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CLASS SCHEDULE - Winter 2011 by dfsdf224s


									                                          Southeastern Indiana YMCA
                                              Program Schedule                                   We are now a
                                                   Winter 2011                                    Wi-Fi Hot
                                          January 3rd - February 20th

           Registration Dates:
         December 27th - January 2nd
             Potential Members:
                                               RECLAIM A
         December 29th - January 2nd

              Building Hours:
                                               HEALTHIER AND
      Monday-Thursday 5:30am-10:00pm
               Pool: 6:00am-9:30pm
             Friday 5:30am-9:00pm
               Pool: 6:00am-8:30pm
                                               HAPPIER YOU
              Saturday 7 am-5 pm
               Pool: 7:00am-4:30pm
            Sunday 1:00pm-5:00pm
               Pool: 1:00pm-4:30pm
                                               Are you ready to get healthy?
                                               Don’t know where to start?
             Toy Room Hours:
 Monday-Thursday 8-noon and 4:00-8:15 pm
            Friday 8:00-noon                   Join us for our 5th annual 10 week
        YMCA Management Team
Jerry Lanning, Executive Director                     COMMUNITY
Kristen Fletcher, Aquatics
Trent Freyer, Programs
Ted Harmeyer, Comptroller
                                               TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE
Angie Johnson, Associate Executive Director
Pauletta Meyer, Membership
Jenny Salyer, Child Care                                        January 5th-March 9th
Cathy Sullivan, Senior Adults & Volunteers
Carisa VanSickle, Wellness
            Board of Directors                 Prizes awarded for:
Tom Tepe, CVO                                  ∗   most points for attending group exercise classes,
Sharon Anness            Ted Hartshorn             weekly workouts and discussion groups
Karen Ehrman             Bud McGowan
Wayne Fischer            Larry Montgomery
                                               ∗   Man with largest weight loss %
Geralyn Litzinger        Charlie Gillman       ∗   Woman with largest weight loss %
Tom Jeffers              Dennis Murphy
Joan Schornick           Larry Merkel
                                                Learn lifestyle changes and create healthy
Emeritus Board Members:
Scott Lamping                                         habits that will last a life time!
Jerry Kretschmann
                                                                (for more details, see page 10)
         Southeastern Indiana YMCA • 30 State Road 129 South • Batesville, IN 47006 • 812-934-6006 •
                    Inside this issue…                                        ...from the Executive Director
                                                                                      It is the Christmas season and I
            Table of Contents                                                feel the need to express my feelings of
                                                                             thankfulness for all the members at our
       Membership                        Page 3
                                                                             Y. I am particularly thankful for our
       Y Updates                         Page 4
                                                                             “charter” members who have been with
       Sports                            Page 4                              the Y since 1993.
       Men’s Christian Fellowship        Page 4                                       As I get near my retirement in
       Gymnastics                        Page 5               August 2011, I seem to want to reflect on all the won-
       Dance                             Page 6               derful people who have supported the Y as members, as
       Youth Programs                    Page 6               volunteers and as donors. It is my hope that your ex-
       Hooked on Phonics                 Page 6               perience of having a YMCA in this community has been a
       Friday Family Fun                 Page 7               benefit. As we reach out to other agencies, city,
       Family Activities                 Page 7               schools, hospital, and businesses it is a personal goal to
       Martial Arts                      Page 7               reach out more through collaborations in 2011. Small
                                                              communities can make a huge impact when we work to-
       Swim Lessons                      Page 8
       Senior Adult Activities           Page 9
                                                                      Last year the Y contributed over $140,000 in
       Volunteers                        Page 9               program services to our community. Because of your
       Personal Fitness                  Page 10              “giving” through the “Strong Kids” annual fundraiser the
       Group Exercise Classes            Page 11              Y will support even more children and families in 2011.
       New Year’s Eve Bash               Page 12              Whatever the economic forecast is, the Y will be here to
                                                              serve you and be a responsible steward with your dona-
                                                              tions. Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2011.

