Minutes of the Customer Care Steering Group held on 2 June 2009

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					                                            Minutes of the Customer Care Steering Group
                                                                   held on: 2 June 2009
                                                                           2pm - 4.30pm
                                                   Conference Room, Chippenham Road

                     In attendance: Paula Phillips, Board Member, HiH - In the Chair (PP)
                           Jenner Caprice, Director of Performance and Planning, HiH (JC)
                          Carol Burton, Head of Customer and Contract Services, HiH (CB)
                                    Laura Moore, Resident Involvement Manager, HiH (LM)
                                        Neil Barks, Head of Service Development, HiH (NB)
                                       Tim O’Brien, Customer Access Manager, HiH (TOB)
                                          Stephen Lowe, Head of Neighbourhood Services
                                          Andy Britten, Service Delivery Manager, HiH (AB)
                                                           Bernard Murphy, Resident, (BM)
                                                               Michael Lloyd, Resident (ML)
                                                     Vera Upham, Leasehold Resident (VU)
                                                                 Ann Lincoln, Resident, (AL)
                                                               Dick Silvester, Resident (DS)
                                    Item 5: Chris Slater, Service Development Officer, (CS)
                        Item 6: Roy Ojelaide, Neighbourhood Services Manager, HiH (RO)
                                Item 7: Marina Crofts, Head of Housing Services, HiH (MC)
                         Item 8: Geraldine Littlechild, Home Ownership Manager, HiH (GL)

                   Minutes: Nina Edwards, Interim Governance Services Officer, HiH (NE)

                                              Apologies: Margaret Wilkins, Resident (MW)
                                                            Patricia Moore, Resident (PM)
                                        Onyema Agbebi, Senior Contact Centre Advisor (OA)

Item Agenda item                                                                               Action
 1.0 Welcome and Apologies

1.1   Apologies listed above.

2.0   Minutes of the meeting held 21 April 2009

2.1   The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a true and accurate

3.0   Matters arising/action points

3.1   Item 3.1: Vice Chair nomination to be discussed at the meeting to be held on 6
      July 2009.

3.2   Item 3.5: PP enquired whether the tree issue raised by PM had been resolved.
      RO advised that he had visited PM and that the tree would be cut back once
      the bird nesting period was over.

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Item Agenda item                                                                             Action
 3.3 Item 4.7: VU attended the ICAN event.

3.4   Item 9.0: PP noted that the figure for the longest contact centre wait time was
      not included in the contact centre report. TOB to include within the minutes for
      information under item 10.

3.5   Item 9.7: PP and TOB to liaise outside of this meeting to discuss outbound
      calls from the contact centre and risk assessment. TOB advised that EMT
      have instructed staff to include direct dial numbers on correspondence where
      appropriate. PP expressed concern that telephone performance could not be
      monitored and that she didn’t want to shift the problem elsewhere. TOB to                  TOB
      follow up.

4.0   Complaints Handling Report

4.1   TOB provided an overview of the Complaints Handling Report and updated the
      CCSG regarding:
4.2      The progress with tackling the backlog of outstanding complaints
         Urgent remedial actions put in place by the Interim Chief Executive
         Proposals for a new Complaints Policy and Procedure
         Staff development and training around complaints handling

4.3   TOB highlighted current reduced staffing levels as caused by three staff
      currently on sick leave.

4.4   TOB advised that the backlog of outstanding complaints creates administrative
      confusion because the number of people who are included in a complaint
      increases. The back log has been reduced to some 60 complaints (this figure
      was confirmed after the meeting), progress is steadily improving as this
      number diminishes.

4.5   TOB highlighted that immediate changes that have been approved by the
      Interim Chief Executive include:
           Service failures reported by customers only go through the complaints
             procedure if the customer indicates it is their preference
           Heads of Service to allocate split responsibility complaints on the day
             the complaint is received
           The immediate formation of ‘complaints busting’ teams, including a
             weekly liaison meeting with Morrison Facilities Services.

4.6   TOB proposed the option that each complainant will be given the option of
      receiving written confirmation (back log complaints only). If a letter is not
      required the officer closing the complaint will upload on to ANITE the full notes
      on each action agreed. TOB expects that there will be no backlog by the end of
      June 2009.

