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October Elizabeth



                                                        Elizabeth Rotary Club

                                                             The Wheel
                                                                                                                  October 2010

                                                     “Service Above Self”
                                   2010-2011 District 7510 Leadership
                    Ahmed Azmy, District Governor      Dawn Torres, Assistant Governor

        Club Officers & Directors
                                                                 A Spotlight on Membership
        Steve Hafer, President                               From: Ken Richuso, Membership Chair
      Art Lobdell, President-Elect           The Rotary Club of Elizabeth is currently the 8th largest Club (of 43) in District
         Bill Mealia, Treasurer              7510. We have 45 active members and 5 Honorary. We're also one of the few
                                              clubs in the District with positive membership growth over the past 3 years.
        Ceil Mantia, Secretary
                                                           So, what's the goal of the Membership Chairman?
          Ken Richuso, Director                                                Find them!
                                                                             Bring them in!
             Membership Chair                                            Keep them Interested!
         John Jacobson, Director                     There are many strategies for finding and bringing in members.
                                                                         The most successful?
              Foundation Chair                                              ASK SOMEBODY!
           Katie Baird, Director
                                             We're all proud of our Club's impact in the Community. Surely there are people
           Vocational Service Chair
                                            you know who would love to be a part what we do, but they won't join unless you
      Maria Masciandaro, Director           ask them. Retaining the new member is the second (and most difficult) step. The
          Community Service Chair            goal is to get the member involved in a project right off the bat, so they feel like
                                                                   they are an integral part of the Club.
          Rihul Etienne, Director
              Club Service Chair            Membership growth is not the responsibility of just the Membership Charirman or
                                             Committee. It's the responsibility of the entire Club. THINK MEMBERSHIP!!
         Rich Growney, Director
          Doug Harris, Director
         Larry Franchini, Director
                                                                                   Trivial Pursuit

                                                           What Vegas hotel decided to build a $65 million theater, after
                  Four Way Test
                                                           signing Celine Dion for 600 shows?
    1. Is it the TRUTH?                                    What bizarre star’s band members have included Zsa Zsa Speck,
                                                           Madonna Wayne Gracy, Daisy Berkowitz and Olivia-Newton
    2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?

    3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER                   Who annoyed fell cyber-moguls by saying the Third World
       FRIENDSHIP?                                         desperately needed money for health care and no computers,
                                                           in 2000?
    4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
                                                           What pop culture magazine did Rolling Stone guru Jann Wenner
                                                           buy from Warner in 1989?
               Rotary Club of Elizabeth
  Upcoming Programs                                   District 7510 International SERVICE Projects
 The following dates are                                              Homes of Hope Project, Ecuador
 when we have meetings                                                       MicroCredit Project
       in October:
                                                                              Thailand Project
     October 6, 2010                                                       Nepal Orphan Project
     October 13, 2010
     October 20, 2010                                                        Pure Water Project
     October 27, 2010                                             Our Children, Your Children, Argentina

  Special Visit from the                                        Brazil Project: Adopt a Child-Save a Life, Inc.
  District Governor on                                                       Jaipur Limb Project
     October 13 !!!                                                          Shelter Box Project
 A meeting not to be missed!
                                                                      River Blindness Project in Africa
    Our Program Chair for
                                                                            Digital Divide Project
  October, Art Lobdell, also
 has tentatively planned for           Would you like to learn about our district international service projects? We can invite
  the following presenters:          speakers from the district’s various International projects to learn more about these special
                                        projects and ways to get involved. Please contact Katie Baird for more information.
   State Assemblywoman
      Annette Quijano