            What’s your story? We all have a reason           Kind Regards,
             for joining our Y or have encountered life       Jerry Lanning
             changing experiences as a result. Your           Executive Director
             story may be inspirational to someone
             else. Would you mind sharing? My                                    YMCA Snow
             brother, Jon, is 28 and has Down Syn-
             drome. Thanks to my mother’s passion
                                                                              Emergency Policy
                                                              The Southeastern Indiana YMCA Snow Policy has been
and the wonderful staff at Batesville Schools, he
                                                              updated and will be in force for the 2010-2011 school
thoroughly enjoyed school until he was 21. As the
                                                              year. The Southeastern Indiana YMCA and YMCA Learn-
only BHS graduate who got a standing ovation during
                                                              ing Center will be open for business unless a LEVEL 3
his graduation ceremony, Jon was left with a void in
                                                              emergency is declared in Ripley County. The Executive
what to do with himself after high school. Soon the Y
                                                              Director will decide when other factors require the
filled that vacancy. Master Dwenger and his black
                                                              facility to close.
belts took Jon under their wing and created a Special
Needs Tae Kwon Do program. Now Jon regularly at-              • If the Level 3 emergency is not lifted by 11am, the
tends and has the goal set to become a black belt.                YMCA and YMCA Learning Center will remain closed
After 2 years in the program, he is now an orange                 the rest of the day.
belt and well on his way to getting his green belt!           • If the Level 3 emergency is lifted by 11am, the Y
What an impact to me and my family to know he is                  and YMCA Learning Center will be open at 12 noon.
surrounded by caring people and is doing something            • In the event that we foresee a delayed opening, we
fulfilling. What’s your story? Please share with me in            may post the evening before that the YMCA and
person or via email to I can’t               YMCA Learning Center will open at 8am. Please
wait to hear the impact our Y has made to your fam-               note: this may change to a “closed” status prior to
ily and our community.                                            8:00am.
                                                              Classes and programs will run when the Y is “OPEN” for
Sunshine, smiles, and God’s Blessings,                        business and the program instructor is available.
Angie Johnson                                                 NOTE: WRBI radio is our local source for opening and
Associate Executive Director                                  closing announcements. You may also view WCPO, Cin-
                                                              cinnati’s website at

                           Family Fun Nights!                                            Southeastern Indiana YMCA
                                                                                              Trivia Question

                                                                                       The original YMCA was founded in what
                                                                                       year, where and by whom?

                                                                                       Answer to Holiday trivia question:
                                                                                       Kristen Fletcher, Aquatics Director
                                                                                       Winner of YMCA tote bag: Mary Ahrens

                                                                                                 Dual Membership
                                                                                       Now available to our members is a dual mem-
                                                                                       bership with the Decatur County YMCA in
            October               In November, there were over 60 people that          Greensburg! You and your family can be
     was a Halloween party.      came to watch Toy Story 3 and of course there         members at both the Decatur County Y and
       It was spooky fun!                was popcorn and drinks for all!               the Southeastern Indiana Y! The monthly
                                                                                       bank draft is $71.50 for a family and $51 for
                 The next Family Fun Event will be tubing at                           an adult membership. Ask at the Member
               Perfect North Slopes on Saturday, January 22!                           Service desk for more details and any ques-
                                                                                       tions you may have.

                                            Thanksgiving Luncheon                                Meet a Member...
                                         220 members and guests ate at the Y’s                                 Bo Kaiser is a famil-
                                         Thanksgiving Luncheon on Wednesday,                                   iar face here at our
                                         November 24th. They were served tur-
                                                                                                               Y. He can be found
                                         key, gravy, ham, mashed potatoes,
                                         green beans, dinner roll and of course                                perfecting his free
                                         the famous Pumpkin Crunch!                                            throws and practic-
                                                                                                               ing his lay ups down
                                         If you had to miss this year, be sure to
                                                                                                               in the gyms. Bo is in
                                         put it on your calendar for next year.
    Deborah Weidner                                                                                            the eighth grade at
                                                                                                               the Batesville Middle
               2010 Strong Kids Annual Campaign                                                                School, and on the
                                                      The 2010 Strong Kids An-         Bulldog undefeated basketball team. During
                                                      nual Campaign theme was          the off season Bo and his dad Kevin can be
                                                      Race to the Goal! All funds      seen most weekends and evenings getting in
                                                      sustain the Daniel A. Hillen-    a good workout. Bo also finds time to volun-
                                                      brand Family Support Pro-        teer at the Y working with the youth basket-
                                                      gram which allows the Y to       ball program.
                                                      provide programs for fami-
                                                      lies who have lost their jobs
                                                      due to the economy, mem-            Y was the site for flu shots
                                                      bership based on income, for      The Southeastern Indiana YMCA was able
                                                      active duty military families     to be the first site for Margaret Mary Com-
                                                      and for child care assistance.    munity Hospital’s free flu shots for the
                                                      Campaign Chair, Paul Gates,       community. Can you believe over 600 peo-
                                                      and Team Chair, Sharon An-        ple came to take advantage of this service!
ness, led the 54 volunteers to raise over $100,000! A big thank you to all of our       Thank you to Margaret Mary Community
volunteers and donors that made our campaign a great success! The winning               Hospital and our volunteers.
team (raised the most dollars) is celebrating the race by drinking chocolate milk!

