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					Iwata: "With 3DS we are planning to expand our digital business". Nintendo President
Satoru Iwata said in a recent interview that the company plans regarding the digital
distribution of content have in 3DS one of the cornerstones of the future. In addition
to highlighting the three-dimensional capabilities of the console, not wanted should
forget that the machine will include other highlights such as the enhanced wireless
communication over Nintendo DS.

 "We are thinking that the launch of the new hardware should be a good time for
improving this situation?, Manifesto Iwata inquired about the strategy for internet
content distribution company. ? In addition to the function of the 3D without 3D
glasses, Nintendo 3DS have a wireless communication function improved?, I point to
the President.
 ? 3DS receive several pieces of information automatically if there is an opportunity
for communication while the user takes even if he or she is not actively trying to
begin communication. We are planning to expand our digital distribution business?,
Iwata concluded. Following its announcement in the past E3, Nintendo and
registration marks as 3DSWare 3DSPlay, which could involve new services for the
machine in the future. There is still no definite date of release, although it was
announced that hit stores by March 2011.

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