  Father Esterminio Chica,               Upcoming                      Outcomes of the Polio Walk-a-Thon
       Saint Mary’s                    District Events                               Sunday, October 3, 2010
       Crystal Stells,
    Jersey Gardens Mall
                                      October 9, 2010                  The Walk-a-Thon was a great success, raising
                                       Membership &                      over $500 according to Bill Mealia’s quick
          David,                     Foundation Seminar
                                                                          calculations at the event. Thank you to
  General Manager of the
    Renaissance Hotel                October 23, 2010                  everyone who participated! It was a bit cold,
                                     Foundation Seminar               but an overall beautiful day for the walk around
                                                                             Warinanco Park this past Sunday!
                                     October 24, 2010
 “Rotary is the best in                 Walk for Polio
                                                                           A Special Thank You to
  the world at linking
                                     November 1, 2010                   Maria Masciandaro who did a
   people of goodwill                 Eat, Drink & Share                 great job putting everything
 around the globe and
   then gaining their                   “Save the Date”
    cooperation and                  2011 District Conference
                                      April 29 – May 1, 2011
 support to make the                   Mystic, Connecticut                        Daddy, how was I born?
 world a much better
place to live and work.”                                            A little boy goes to his father and asks 'Daddy, how was I born?'

                                                                     The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess one day you will need to
                                                                      find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat
 Have an event coming up at your organization??
                                                                     room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom
 Have us include an announcement or flyer for it in                  and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room,
 an upcoming issue of The Wheel! Just email your                         and googled each other. There your mother agreed to a
                                                                    download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload,
submission to Katie Baird at
                                                                      we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and
                        Thank You!                                  since it was too late to hit the delete button , nine months later
                                                                           a little Pop-Up appeared that said: “You got Male!”
                                                Polio Challenge Update
  As of September 10th, 2010, we have raised over $145 million toward the $200 million Polio Challenge! This is a
     great accomplishment! We need to continue to work hard toward the $200 million goal! We can do it!!!

                                        To See Rotary at Work for Polio, Check Out:

                           …Excerpt, Letter from Jeff Raikes, CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…

   “It’s very clear: This is make-or-break time for polio eradication. That’s why polio is one of my top priorities as CEO. When we
invest in polio eradication, we know exactly what we’re getting for our money. The eradication campaign is extremely well
organized and has a long record of success.
    The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) is a model partnership. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC), Rotary International, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have been working to support polio-affected
countries for more than 20 years. Each partner plays a particular role, doing what they do best to make an extraordinarily effective
whole. Rotary is a powerful fundraiser and advocate.
    One of the main things we’re adding to the effort, along with our own financial commitment, is our voice. We have a platform
from which we can help generate attention. Hopefully, that attention will in turn help generate the funding and political commitment
needed to finish the job.
   Bill, Melinda, and I make regular site visits to India , one of the four remaining countries where the disease is endemic—and we
will continue to do so, to see the progress on the ground and meet with key leaders. In recent years, Bill has also traveled
extensively to Nigeria , another endemic country. The progress happening in both those countries makes me optimistic. In Nigeria
between January 1 and August 24, 2010, there were just six cases of polio, compared to 368 during the same period last year.
India has reported the lowest number of cases in a decade; so far this year only 30 cases have been registered, against last
year’s 236 at this point.
    The most exciting thing about all the work we’re doing together with our partners around the world and in the United States is
the tangible difference we can make in the lives of millions and millions of people: newborns in India, high school students in Los
Angeles, small farmers in Ethiopia, homeless families in my hometown of Seattle, to name just a few.
   When I travel on behalf of the foundation, whether it’s to slums and villages in poor countries or to high schools and community
colleges in the United States, I am always moved by people’s eternal hope for a better life.
    At the foundation, we share their ambition and their optimism. I look forward to the day when I can write a letter talking about
how the world eradicated polio.

                 Please consider a contribution to the Rotary Foundation!
  Contributions to the Rotary Foundation enable Rotarians to carry out humanitarian and educational
  projects. The Rotary Foundation is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and
   others who share our vision of a better world. You can contribute to the foundation online at the
          Rotary International website or by contacting John Jacobson for more information.

