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									CSP Contracts & Grants Insider
     Greetings CSP Contracts and Grants Administrators!
                                          Welcome to the premier edition of the CSP contracts and grants newsletter. Each
                                          quarter, this newsletter will come to you with news and updates on contract and grant
                                          policy and procedures. I look forward to eventually meeting and working with you as we
                                          all strive to master the management and compliance of CSP contracts and grants.

                           As the volume and dollar amount of city contracts and grants has substantially grown
                           over the past five years, many of you are doing more and encountering a wider variety of
                           grantor requirements in the management of contracts and grants. As well, the
      implementation of our enterprise resources planning system Oracle created a learning curve for staff. These
      events have led to some growing pains that I anticipate will be alleviated through an improved management
      program that will introduce new methods, procedures, and policy intended to assist you in minimizing and
      eliminating problems, and the provide relief from the annual audit findings related to contract and grant
      management that we have seen over the last few years.

      Through this newsletter I hope to accomplish a number of important tasks as they relate to administration of
      city awarded contracts and grants:

             •       Recognize the issues that may arise during the course of contract and grant management,
                     and provide a forum through which to address your questions and present your comments.
             •       Foster a community of CSP contracts and grants administrators within our organization.
             •       Provide a training tool and resource by keeping you up-to-date on changes that may affect
                     your work.
                                                                                                  M. Wayne Finley
                                                                                                  CSP Contracts and Grants Coordinator

                                                Made possible through grants awarded by the
                                                Federal Aviation Authority and FDOT

                                                                                                                    Made possible through grants awarded by the
Made possible through grants awarded by the                                                                         Southwest Fl Water Mgmt District (SWFWMD)
Fl. Dept of Environmental Protection (FDEP)

     Roles & Responsibilities
      The CSP Grants Administration Manual is under revision to include a detailed listing of roles and
      responsibilities for CSP grants management personnel. Instead of listing individual duties within this
      newsletter I am providing instead key CSP contacts and a simplified definition of what each does:

      CSP Grants Manager—Gail Eggeman, 892.5189, Intergovernmental Services
             •       Collects the Grant Application Review form and coordinates the
                     agenda of the CSP Grants Committee.

      CSP Contracts and Grants Coordinator— Wayne Finley, 893.7087, Budget
             •       Assists personnel in the preparation and submittal of grant proposals;
                     sets up new awards in Oracle; drafts CSP Grant Award Notice memo;
                     meets with project and award managers to discuss administrative
                     requirements of grants; develops and implements training for CSP
                     grant and contract personnel.

      CSP Grants Compliance Officer—vacant (contact Keri Vizandiou, 892.5113, Finance)
             •       Reviews expenditures for accuracy and eligibility, prepares/submits invoices or electronic draw-
                     downs; verifies that revenue has been properly accounted for; meets with project and award
                     managers to discuss administrative requirements of grants.

CSP Contracts & Grants Insider
                                              Grants Administration
                                              Preparing and Submitting Proposals
                                              Good grantsmanship starts at the beginning. My review of current grant management
                                              reveals that a number of problems occur at the proposal stage. Here is a recap of the
                                              steps to follow when preparing and submitting proposals:

                                                  1.   Identify new funding opportunity and obtain departmental approval to pursue.
Made possible through grants awarded by the
Federal Aviation Authority and FDOT
                                                  2.   Notify the CSP grants manager by submitting a completed Grant Application
                                                       Review form, and request to be included on the monthly agenda of the CSP
                                                       Grants Committee. The committee meets on the second Monday of each month
                                                       at 11 a.m. in City Hall.

                                                  3.   ***NEW PROCESS*** Notify the CSP contracts and grants coordinator (Wayne
                                                       Finley) of the grants proposal and furnish a copy of the grant guidelines (or

                                                  4.   Present your proposal to the Grants Committee for its approval.

                                                  5.   ***NEW PROCESS*** Upon committee approval, your completed proposal
                                                       should be routed to the CSP contracts and grants coordinator for final review
                                                       before the document is routed to the city administrator for signature approval.
                                                       Beginning in January 2007 NO proposals will be signed by the city administrator
                                                       without first having gone through the CSP contracts and grants coordinator for
                                                       final review.