4.7   PP observed that the original deadline for clearing the backlog was 31 May
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Item Agenda item                                                                              Action
     2009 and expressed concern for the residents who have been waiting for
     responses due to the backlog.

4.8    DS enquired to staffing resources and whether temporary staff would need to
       be employed. TOB advised that replacement staff would be sought if
       necessary and consideration would be given to temporarily redeploy staff to
       this critical area.

4.9    TOB provided a detailed proposal regarding the key points requiring urgent
       change and advised that subject to comments from the CCSG the new policy
       and procedure will be submitted to the Board meeting on 7 July 2009:
           Complaints entered into the formal system should be only be complaints
             where the customer says they want to follow the complaints process. All
             others would be classed as service failures which would be emailed to
             the generic email for the service area. The HOS would discuss trends in
             service failures in team meetings etc. . PP expressed severe
             reservations about this method and said the only way this would be
             acceptable would be if all residents were asked by staff whether they
             would like to proceed with the complaints process. TOB to include this
             question within staff complaints training, NB to ensure this is
             investigated as part of the mystery shopping exercise. PP further
             expressed concerns that learning from service failures would be an
             issue. ML asked if using this method was a way of manipulating the
             complaints figures. PP agreed that this was also an concern. Further
             discussion considered whether approved processes, standards and/or
             policies should go through the complaints process.
4.10       Letters must refer to an officer/customer conversation regarding remedy
             action as standard a letter must not be a substitute for dialogue.
4.11       Training is to be provided during June 2009 to assist staff with letter
4.12       Managers will be expected to have closed complaints down within a
             seven day internal target; however, the external target will remain 10
             days. Attendees discussed clarifying whether the arrangement is for
             working days or consecutive days.
4.13       Personal contact (telephone call/visit) with the customer to be achieved
             within four days and logged on to ANITE. Staff members will ensure that
             resident information is up to date on contact and will leave a calling card
             if there is no answer at a property.

4.14      Acknowledgement and letter despatch for every complaint to no longer be
          compulsory. PP expressed concern and stressed that a letter both
          evidences and details the agreed actions between tenants and officers.
          TOB highlighted that with appropriate training, evidencing on ANITE and a
          supported culture, staff will be empowered to manage dialogue with
          residents and achieve resolutions. PP disagreed with TOB’s response and
          still considered this was not acceptable and suggested that the board would
       also have a strong view on this.

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Item Agenda item                                                                              Action
4.15 PP expressed concern that the Quality Assurance Team (QA) would not be
     able to monitor complaints via ANITE as they would be unaware of negotiated
     agreements and/or dialogue held between the tenant and officer. Further
     discussion considered how to rectify misunderstandings between officer/tenant
     conversations without a letter to clarify. The CCSG agreed that in ideal
     circumstances that all telephone calls would be recorded. The CCSG
     expressed serious concern at the prospect that letters will not be written to
     complainants following a complaint. If implemented this could cause confusion
     especially if there is a misunderstanding over what has been agreed between
     HiH and the Complainant.

4.16   PP queried the practicalities for Heads of Service (HoS) to be copied in to all
       complaints. TOB advised that action is not expected from HoS, however, the
       email will assist the HoS to identify the numbers of complaints coming in. MC
       added that this will be helpful to manage performance.

4.17   NB stressed the importance of improving performance and ensuring high
       quality performance reports which capture the complaints information and
       provide trend analysis to both the Senior Management Team (SMT) and the
       Executive Management Team (EMT). PP added that learning from these
       trends is vital, as the Audit Commissions focus will be outcome based -
       evidence will be crucial.

4.18   NB advised that a review is required on target complaint response times,
       general correspondence and councillor/MP enquiries with the aim to formulate
       this into one, general, all encompassing target.

4.19   Further discussion considered the complaints busting team and use of the
       Resident Champions. PP expressed concern that managers weren’t being held
       to account for failing to meet the May deadline for clearing the back log and
       they were now being given additional resources to complete the work which
       would impact on the work the Resident Champions carry out effectively shifting
       the problem from one area to another.

4.20   The CCSG noted the actions taken to clear the current backlog of complaints
       and referred the procedure changes to the board for decision.