               This Month’s Member Vocational Spotlight – Doug Harris, Director of PR and Marketing
                                       Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Doug Harris, member of the Rotary Club of Elizabeth since 1982, has served in the healthcare public relations and
marketing field since he joined Elizabeth General Medical Center in 1980. Doug has seen a lot of change in the
local healthcare scene, first with Elizabeth General’s acquisition of Alexian Brothers Hospital in 1990, then with
Elizabeth General’s merge with St. Elizabeth Hospital (which gave birth to Trinitas Regional Medical Center) in
2000. Through it all he says that his job has essentially remained the same – “I work at promoting hospital
services in order that both the hospital and the community may benefit.” The tools of his trade have certainly
changed, with the advent of personal computers, email, the internet and social media. “I’ve been at it for a long
time, but I still love coming to work each day,” he explained.
                                                Member Contact List

Katie Baird            Community Access Unlimited       908-354-3040
Bill Berg              Law – General                    908-353-2775
Jonathan Burt          Jacobson & Company               908-355-5200
Rita Butts             Jefferson Park Day Care Center   908-354-2266
Ruben Coellar          YMCA of Eastern Union County     908-355-9622
Mary Ellen Colangelo   Family & Children Services       908-352-7474
Janice de Avila        Historic Midtown SID             908-355-9600
Rev. Larry Dixon       Mt. Teman AME Church             908-351-2625
Jim Duffy              B.B. Miller & Company            908-352-7300
Jerome Dunn            Elizabeth Board of Education     908-436-5163
Kathleen Dunn          YMCA of Eastern Union County     908-355-9622
Rihul Etienne          Brand New Day                    908-282-0788
Larry Franchini        Na-Vet Printing Company          908-353-4441
Barbara Gaba           Union County College             908-965-6091
Patti Garcia           Marion Roofing Company           908-353-1438
Rich Growney           Growney Funeral Home             908-289-0400
Kwame Gyan                                              973-375-6662
Maria Hafer            Sovereign Bank                   908-289-1800
Steve Hafer            SW Hafer Web Design              201-459-1074
Doug Harris            Trinitas Regional Med Ctr.       908-994-5138
John Jacobson          Jacobson & Company               908-355-5200
Ron Jacobson           Jacobson, Halsted & Assoc.       908-289-0383
Kizi Kizito            Investigroup                     908-688-4778
Marie Krupinski        City of Elizabeth                908-820-4277
Sebastian Leonardi     Salvation Army                   908-352-7057
Jan Lilien             YWCA of Eastern Union County     908-355-1995 x122
Art Lobdell            Boy Scouts of America            973-765-9322
Rosemary Madeira       Sovereign Bank                   908-351-1000
Ceil Mantia            YWCA                             908-351-1388
Maria Masciandaro      Clinical Psychologist            908-351-2892
Angel Mauro            CCA, Inc.                        908-352-3776
Kelly McCracken                                                    
William Mealia         B.B. Miller & Company            908-352-7300
Christopher Ojugo      Community Fire & Water Damage    732-422-0377
Teddy Palivos          Investors Savings Bank           908-351-2600
Joseph Parrish         St. John’s Church                908-352-1218
Ken Richuso                                             908-654-8715
Kathy Smith            Bridgeway House                  908-355-7886
Bob Tombs              Comcast Spotlight                908-851-6618
Tom Wacaster                                            908-202-1920
Bill Webb              Family & Children’s Services     908-372-1007 x208
Joan Yankitis                                           908-486-8370
Chris Zehnder          Zen Architecture                 908-965-1900
Taste of Elizabeth Vendor List
             Alvarez Café, Elizabeth
Aroma Restaurant & Lounge, Elizabeth
       Bambu‘ Café & Lounge, Elizabeth
            Bayway Liquors, Elizabeth
        Bella Palermo Bakery, Elizabeth
         CATB Liquor Imports, Paterson
       Charles Jacquin Cie, Inc., Garwood
            Chestnut Chateau, Union
    Climax Brewing Company, Roselle Park
        Cold Stone Creamery, Elizabeth
     Dolce Restaurant & Lounge, Elizabeth
  Elizabeth High School Culinary Arts School
Garcia’s Liquor Depot, Elizabeth
        Garden Restaurant, Union
     Lava Lounge & Restaurant, Elizabeth
     Maurice Cooper et Cie, Inc., Garwood
              Michelino’s, Elizabeth
         Minhoto Restaurant, Elizabeth
    Mojito Lounge & Restaurant, Elizabeth
        My Caribbean Soul, Elizabeth
    New World Bar & Restaurant, Elizabeth
            Olympia Diner, Elizabeth                       Polio Walk-a-Thon
                                                                                              To find out where each
        Patron Tequilas , Carlstadt                     Sunday, October 3, 2010
                                                                                              week’s meeting will be
    Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, Elizabeth
                                                                                               held, please give the
             Pinho Bakery, Roselle
                                                                                                   hotel a call at:
             Raagini, Mountainside                                                                 908-436-4610
 Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel, Elizabeth
         Restaurant Valencia, Elizabeth         Macy’s National Day of Support for Local Non-Profits!
 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Elizabeth
               Sam’s Club, Linden                                  Saturday, October 16, 2010
     Suspenders Restaurant & Pub, Union                              Any Macy’s Location!!!
            Tapas of Spain, Elizabeth                      00
                                                 For just $5. , you will receive a one-day shopping pass which includes
        Tequila’s Grill, Elizabeth                 extra savings on all Sale and Clearance apparel and select Regular-
           Torna a Sorrento, Elizabeth           priced items! Save an extra 25% on a single regular, sale or clearance
  Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth   fashion item for the entire family including accessories; plus selections
                                                for your home! Enter for a chance to win a $500 Macy’s gift card! Plus
           Tropicana Diner, Elizabeth
                                                       many more special events, prizes, and in-store excitement!
           Tumi Restaurant, Elizabeth               All donors will receive a Macy’s Friends & Family Discount Pass,
         Zamba Chicken & Ribs, Roselle                       good from December 1 – 6, as an added bonus!

