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									                                     Pledge Week planner
Week of:   Staff                                     Volunteer tasks                           Who
Month of   Plan the rest of the tasks                Record and edit testimonials
Feb,       Set pledge goal – money                   Make list of things that need updating
week of    Set pledge goal – number of members         from notebooks and add to scheduler
Mar 1      Save the date to DJs                      Decide on special programming – prog
           Recruit volunteer team:                     committee - who is amy Goodman?,
              Testimonial recorders                    Include tracks from gift CD.
              Phone scheduler                        Look into company employee match
              On air scheduler                       Get individual/co “matching gifts”
              Company matcher                        Start getting raffle gifts
              Food organizer
           Magazine gift?
           Choose thank you gifts
           Figure out how many special
              programs needed and when
Mar 8      Check on testimonials                     Get company employee “matching gifts”
           Develop theme?                            Contact syndication for custom pitches
           Get on twitter??                          Buy/order any needed shwag
           Help on any volunteer tasks not
           Contact some donors/companies to
              ask for matching gifts
Mar 15     Solicit On Air Guest ideas.               Continue testimonial work
           Tell hosts about theme and anything       Continue Finding raffle items
              we need from them for it.              Edit last drive’s pledge scripts
           Write renewal letters and acquisition
              letters with pledge highlighted and

Mar 22     Write on-air talking points pre-drive     Solicit food donations
           Recruit leads still missing               Make promos for special programming
           Recruit for phone and on-air trainers     Get our specials listed on our
           Update pledge web page                      community calendar
                                                     Contact local bands to see if they will
                                                       add our pledge drive to their
                                                       webpages (more in email)
                                                     Add new testimonial info to onair
Mar 29     Final edit on-air scripts                 Begin on-air talking points for all DJs
           Train the trainers                        Look up addresses and enter
           Remind DJ’s to start collecting “Best       addresses into database for member
              of” moments for pledge use.              acquisition lists
           Recruit listener pledge pitchers! –
              enews and talking points onair
           Create a splash page?
           Recruit listener pledge pitchers!
           Recruit non-profits to answer phones
           Put out sign up sheets in office for on
              air and phone slots.
Apr 5   Make pledge web page live for early      Contact possible phone volunteers
          donations – change donate links        Send lapsed member renewal letter
        Edit phone scripts                       Start running promos for special
        Start our facebook (and twitter) buzz       programs
        Contact DJ’s to put together schedule    Print and put together three on-air
        Schedule DJ trainings                       binders
        Press release Atlantic subscriptions     Start calling volunteers for phone
        update forms and systems                 Send Apr-June renewal letters
        Recruit more listener pledge pitchers!   Print and collate training materials
        Talk to new DJ class to recruit
        Change all staff e-signatures
Apr 12  Create on-air pledge schedule            Call DJs
        Run 2-3 on air pitch trainings           Print premium lists
        more Update forms used (pledge           Start promoting on facebook and twitter
          tracker etc)                           Send lapsed letter
        Plan a pet day                           Send additional gift letter
        Tell DJs about online donation contest   Send new member letters
        Put the Online thermometer up            Add contact information to phone and
        Send hosts suggested signatures for         on air schedules for reminders
          email and suggested copy for their
          facebook pages
Apr 19  Confirm on-air schedule                  Confirm phone volunteer schedule
        Run DJ trainings                         Print pledge schedule
        Run phone trainings                      Print phone pledge forms
        Recruit coordinator help to edit         Send email renewal letter
          syndication into shorter blocks        Load syndicated pitches received.
          (phone volunteers?)
        Send e-news pledge reminder
        Start Changing all the automated
          programming to work for drive
Apr 22- Check for pledge problems daily          Send close premiums by bike
May 1   Update pledge totals                     Pick up daily food donations
PLEDGE Mail out pledge envelopes                 Call/email all volunteers for the next
WEEK!! Send long distance premiums by mail          day.
        Thank food donors daily                  Edit the syndication into shorter blocks
        Update DJs on “donation” contest         Fill in all on-air and phone volunteer
        Run enewsletter and facebook asks           holes as they arise.
        Update staff e-signatures

Post      Celebration for staff and volunteers   Thank you notes to volunteers
pledge    Clean studio.                          Thank you notes to food donors
May 2     File away pledge materials             Thank you notes to donors
and on    Order any additional premiums          Mail/bike any remaining premiums
          Reminders to pledgers                  e-news thanks
          Write up document with suggested
             changes for next pledge!
          Evaluate goals
          Evaluate DJs and improvements
          Put together pledge report including
             by day, by time, by show, and any
             notable trends.
          Change all donated links back to
             normal on the website
          Change automated programming back
             to normal

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