                        UPDATES                                                      SPORTS
                                                                    YOUTH BASKETBALL AGES 3-5
We are currently transitioning to a new software program
and request your patience through this transition. Some             Program Fee: $20 / $40 (includes T-shirt) Instructor
changes you will see beginning this session:                        #30401 Wed. 6:00-6:30 pm                  Trent Freyer
∗ Online Registration continues with updated features.              #30402 Wed. 6:30-7:00 pm                  Trent Freyer
    Log onto for details.                YOUTH BASKETBALL               K - 3rd Grade
∗ Program discounts no longer available are 10% family
    discount and Buy 2 Get 1 FREE promotion. We have                Program Fee: $21/$42 (includes t-shirt)
    elected not to increase program fees because of this.           Registration forms at Member Service Desk
∗ Stop by the front desk to update you photo and mem-               January 3rd - February 19th – 7 weeks
    bership information.
                                                                    #30404   Sat. 10:00-11:00 am          Kindergarten
MEN’S CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP                                          #30403   Sat. 9:00-10:00 am           1st Grade
                                                                    #30405   Sat. 11:00-12:00 pm          2nd Grade
Free to members, all Men are invited!                                        Thur. 6:00-7:00 pm           3rd Grade
Open to the public!
                                                                    YOUTH BASKETBALL 7th & 8th Grade Boys
Workshop Time: 6:00-7:15 am                                         Program Fee: $21/$42 (includes T-shirt)
Workshop Location: YMCA Adult Lounge                                Registration forms at Member Service Desk.
Workshop Leader: Tim Schrank
                                                                    #30407 Mon. 5:00-6:00 pm or 6:00-7:00 pm
This Men’s Christian Fellowship morning meeting is                  Teams time will vary due to game schedule
to connect Men every Wednesday morning to each                      30 minutes of clinic/30 minutes of games
other, to Character Building, to Moral uplifting and
role modeling. This will be accomplished through the
                                                                    YOUTH SOCCER AGES 3-5
teachings of Jesus Christ by videos, guest speakers,                Program Fee: $20/$40 (includes T-shirt) Instructor
bible readings, sharing thoughts and a variety of                   #30410 Wed. 5:30-6:00 pm                Trent Freyer
Christian practices. Come join us and see how                       #30411 Thur. 5:30-6:00 pm               Trent Freyer
rewarding your Wednesday mornings can become.
                                                                    YOUTH SOCCER K - 3rd Grade
                                                                    Program Fee: $21/$42 (includes t-shirt)
In a member’s words…                                                January 4th - February 17th
What brought you to the Y?
The desire to be healthy and have support while getting             #30412 Tues. 5:30-6:30 pm             K– 1st Grade
there. There are so many avenues and so many people to
                                                                    #30413 Tues. 6:30-7:30 pm             2nd - 3rd Grade
help you achieve any level of fitness you desire. Water
fitness, personal trainers, group exercise classes are just a       TENNIS LESSONS
few of the ways/avenues here at the Y.
                                                                    Program Fee: $85/$100            Jan. 10th—Feb. 20th
What do you like about the Y?                                       Instructor: Jack Froman
Security for our children, friendly staff, the care and sup-
port of those who come, the attitude of “do what you can            #30420   Sat. 5:00-6:00 pm            Elementary– Jr. High
do” as the staff moves us to new levels of fitness. People          #30421   Sat. 6:00-7:00 pm            Elementary– Jr. High
are always willing to give both praise for what you have            #30422   Sun. 5:00-6:00 pm            Elementary– Jr. High
accomplished and encouragement as you struggle to meet              #30423   Sun. 6:00-7:00 pm            Elementary– Jr. High
new goals.
                                                                    #30424   Sun. 12:00—1:00 PM           High School
                                                                    #30425   Mon. 9:00-10:00 pm           High School
How do you feel after exercising?
While I am not ready to go out and conquer the world after          #30426   Tues. 9:00-10:00 pm          High School
exercising, I do feel more positive. The endorphins really          #30427   Wed. 9:00-10:00 pm           High School
do rise! I also know that I am giving myself a gift only I          #30428   Thur. 9:00-10:00 pm          High School
can give-better health-mental as well as physical.