Receiving an Award

Only the city administrator has the delegated authority to sign "documents related to the
application, acceptance or reporting of grants…" (CSP administrative policy #010202,
Signature Authority, paragraph 4). Upon receiving an award from a grantor, you should:

               •      Prepare the document for execution by the city administrator.
               •      ***NEW PROCESS*** Submit a complete copy of the award and
                      supporting documents to the CSP contracts and grants coordinator.
                      Upon receipt of the award documents, the CSP contracts and grants
                      coordinator will:

                             1) Enter the award into Oracle and notify you once
                             complete. Award will be base-lined by your budget analyst
                             once council resolution has been received. (Department's
                             will continue to self-build Projects in Oracle)
                                                                                                                    Made possible through grants awarded by the
                             2) Coordinate start-up meeting with designated project and                             US Dept of Housing & Urban Dev (HUD)
                             award manager(s) and the CSP grants compliance officer
                             to outline award management responsibilities.

                             3) Generate a CSP Grant Award Notice memorandum
                             outlining critical award requirements, and establishing
                             responsibility for management of the award. This memo
                             will be signed by the project/award manager(s) and the
                             contracts and grants coordinator during start-up meeting.

CSP Contracts & Grants Insider
                                              Contracts Management
                                              Oracle Project Contracts
                                              The Oracle Project Contracts module is our tool for citywide
                                              management of contracts and was fully implemented by the city on
Made possible through grants awarded by the
Fl. Dept of Environmental Protection (FDEP)   January 31, 2005. Our primary purpose for using Oracle Project
                                              Contracts is the management of city contracts through a single
                                              database, and to use automatic alerts to notify applicable
                                              individuals of contract milestones and conditions on a timely basis.

                                              Contract Recording & Management

                                              The contract record captures and records contract information for the purpose of
                                              managing the contract document. Contract information is recorded in the database and
                                              automatic e-mail "alerts" are created notifying the user of key expiration dates and
                                              deliverables associated with the contract. Contract documents are attached by uploading
                                              an electronic version (any electronically formatted document) to the contract record.
                                              Contract records entered into Oracle are approved through an electronic process, which is
                                              determined by the selected document type for the respective contract record.

                                                  KEY REQUIREMENTS/RESPONSIBILITIES:
                                                      • Contracts requiring City Council approval must have an "internally
                                                         approved" contract record in Oracle Project Contracts prior to the council's
                                                      • All contract records shall be established in Oracle Project Contracts prior
                                                         to the execution of the contract.

                                              Contract records must be created for all contracts that meet the following criteria:
                                                  •   Purchase of services not covered under a current Blanket Purchase Agreement
                                                  •   Any service or project requiring a bond
                                                  •   Contracts requiring the management of data items such as
                                                      insurance requirements, expiration dates, milestones, and reports
                                                  •   All professional/consulting services, e.g.: architectural, engineering, construction
                                                      management, insurance, legal, medical, and financial services
                                                  •   Real-estate agreements, including buy/sell transactions, easements, leases, and
                                                  •   All other contracts/agreements required by CSP management to be managed in
                                                      Oracle Project Contracts

                                              Contract Authoring

                                              Presently, all contract documents are furnished to the city by outside entities and are
                                              uploaded into the contract record for CSP legal counsel review, negotiation, and approval.

                                              ***NEW PROCESS***
                                              Before an agreement is approved by legal, the project manager must
                                              verify completion of certain items and make acknowledgements
                                              concerning the conditions of the agreement via the Checklist and
                                              Acknowledgement form. CSP legal will not approve your contract
                                              without a completed, signed Checklist and Acknowledgement form.
                                              The completed, signed form is electronically uploaded into the
                                              contract record.

CSP Contracts & Grants Insider

                       I want to hear from you! This newsletter is intended to provide a forum for you to
                       address your questions and present your comments. Please send me your:

                       •   Ideas for topics
                       •   Questions regarding contract and grant management in the city
                       •   Kudos to your colleagues for their contract or grant related help
                       •   Email: wayne.finley@stpete.org

 I look forward to providing you with the answers and assistance intended to make you more efficient
 and effective, and with your help build a program that will make us a leader in municipal contract and
 grant management.

                                        Made possible through grants awarded by the
                                        US Dept of Housing & Urban Dev (HUD)


 I will be developing training workshops to be offered to CSP contract and grant
 administrators on a regularly scheduled basis. Please send me your ideas for the
 kinds of topics you feel would be useful and pertinent to your work. I want to
 incorporate these into my training program.