5.0    Quarterly Survey Report

5.1    CS provided an overview of the survey results for the last three quarters of

5.2    PP advised that she is still waiting for an action table to be included to
       demonstrate that areas of dissatisfaction are being addressed. Action table is
       to be included in the next report.                                                         CS

5.3    CS provided a detailed overview of the year end average for 2008/09
       compared to 2007/08. He highlighted that Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) have
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Item Agenda item                                                                              Action
     had an increase in all areas except satisfaction in the way that ASB complaints
     are dealt with, which has decreased by 1%. It was noted that an ASB Officer
     visit each individual which is dissatisfied and provide a personalised service.

5.4    PP referred to the 21% increase in satisfaction in the way that residents are
       kept up date during the case, and commended staff for this positive rise. This
       is in addition to the 10% increase in satisfaction in the outcome of the ASB

5.5    All areas of Aids and Adaptations have high levels of satisfaction that are
       showing continued improvement in all areas. DS commented that this service
       was excellent.

5.6    Repairs Satisfaction (postal surveys) for both Morrison Facilities Management
       (MFS) and Interserve Management Facilities (IMF) remain high although there
       has been a slight dip in some area with the exception of across all areas
       except, how the appointment is made and satisfaction with the overall MFS
       repairs service during the period.

5.7    Repairs Satisfaction (telephone surveys) for both Morrison Facilities
       Management (MFS) and Interserve Management Facilities (IMF) remain high
       with an increase in satisfaction of 11% for MFS and 7% for IFM.

5.8    Major works satisfaction has shown a 7% increase.

5.9    The Choice Based Lettings satisfaction survey shows 84% satisfaction. This is
       a new survey; therefore, information for 2007/08 is not available. This survey is
       handed to tenants at sign up and chased up during settling in visits where
       responses have not been received.

5.10   PP requested benchmarking information should be obtained to compare these
       results with other ALMOs.

5.11   NB advised that customer satisfaction results would now be reported on a
       monthly basis to enable more timely reaction to the information.

6.0    Block Cleaning Presentation

6.1    RO provided a presentation which gave an overview of the block cleaning
       service which included:

6.2    Issues Raised by Residents
           Residents not clearly informed of the tasks involved in the delivery of
             the service, when the teams would attend the block, cleaning standards
             and/or service commitments
6.3    Service Improvements
           Recruitment of additional staff, further training sessions and
             incorporating the block cleaning tasks with the duties of the caretakers
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Item Agenda item                                                                              Action
          based on the larger estates within the borough
        New equipment and cleaning product, Fresh Clean; variable dilution, 4p
          per litre, integrated air freshener, space saving as only one product.
          This equates to a Value for Money saving of approximately £15,000pa.
        New machinery that will be used on floors and stairs that are heavily

            Re-aligning the structure of the team to reflect the Service Delivery
             Teams (North, Central and South)
6.4    Monitoring
          Service monitoring by the Senior/Estate Officers, staff recording the
             tasks completed and sign the monitoring sheet which will be on each
             notice board.
          Monthly estate inspections (open for residents to attend) and spot
             inspections carried out by the Senior Estates Officer.
          Deploying Resident Block Champions. ML suggested changing the
             wording of champions to representatives so that residents are able to
             fully understand the role. This was agreed.
6.4    Publicising
          New schedule of cleaning and list of tasks will be available on the
             Homes in Havering website and communal notice boards.
          The schedule will be published in At the Heart

6.5    SL clarified that at the moment notice boards are being in installed in
       approximately 1200 communal areas and will take approximately 28days.

6.7    SL to follow up DS query regarding internal block services charges                         SL

6.8    BM gave a personal account of the internal block cleaning service, noting a
       distinct improvement on the last clean which had taken place in his block.

6.9    Following a question from AL, SL confirmed that carpets in block should be
       brushed, however, as part of the internal decoration programme
       curtains/carpets, etc. will be removed. The internal block decoration program
       will be displayed on each of the notice boards.

6.10   PP advised that a key should be included as part of the resident designed
       monitoring sheet:
           C = cleaned
           I = inspected

6.11   RO added that a neighbouring borough has implemented a grading system of
       A to F to monitor streetcare services. RO advised that he is investigating the
       roll out of a system based on a 0 to 3 star rating for Homes in Havering internal
       and external estate based cleaning. This system has been successful in
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Item Agenda item                                                                              Action
     driving up performance levels in other ALMOs such as Nottingham City

6.12   NB stressed the importance of capturing tenant feedback and linking this into a
       single monthly performance report incorporating performance data and
       progress against action plans.