Mary Tuttle
Program Fee: $22/$45          Instructor           Program Fee: $18/$36          Instructor
#30021 Mon. 3:30-4:00 pm      Dede McQueen         #30010 Tues. 11:00-11:50 am Dede McQueen
                                                   IHSAA CHEERLEADING TUMBLING
CHILD CARE LEVEL 3 GYMNASTICS                      Program Fee: $55/$70              Instructor
Program Fee: $27/$55           Instructor          #30080 Mon. 7:15-8:15 pm         Dede McQueen
#30030 Tues. 3:00-3:45 pm     Dede McQueen
                                                   HOME SCHOOL GYMNASTICS
Program Fee: $22/$45           Instructor          Levels 3-5
#30023 Mon. 6:00-6:30 pm      Dede McQueen         Program Fee: $30/$60          Instructor
#30024 Wed. 5:30-6:00 pm      Dede McQueen         #30082 Tues. 10:00-11:00 am Dede McQueen
#30025 Sat. 10:00-10:30 am    Jean Ann Rippe
                                                   FLOOR TUMBLING LEVEL 5
LEVEL 3 GYMNASTICS                                 Program Fee: $30/$60               Instructor
Program Fee: $27/$55           Instructor          #30070 Tues. 7:00-8:00 pm        Dede McQueen
#30031 Mon. 6:30-7:15 pm      Dede McQueen
#30032 Tues. 4:30-5:15 pm     Dede McQueen         SPECIAL NEEDS GYMNASTICS
#30033 Wed. 4:45-5:30 pm      Dede McQueen         Program Fee: $22/$45               Instructor
#30035 Sat. 10:30-11:15 pm    Jean Ann Rippe       Ages: 3-6
                                                   #30083 Tues 2:30-3:00 pm          Dede McQueen
LEVEL 4 GYMNASTICS                                 Ages: 7-11
                                                   #30084 Tues. 4:00-4:30 pm        Dede McQueen
Program Fee: $30/$60           Instructor
#30040 Mon. 5:00-6:00 pm      Dede McQueen
#30041 Thur. 4:00-5:00 pm     Dede McQueen         PRACTICE GYMNASTICS
#30042 Thur. 6:30-7:30 pm     Dede McQueen         FREE!-      Come-      Serve-
                                                   FREE!-First Come-First Serve-Max 10 kids at a time
#30043 Sat. 9:00-10:00 am     Jean Ann Rippe                                            Instructor:
                                                   Ages 6-11 Tues. 6:15-7:00 pm     Dede McQueen
LEVEL 5 GYMNASTICS                                 Ages 12+ Thur.     7:30-8:30 pm    Dede McQueen
                                                   Ages 6-11 Sat. 11:15-12:00 pm Jean Ann Rippe
Program Fee: $30/$60           Instructor          Ages 3-8 Sun. 2:30-3:30 pm      Jean Ann Rippe
#30050 Mon. 4:00-5:00 pm     Dede McQueen
#30051 Tues. 5:15-6:15 pm    Dede McQueen          PRIVATE GYMNASTICS
#30053 Sun. 1:30 - 2:30pm    Jean Ann Rippe
                                                         By Appointment               Instructor
                                                   #30090 1/2 hr.     $20           Dede McQueen
LEVEL 6-7 GYMNASTICS                               #30091 1 hr.       $40           Dede McQueen
Program Fee: $30/$60          Instructor
#30052 Wed. 6:00-7:00 pm     Dede
#30060 Wed. 7:00-8:00 pm     Dede