                 •   Grant Application Review form
                 •   Checklist and Acknowledgement form
                 •   CSP Administrative policy #010202 – Signature Authority

Grant Committee Meeting Date

Name of Contact Responsible for Application                             Title

Department                                                              Phone number

Name of Contact Responsible for Administration                          Title

Department                                                              Phone number

Capital Fund expenditure or Operating Fund expenditure?

Description of the Request

Granting Agency                                         Grant Title

Due Date                                                Start Date

Amount of grant request                                 Local share requirements

Proposed Grant Period                                   Are there other contributions; how much?

                                                        Source of local share

Are there future costs related to maintenance, ongoing contractual costs, or replacement costs?

Does the grant request include funding for staff positions?             Yes             No
Does the grant offer administrative fees or percentage?                 Yes             No
Is the grant available for more than one year?                          Yes             No
Any adopted plans or budgets related to this project?                   Yes             No
Has the City received this grant before?                                Yes             No
Are you aware of any other internal agencies or
programs requesting this funding?                                       Yes             No
                If yes, who?

                                        Grant Committee meetings are held the 2nd Monday, 11:00, Rm 200
                             Questions? Call Gail Eggeman, Office of Policy 892-5189         Revised 4/25/02
CITY OF ST. PETERSBURG ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY                                            #010202
SUBJECT: Signature Authority                                APPROVAL: Rick Baker, Mayor

EFFECTIVE DATE: 12/09/04                    REPLACES POLICY DATED: 6/11/02
Synopsis:      The Mayor is authorized to delegate employees to sign their own names to those
contracts, letters, and/or other instruments pertaining to the operations of their respective
operational responsibilities which the Mayor is authorized to execute on behalf of the City.

1.      The Mayor is authorized within the City Charter to sign and execute certain contracts.
        He is further authorized to delegate designated employees to sign their own names to
        such contracts under his authority.

2.     Contracts incorporating “hold-harmless” agreements wherein the City indemnifies other
       parties must be approved by City Council. However, the Mayor or his designee may
       execute routine contracts containing an indemnification provision without City Council
       approval provided such contracts would not otherwise require Council approval but for
       the indemnification provision, that the indemnification is limited to the extent provided
       by law and the liability limits of F.S.S.768.28, and does not alter the waiver of sovereign

3.     Recordable instruments, such as real estate deeds and real estate leases for a duration of
       one year or more, must be signed by the Mayor or City Administrator personally, except
       that, once all action required by City Council has been taken, (a) liens associated with
       utility accounts and special assessments may be signed by the Internal Services
       Administrator, and (b) mortgage documents associated with a housing program where the
       City is the mortgagor may be signed by the Manager, Housing Finance and Rehabilitation
       or the Housing and Community Development Director.

4.     The Mayor will personally sign all contracts, letters, and/or other legal instruments which
       relate to major policy issues or which are otherwise particularly significant, unusual, non-
       routine, or extraordinary. Agency Administrators shall ensure that items of this nature
       are identified and brought to the Mayor for personal consideration. Documents related to
       the application, acceptance or reporting of grants will be signed by the City

5.     Delegated signature authority is to be carefully controlled for the purpose of ensuring that
       the need to carefully review and consider contracts and other legal instruments is
       appropriately balanced against the need to manage City operations in an orderly and
       expeditious manner. Agency Administrators shall ensure that this authority is not
       delegated below an appropriately responsible level.

Resource Documents: City Charter
Contact: City Clerk; Legal Department
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                       ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY #010202

6.    In order for an individual to be designated as having signature authority under the
      provisions of this Administrative Policy, they must be approved for such by both the City
      Administrator and the Agency Administrator, where applicable. Such approval shall be
      in writing and the appropriate documentation shall be filed with the Office of the City
      Clerk, utilizing forms developed by that office. Department directors are responsible for
      submitting a current listing of all designated individuals within their respective
      departments to the City Clerk by January 1st of each year.

7.    Each department shall be responsible for ensuring that the documents executed under
      delegated signature authority have been reviewed by the Legal Department and are
      complete, properly executed, free from error, and contain the most favorable terms for the
      City as possible.

Resource Documents: City Charter
Contact: City Clerk; Legal Department
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