Families First Program looming around the corner, providing
superior customer service is an absolute requirement for success. No matter how knowledgeable we
business managers and owners are, as far as our customers are concerned, OUR EMPLOYEES are
the company. The professionalism with which they do their job and the customer service that they
exhibit define our companies and dictate our future success.

We all know what needs to be done. It might be time consuming, and there may be some cases
where we have to simply not hire certain employees, but we must take the time to adequately
screen all prospective employees. This includes the completion of an employment application giving
you the right to investigate their background, calling all previous employers and references, and
conducting a criminal background check.

The military has become increasingly concerned about the fact that we are placing employees in our
military customers’ homes with virtually unlimited access to all of their personal possessions. We,
therefore, have an obligation to make sure that we are only fielding honest and trustworthy people.
Our military installations have also been working under a higher level of security, with most of them
conducting some form of instant criminal background check on personnel entering their installations.
You might as well make sure that you clear your employees in advance.

We recommend a division of Background Checks Systems, Inc. known as
You should utilize them or some other vendor to conduct background checks on your employees.
This is a preventive measure which should not be overlooked. If there is a theft from one of our
military customers’ homes and your employees are implicated, you will be required to produce
evidence that you conducted a thorough background check and the employees with access to the
shipment will be expected to take lie detector tests. If you do not have adequate screening
programs in place, the consequences upon your agency will be extreme. We have seen examples of
agents losing their military approval entirely.

We know that it takes work to establish solid screening procedures. However, once they are
established, compliance with them is not that time consuming. Bear in mind that many criminal
background checks can be conducted nearly instantaneously.

Thank you for your attention to this very important matter. If you have any questions, please
contact us.



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