Program Fee: $60/$80          Instructor
#30081 Thur. 5:00-6:30 pm    Dede McQueen

                       DANCE                                                YOUTH
BEGINNER TAP                                            KIDS ACTIVITY PLAY
Ages; 3-5 years old                                     Ages: 4-7 years old
Program Fee: $18/$35                Instructor          Program Fee: $15/$30                  Instructor
#30330 Thur. 4:30-5:00 pm          Amber Francis        #30320 Wed. 5:00-5:45 pm           Jean Ann Rippe
BEGINNER JAZZ                                           KIDS RACQUETBALL
Ages: 5-7 years old                                     Ages: 10-11 years old
Program Fee: $18/$35               Instructor           Program Fee: $15/$30                  Instructor
#30331 Thur. 5:00-5:30 pm        Amber Francis          #30321 Tues. 5:00-6:00 pm          Jean Ann Rippe

HIP HOP                                                 JUMP ROPE
Ages: 8-13 years old                                    Ages: 7 & older
Program Fee: $22/$45               Instructor           Tuesday 4:30-5:30 pm               Instructor
#30332 Thur. 5:30-6:30 pm        Amber Francis          #30322 $20/$40 includes jump ropes Sarah Shake
                                                        #30323 $15/$30                     Sarah Shake
                                                        BOUNCE & PLAY
                                                        Ages: Toddlers      No class Jan. 25th
PRE BALLET                                              Program Fee: $6/$12                 Instructor
Ages: 3-5 years old                                     #30324 Tues. 9:00-9:45 am          Mari Mause
Program Fee: $49/$60                                    CRAFTS PIZZAZZ
#30333   Mon.   5:00-5:30 pm      Elizabeth Brock       Ages: 3-5 years old No class Jan. 25th
                                                        Program Fee: $18/$36               Instructor
BEGINNER BALLET                                         #30325 Tues. 10:00-10:45 am        Mari Mause
Ages: 6 and older                                       COOKING PIZZAZZ
Program Fee: $70/$83
                                                        Ages: 3-5 years old No class Jan. 25th
                                                        Program Fee: $20/$40               Instructor
#30334 Mon.     5:30-6:30 pm     Elizabeth Brock
                                                        #30326 Tues. 10:45-11:45 am        Mari Mause
Social Dancing                   Aerobics R
                                           oom          Allergy Note: Please make sure instructor is aware
Ages: 16+                                               of any food allergies so classes can be planned
Program Fee: $20 / $40 per couple Instructors           accordingly.
#30335 Thur. 8:00-9:00 pm Chris & Chelsea Ault
                                                        HOOKED ON PHONICS
DRAMA CLUB                     Conferenc                Ages: 4-6 years old
                                        e Room          Instructed by: Jane Fussner
Ages: 9-13 years old                                    Class size: 3 children
Program Fee: $22/$45           Instructor               Classes held in Child Care.
#30328 Tues. 6:00-7:00 pm Hannah McKinney
                        *BHS Drama Student              #70001          Tuesday       8:45-9:45     $70/$77
                                                        #70002          Tuesday       9:45-10:45    $70/$77
                                                        #70003          Wednesday     8:45-9:45     $70/$77
                                                        #70004          Wednesday     9:45-10:45    $70/$77
                                                        #70005          Thursday      8:45-9:45     $70/$77
                                                        #70006          Thursday      9:45-10:45    $70/$77
                                                        #70007          Thursday      12:15-1:15* $70/$77
                                                        #70008          Thursday      1:15-2:15*    $70/$77
                                                        *Thurs. afternoon classes are for Kindergartners and are
                                                        instructed by Jane Roberson.
                            FAMILY                                                    MARTIAL
                                                                 TAE KWON DO
              Friday Family Fun
              One Friday of every month                          Instructed by: Master George Dwenger,
                                                                 Jim Bruns & Kristen Hobbs
Jan 28th: Family Pool Party
        Enjoy relaxed fun in the pool with the family.
                                                                 Mon. 5:15 pm-6:30 pm (Black Belts)
Bring your favorite water toys, a suit, a towel, and a           Mon. 6:30 pm-7:45 pm
smile for an evening of wet fun!                                 Tues. 6:15 pm-7:30 pm
Feb. 20th: Healthy Kids Carnival                                 Wed. 5:15 pm-6:00 pm (Advanced)
        Games, healthy snacks, inflatables, and family fun       Wed. 6:15 pm-7:30 pm
is what you will find at the Healthy Kids Carnival. The          Thur. 6:15 pm-7:15 pm
carnival will be held indoors in the Grey Gym.
                                                                 #30100 Program Fees: $36/$72
   Please R.S.V.P. at the member service                         #30101 Year Fee: $200/$400 (Jan. 2011-2012)
                    desk.                                                  *Free uniform when you register for the year*
                                                                 Tae Kwon Do uniforms- $45.00 plus tax
Feb. 12th: Love’Em and Leave’Em                                  For more details contact Master George Dwenger
Enjoy a Valentine’s evening out with your significant
other, while we entertain your children. Crafts, exer-           PRIVATE TAE KWON DO INSTRUCTION
cise, and dinner will be provided for a small fee. See
      the member service desk for more details.                  By appointment
                                                                 #30102 1 hr. $50      Master George Dwenger

