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Japanese Hair Straightening Types And Tips


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									You might have heard about Japanese Straightening treatment. This treatment is
known by many other names like straight perm, Japanese straight perm and thermal
reconditioning. This type of hair straightening has come all the way from Japan and
was introduced in United States. Among all the straightening methods Japanese Hair
Straightening has got immense popularity among women. Here are some of the tips
for choosing the right stylists and products.
 Japanese hair straightening lasts for at least 6 or 7 months, during this process your
hair are shampooed, heated by heat lamps, blown out and flat ironed at least twice.
But after this lengthy process you will get smooth, sleek and retextured hair. This can
be expensive and may cost you more than $750; this price covers saloon charges,
shampoo and conditioner especially designed for your hair. After straightening you
will be required to avoid moisture and contact with water for at least 72 hours. The
good thing about Japanese straightening is that it gives your hair a rich natural texture
even after getting treated by chemicals and heat for so many hours. Always select a
stylist and saloon which has good reputation and experience of Japanese straightening.
While choosing the products of straightening keep in mind that there are two Japanese
products made for this purpose that are yuko and lisco, both are safe and good and
there are no negative comments about them. Always remember that good saloons will
definitely make your hair look the way you want them to be. After straightening some
products must be purchased in order to save your hair from sun and moisturizing
factors like UV hair protective products and SPF sprays. Do not dye your hair after
straightening process at least for two months, and whenever you feel like dying your
hair, get it done from a stylist instead of dying yourself. Japanese straightening will
not really damage your hair if you perform a little research online by reading the
credentials of different saloons which must be dealing in such hair treatments. Also
look for hidden charges for the straightening as some saloons will cost your extra
charges if your hair will be lengthy and extreme curly.
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hair straighteners, Amika hair straighteners, etc. Explore the features of each online.

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