                                                       See Katie Baird to Purchase Your Shopping Pass Today!!!
         The 10th annual BRIDGEWAY WALK
                 for independence
                              Helping People Move Toward Self Sufficiency

DATE:                   Saturday, October 16, 2010
LOCATION:               TD Bank Ball Park, Bridgewater NJ – Home of the Somerset Patriots
REGISTRATION:           12:00 Noon
DISTANCE:               2.5 miles

For 40 years, Bridgeway has provided services to Central and Northern New Jersey adults who are facing the
difficulties of serious mental illness. Through recovery-centered support services Bridgeway assists individuals to
live as independently as possible, learn and work in the community, and improve their quality of life.

The Walkathon benefits Bridgeway’s Assistance Fund helping people with mental illness to achieve self-
sufficiency. Bridgeway’s programs enable individuals to reach a goal of living as independently as possible. The
Assistance Fund is a bridge to achieving that goal by providing funds to pay for apartment and utility security

       moving expenses
       initial purchases to outfit permanent living situations
       registration fees and expenses for materials for workshops and classes
       interview outfits so that individuals can seek employment
       emergency purchases and expenses
       prescription medication purchases not covered by insurance
       loans to tide someone over until permanent income is more secure.

Bridgeway is a registered 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible.

                              For further information, call (908) 355-7886, ext. 101.

                                                                                    * Limited Exclusions
                                           Westfield Lord & Taylor
                                             Fall Benefit Bash                      * 15% off includes cosmetics &

                                       Wednesday, October 27, 2010                  * Save even more by opening a L&T
                                          9:00 am to 11:00 pm                       credit account & receive an extra 15%
                                                                                    off your purchases

  Shop for the latest fashions!                                                     * Current L&T cardholders receive an
                                                                                    additional 10% on top of all the other
  Support Community Access Unlimited!                                               great savings.
  Save 20% on one special item and 15% all day long!
                                                                                    * Opportunity to win fabulous prizes
  See Katie Baird to Purchase a $5. Ticket Today!!!                                 * A day filled with exciting events.

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