FREE THROW EXTRAVAGANZA                                          PRIVATE WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE
                                                                 By appointment
                 FREE TO ALL!                                    #30104 1 hr. $40      Kristen Hobbs
         SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH                                   LITTLE KICKERS
          1:30 pm K– 3rd Grade                                   Ages: 4 & 5 years old
         2:00 pm 4th– 8th Grade                                  Program Fee: $18/$36                  Instructor
                                                                 #30105 Tues. 4:15-5:00 pm         Kristen Hobbs
                                                                 #30106 Tues. 5:15-6:00 pm         Master George Dwenger
    FAMILY SNOW TUBING AT                                        SPECIAL NEEDS TAE KWON DO
      Perfect North Slopes!                                      Instructed by: Master Dwenger
                                                                 Program Fee: $15/$30
          Saturday, January 22nd
              3:00-5:00 pm                                       #30107 Thur. 5:15 pm-6:00 pm
                                                                 #30108 Year Fee: $100/$200 (Jan. 2011-2012)
         #30329 $20 per person
                                                                 Ages: 9 & older
HEALTHY KIDS DAY CARNIVAL                                        Program Fee: $15/$30           Instructor
                    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH                        #30110 Thur. 7:15 pm-8:45 pm Takami Tanner
                            1:00-4:00 pm
                          Games & Prizes
                      Family fun for all ages!
                        Inflatables & Food!
                         Tickets $.25 each
PRESCHOOL LESSONS– PIKE                                            YOUTH LESSONS– POLLIWOG
Ages: 3-5 and potty trained                                        Ages: 6-12

#20201    Pike I    Mon.      5:15-5:45 pm           $35/$75       #20401 Mon.              6:00-6:45 pm               $45/$85
#20202    Pike I    Thur.    5:15-5:45 pm            $35/$75       #20402 Wed.              6:00-6:45 pm               $45/$85
#20203    Pike I    Sat.     9:00-9:30 am           $35/$75        #20403 Sat.              9:45-10:30 am              $45/$85
#20204    Pike I    Sun.     1:15-1:45 pm            $35/$75
                                                                   YOUTH LESSONS– GUPPY
#20205    Pike II   Mon.   5:15-5:45 pm             $35/$75        Ages: 6-12
#20206    Pike II   Tues. 5:15-5:45 pm              $35/$75        #20404 Mon.               6:00-6:45 pm              $45/$85
#20207    Pike II   Wed. 5:15-5:45 pm               $35/$75        #20405 Wed.               6:00-6:45 pm              $45/$85
#20208    Pike II   Sun. 2:00-2:30 pm               $35/$75        #20406 Sat.               9:45-10:30 am             $45/$85

