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									        Position             Where              When                                      Description                                    Date
                          various states      Jan-Dec '12    Native American student; 1 intern, pay DOE for 40hr wk; no housing         1/17/11
                                                             available; thru Campus Crusade for Christ: for leadership development
                                                                 mentor, & spirituality; contact: Mike Kelly at (406) 580-7941
                                                                                     PCYC-47 & EDU-29

                            Nebraska          Summer '11    6 internships avail., Stipend &2,000 w/room & board, 40 hrs/wk, must : 1/26/11
                                                              high school grad. be 25 yrs.old & member United Methodist Church
                                                                app. Deadline 3/16/2011, app. Must be PDF sent electronically to:
                                                            PSYCH-44 & CA-58

                         St. Louis, MO         on-going       one-internship, ongoing. Flexible hours, pay DOE. Term dates, Fall -     10/19/10
                                                               July 1, Spring -Nov 1, & Summer-April 1, send resume, sample of
                                                              writing, & 2 faculty recommendation letters to: Stephen Ministries,
                                                               Attn: Stephen Glynn, Director of Human Resources, 2045 Innerbelt
                                                               Business Center Drive, St. Louis, MO 63114 or visit www.stephen
                                                           to learn more, see PSYC-43

   Green Ambassador       Lincoln, NE           Fall '10    1 intern for "Service Learning Project", $50 per presentation, a total of 10 8/31/10
                                                            presentations each intern, Stipend over 50mi. Travel, Passion for environ.
                                                                Deadline Sept. 14: send Resume, 3 letters recomm.,proof of en-
                                                             rollment,Essay w/thoughts/beliefs on the environment, send all to:
                                                   , 5min.Presentation for interview
                                                                                            See BA-154

        Internship      Washington, D.C.       on-going     1 intern, volunteer, DOE, a possiblility of stipends or hr. wage, 32 hrs wk 8/19/10
                                                               4 days of intership & 1 day of classes, contact for more information:

     Senatorial Aid     Senatorial Offices   Jan-April 2011 No pay, flexible hrs., Internships in Washington D.C. and NE offices:       8/4/10
                                                              Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, & Scottsbluff, Apps due by October 30
                                                            resume, cover letter, 2 letters of recommendation via e-mail only to:
                                                                        ( ref: BA-152 & LS-10)

News,Promotions &          Omaha, Ne           on-going     No pay, must be enrolled for credit, semester to semester enrollment,       8/4/10
Public Affairs Intern                                       15 to 20 hrs. week, flexible, submit resume:
                                                         submit before/early in semester (discretion of management to close)
                                                         submissions may be considered for the next semester (ref BA-151)

Radio Intern               Lincoln, NE   Summer/Fall '10 Unpaid internship, 15-20 hrs/wk, flexible hrs, cover news, sports, etc.   4/30/10
                                                         Summer Deadline: April 30, 2010 -- Fall Deadline: July 30, 2010
                                                          (Late Apps accepted by consideration of Mgmt.)

Production Intern          Lincoln, NE    Summer '10     Unpaid, 15-20 hrs/wk, help with create services, production, etc.         3/19/10
                                                               RESUMES DUE APRIL 5th, 2010 to

Marketing Intern           Omaha, NE     Summer 2010 Unpaid, 20-30 hrs/wk, work with professionals at WOWT!                        3/19/10
                                                                        go to: to apply!

Museum Intern             Waukesha, WI     Spring '10    DOE, flexible hrs, hands-on experience in various depts                   3/19/10
                                                           MORE INFO:

Disney Internship         Anaheim, CA     Summer '10     DOE, Full-time & a great opporunity!                                      3/19/10
                                                              For more info:

Production/Promo Intern    Denver, CO     Summer '10     10-40 hrs/wk, DOE, assisting with promotions, productions, recordings,    2/26/10
                                                         sales, managing & cordinating...for BA & CA majors
                                                         Summer Deadline 5/15/10, Resume & Cover Letter

Marketing intern           Lincoln, NE    Summer '10     DOE, areas in sales/marketing/journalism, web/multimedia design &         2/22/10
                                                         systmes. Paid & full-time!
                                                         for Application go to

Program Leader Intern         MN          Summer 10      $180/wk + rm&bd, 40+ hrs, leadership skill, work well w/ others, training 1/5/10

Residence Life Intern     Chadron, NE      Spring 10       Flexible hrs., Pd w/ Work study, coordinating events, work w/students   1/5/10

Marketing Intern           Lincoln, NE     Jan. 2010     FT or PT, DOE, 80 + hrs per week during peak Cornhusker season           11/11/09
                                                         Jr/Sr. level, detail oriented and organized, computer skills & photoshop
Cooperation Intern        Numerous Location Fall,Spr,Summ           40 hrs wk, DOE, Organ, Communication,& Negotiation Skills          8/25/09

Jurnalism Intern              Norfolk, NE       Summer 2010      Flexible Hrs, DOE, Sophmore or Higher, writing, photography, media    7/10/09
                                                                        Deadline Feb. 12, 2010/

Administrative Hist. Intern Scottsbluff, NE       on-going     Secretarial experience & duties, computer skills, 20 hr/wk              10/24/08

Journalism/PR                 Chadron, NE         on-going     Paid, flexible hrs, assist with PR, marketing & new articles            7/17/08

Journalist/Spokesperson       Lincoln, NE         on-going     Write articles or be a spokesperson for athletic team                   1/11/08

Med. Office Intern          Henderson, NV         on-going     Flexible/paid hrs, computer skills, record keeping                      1/11/08

Media Relations Intern    Colorado Springs, CoAug '09-May '10 40+ hrs, $4,000 sem., Comm. Skils, Writing Skills, Organi. Ablility      4/14/09

Marketing Intern              Chadron, NE         on-going     Fundraising, PR projects, project innovator/analyzer                    1/10/08

Public Relations Inter        Chadron, NE         on-going     500 Stipend, 7 + hrs, writing, web, & design skills, customer service    8/1/07

Marketing Intern              Chadron, NE         on-going     Flexible hrs, people person, attention to detail, organized, friendly   4/17/07

Sales & Mgmt. Intern        Various locations     on-going     3-4 month paid position, full or part time, hands-on                    7/17/08
                                                               juniors or seniors preferred

Journalism Intern            Crawford, NE         on-going     1 position, must be work study recipient, flexible hours                1/15/07

Newspaper Intern            Scottsbluff, NE       on-going     Journalism duties, summer wages, flexible hours                         10/30/06




























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