6.13   PP clarified following a question from DS, that Audit Commission inspectors
       will visit a full range of estates and neighbourhoods across the borough.

7.0    Welcome Pack

7.1    Following the comments made at the last meeting MC presented the CCSG
       with the revised Welcome Pack.

7.2    MC advised that a welcome note has been included after the tenancy

7.3    MC provided a brief overview of www.upmystreet.com and confirmed that
       officers will print this information and include within the welcome pack as a
       loose leaf inserts.

7.4    ML suggested including the Primary Care Trust telephone number with regards
       to health related issues.

7.5    PP gave her feedback on the Welcome Pack, these suggestions included:
           Including the right to repair timetable
           Updating the stamp duty information for leaseholders
           Revising the wording of page 25, section four ‘…Homes in Havering will
             collect and monitor records of people that apply for housing’ as this falls
             within LBHs remit.
           Reference to ‘page 31’ to be included under the Tenant Management
             Organisation sub-heading.

7.6    BM praised this document as both excellent and comprehensive.

7.7    MC presented Welcome Packs from other organisation for the CCSG to
       consider style, design and format::
           Barking and Dagenham
             (High cost as large picture included at the beginning of each chapter)
           Leasehold Focus Group
             (Low cost as designed in-house)
           South Essex Homes
           Old Ford Housing Association
             (Simple text)

7.8    The CCSG approved the design of the Leasehold Focus Group and agreed
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Item Agenda item                                                                              Action
     that the Welcome Pack formatted in this style may include the Resident
     Approved Logo. MC confirmed that there is approximately £5000 allocated
     within the 2009/10 budget for Welcome Packs.

8.0    Documents for Resident Approval

8.1    The following documents were approved by residents and may now use the
       resident approval logo:
           Leasehold Information Pack
           Surveys – why do we want to know leaflet

8.2    JC advised that the ‘Surveys – Why do we want to know?’ leaflet was created
       following a suggestion from resident members of the Diversity Steering Group.

9.0    Customer Care Plan

9.1    LM provided an update on the Customer Care Plan and advised that she is
       seeking resident comment by week commencing 15 July 2009 for submission
       to CCSG on 6 July 2009

9.2    Further discussion considered the provision of audio information to residents.

10.0   Contact Centre Performance

10.1   TOB provided an overview of the contact centre performance report.

10.2   TOB advised that performance had recently been affected by sickness
       absence by two staff members.

10.3   TOB highlighted the rise in abandoned calls from 13% to 16% April 2009.
       although this should be noted in the context of a reduction from 26% in
       January 2009. The longest wait time was 15 mins and 8 seconds.

10.4   Further discussion considered a new template for NI14 collection and
       progression towards Contact Centre Accreditation.

10.5   TOB circulated a Call Centre Action Plan for comment and information.

11.0   Extended Opening Hours and Freephone Consultation Update

11.1   TOB provided an overview of the Extended Opening Hours and Freephone
       Consultation Update Report
11.2   TOB highlighted that it is proposed to recruit two part time staff on temporary
       contracts. This would bring the establishment of the call centre up to 17 FTE
       for the remainder of the financial year. TOB added that staff members have
       indicated that they are willing to work different hours – although formal
       consultation has not yet commenced. PP suggested that if performance
       doesn’t improve further resources are identified to recruit further staff.
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Item Agenda item                                                                              Action

11.3   A discussion took place about the provision of a freephone service for repairs.
       PP asked that TOB to revisit the projected costs indicated.

11.4   NB advised that the Audit Commission would accept the non implementation of
       the Freephone recommendation, providing a full options appraisal had been
       completed and resident had been given all the information to make a decision.
       TOB indicated that the options appraisal was due for completion in August. PP
       asked that it be given a high priority and completed in time for inclusion in the
       self assessment in July.

12.0   Any Other Business

12.1   There was no any other business to discuss.

13.0   Date and Time of the next meeting:

13.1   6 July 2009, 2pm, Chippenham Road

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