Pike I: For children who have not participated in YMCA             YOUTH LESSONS– MINNOW
swim lesson in the past.
                                                                   Ages: 6-12
Pike II: For children who have taken Pike I. This
allows beginners to start where they left off rather               #20406 Tues.              6:00-6:45 pm              $45/$85
than from scratch.                                                 #20407 Thur.              6:00-6:45 pm              $45/$85

PRESCHOOL LESSONS– EEL                                             YOUTH LESSONS– FISH & UP
Ages: 3-5 and potty trained                                        Ages: 6-12

#20209 Thur.                5:15-5:45 pm            $35/$75        #20408 Tues.              6:00-6:45 pm              $45/$85
#20210 Sat.                 9:00-9:30 am            $35/$75        #20409 Wed.               6:00-6:45 pm              $45/$85
                                                                   #20410 Sat.               9:45-10:30 am             $45/$85

Ages: 3-5 and potty trained                                        #20802       Private Swim Lessons
                                                                   Program Fee: $80/$110 Schedule w/Aquatics Director
#20212 Tues.                5:15-5:45 pm            $35/$75
#20213 Thur.                6:00-6:30 pm            $35/$75        #20803       Family Private Lessons
                                                                   Program Fee: $105/$170 Schedule w/Aquatics Director
                                                                   #20804       Adult Group Lessons
Ages 3-5 and potty trained
                                                                   Program Fee: $45/$85        Mon.              6:00 pm-6:45 pm
#20221    Pike I             Mon.    3:30-4:15 pm   $45/$85
                                                                   #20801       Parent & Me Swim
#20222    Pike II            Tues.   3:30-4:15 pm   $45/$85
                                                                   Program Fee: $10/$20       Wed.               5:00 pm-5:30 pm
#20223    Eel                Wed.    3:30-4:15 pm   $45/$85
                                                                   Class held: Jan. 5th, Jan. 19th, & Feb. 2nd
#20224    Ray/Starfish       Thur.   3:30-4:15 pm   $45/$85

                                                    End of the Session…

                               our suit
                       Bring y els!
                                       s   &   Pool Party
                                         Feb. 18th 6:30pm-7:30pm
                              To celebrate our Winter swim lessons participants!

                           SENIOR                                                   VOLUNTEERS
                           ADULTS                              Friday Family Fun Night~
                                                               Julie Townsley           Will Kellerman          Brian Farrell
                                                               Taylor Henson            Vicki Martz             Drew Burton
  Senior Adults 50 years of age & over...                      Deepan Saravanan
    The doors are wide open for you to get involved
   socially and stay physically fit in spirit, mind, and       Strong Kids Campaign~
                         body!                                 Denette Callahan          Teri Coleman        Tim Dietz
                                                               Larry Montgomery          Joan Schornick      Tom Tepe
 The Silver Sneakers classes are physician approved            Terry Messerschmidt       Jessica Zins        Evy Kuntz
  specifically for “seniors” and run Monday through            Maddie Disney             Bob Walsman         Karen Ehrman
 Thursday, 10:00-10:45 am every week. The classes              Brad Dreyer               Wayne Fischer       Donna Gillman
 are great fun and building in attendance! There is a          Sharon Anness             Ted Hartshorn       Rob Seig
                                                               MaryJo Mahle              Linda Walker        Charlie Gillman
 social and a light snack following the exercise class
                                                               Bill Hartman              Jayme Herbert       Sally Hinkle
           the 4th Monday of every month
                                                               Andy Jaisle               Geralyn Litzinger   Carol Maple
                       year round!                             Jackie Bedel              Becky Scott         Melanie Stauffer
                                                               Jennifer Steinkamp        Paul Ehrman         Paul Gates
 Bridge: Every Monday 10:00– noon year round!                  Shirley Montgomery        Larry Merkel        Scott Lamping
        (Free Bridge Lessons available)                        Tom Jeffers               Al Anness           Mary Huntington
 Book Club: 1st Wed. of the Month                              Bob Erne                  Gene Ritter         Joanie Ritter
                Sept. - June, 10-11 am                         Dennis Murphy             Shirley Oehlman
 Monthly Meetings: 1st Wed. of every Month
                 Sept. - June, 11- Noon                        “Split the Pot”~
                 Lunch at a local restaurant                   Jeanne Siefert            Jerry Bennett       Elizabeth Hall9
                                                               Shirley Oswald            Mary Danzey         Linda Walker
               2nd Wed. of every month-
                                                               Shirley Oehlman           Joyce Frondorf      Floanna Zeigler
                   Game Day 11:00am
                                                               Margaret Meyers           Joyce Meyer         Gene Ritter
 Indianapolis Symphony Season tickets:                         Joan Ritter               Toni Heil
 Currently tickets are sold out, but reserve a place
 on the wait list for next year, or to be placed on            Halloween Party~
 the sub list for this year. Call Cathy Sullivan - 812-        Olivia Schuman            Paul Tyrer          Taylor Johnson
 934-6006                                                      Lynn Tyrer                Donna Dykes         Chris Campbell
                                                               Kelly Meyers              Julie Townsley      Adelaide Jones
 *YMCA bus provided for all planned trips.                     Jane Fussner              Robert Fussner

