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Jogging Stroller Safety

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					While jogging with your stroller, there are many things to keep in mind. Traffic of
course is a big concern. Try to jog with your stroller on sidewalks when possible. If
the street is the only answer like it is for us, you can always add reflectors and LED
lights to your jogging stroller for better visibility to oncoming traffic. The more
visible you are, the less likely you are to have problems with traffic.
  Another concern is temperature. When jogging in the early morning, or late
afternoon, you may be hot and sweaty, but your child is stationary in the stroller, and
he or she may be cold. Always remember to check your child's skin temperature and
bring along a blanket to keep them warm. Remember, you are the one exercising, and
generating heat, not your child. A comfortable child is a happy child. If you are
jogging on a hot day in the mid day, please remember to bring fluids so you and your
child can stay hydrated. Children are more susceptible to heat exhaustion at a more
rapid rate than adults.
  Don't forget to bring something to entertain your child during your jog. Children can
get bored and fussy easily. Believe me, we know. If you bring a favorite toy or even
have a tray or activity bar connected to your jogging stroller, it will give you and your
baby a little time for yourselves.
  Never let go of the jogging stroller handle, and always connect the tether strap to
your wrist. Letting go of the handle, even for a moment can cause the jogging stroller
to become out-of-control, endangering your child 鈥檚 safety. Your child 鈥檚 safety
is most important. Some strollers come with a hand brake for your convenience. This
is a great feature to look for when purchasing a jogging stroller. The brake allows you
to better control the stroller therefore keeping your baby safe.
  ALWAYS secure your child in the jogging stroller using the provided harness. Use
the four finger rule when securing your child. You should be able to fit four fingers
鈥淔 LAT 鈥?between the inside of the harness and your child 鈥檚 chest. This will
ensure that your child won 鈥檛 lunge forward during a short stop, or fall out when
leaning to one side.
  ALWAYS read your owners 鈥 ?manual carefully. There is great information
provided for you and your child to enjoy your time together using your jogging
stroller. Not following the manufacturer 鈥檚 recommended usage guidelines can
endanger your child 鈥檚 safety.

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