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					Getting the most suited job is very important for career growth. Job portals have made
getting the right and the most suitable job a lot easier and problem free. Globalization
has made the world a smaller place which in turn has created several job
 After one has completed the required studies, job search is the next step for a bright
future. As the search starts the internet is the most preferred and convenient medium
to search for the right job with a huge career base.
 You can search for the job you want from any sector from the convenience of your
home or even an internet café. With the coming in of job portals you can save on time
as well as money.
 Job Portal-
 Job portals have made looking for a job a lot easier. Job portals other than being
effective also provide to the point service to the job seekers. Job sites offer unique and
customized features because of which the job seeker can get the required help and
 Features of a good job portal are-
 1. Group apply to multiple chosen jobs
 2. Job listings from every possible and important sector
 3. Job search tools- category, experience, salary, preferred location, keyword and so
 4. Availability of the service throughout the day and week
 5. Step by step guide to make resumes as well as valuable suggestions
 6. Resume posting and customized resume services
 7. Multiple resume services along with targeting multiple opportunities
 8. Job alert services in accordance to the resume posted on the website
 9. Job application history
 10 Interview and walk –in alerts
 11.Guidance and help whenever required and if needed
 With the use of job portals even organizations take the help of the same job portals to
hire the required candidates for the job they have to offer.
 Importance of job portals for organizations-
 1. Cheaper hiring process
 2. Automatic job alerted to the targeted job seeker
 3. Job seekers resume database access
 4. Resume search tools- keywords, salary and location
 5. Mass mailing to short listed candidates- time saving feature
 6. Confidential job posting- the name and number of the employer would be
withheld if needed or preferred.
 7. Sufficient space for job description and other details
 8. Support and help
 The presence of job portals have, made things alot easier and simpler for the job
seeker as well for the recruiter. Getting the right job and hiring the right candidate has
become least cumbersome with the advent of job portals.

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