                                                               Thanksgiving Luncheon~
 Water Fitness and Water Arthritis Classes:
                                                               Sharon Anness             Al Anness           Joyce Meyer
 Come with no stress on the joints, free and easy
                                                               Janet Smith               Jerry Bennett       Leacarol Bennett
 movement in the water (you may wear floatation                Margaret Meyers           Mary Danzey         Maddie Disney
 devices for comfort) and you will begin to realize            Velma Placke              Jim Placke          Kyle George
 these classes work and can give you life-changing             Mike Urban                Rachel Back         Chris Salyer
 results!                                                      Evy Kuntz                 Nancy Gutapfel      Al Meyer

                           Silver Sneaker Instructor           Flu Shots~
                           Catrina Campbell has this           Velma Placke              Jim Placke          Maddie Disney
                           to say about her student,           Evy Kuntz
                           Geri Hildedbrand: After
                           two hip surgeries, Gerri is                         Thank You To Youth Basketball Coaches
                           one of the hardest work-            Nathan Mertz              Mark Werner           Thomas Anderson
                           ers in class. Geri inspires         Dave Wade                 Jim Mohr              Joe Herbert
                           the class because she               Micah Porter              Travis Smith          Corey Fletcher
                                                               Marcy Baumer              Greg Weigel           Bo Kaiser
                           pushes herself and she
                                                               Jacob Roper               Deidre Elfers         Josh Pohlman
has learned to modify the exercises to best benefit            Todd Plymale              Randy Hartman         Brooke Hartman
her body where she is today!                                   John Ferguson             Dave Hornbach         Randy Powell

                                PERSONAL FITNESS
 PARENT & ME YOGA                                            PERSONAL TRAINING
 Ages: 4 & older                                                                  YMCA Personal Trainers:
 Program Fee: $10/$20 per family     Instructor              •   Rachel Trainor     By appointment: daytime available
 Located: Aerobics Room        Catrina Campbell              •   Eric Johnson       Fri. evenings & Sat. by appt.
                                                             •   Julie Tekulve      By appointment
 #10030 Tues. 4:45-5:15 pm                                   •   Amy Armbruster By appointment
                                                             •   Carisa VanSickle By Appointment
 GIRLS NIGHT OUT!                Aerob
                                         ic s R
                                                                           Training Sessions are one hour:
 Program Fee:$5/$10                            oom
 Instructed by: Amy Armbruster                               Single Session:       $30
                                                             Double Session:       $55
 #10031 Fri. Jan. 14th 7:00-8:30 pm                          4 Session Package:    $100 (BIG Savings!)
 Healthy snack after class!                                           4-
                                                             2 Person 4-Session Package: $120
                                                             3 Person Session:     $40
 TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE                                    *Personal Training coupons now have an expiration date
 2011 Community Transformation Challenge                            of 4 months from the date of purchase! **
 Program Fee: $50/$150
 #10032 Wed. 7:00-8:00 pm Amy Armbruster
 Jan. 5th - March 9th                  &
                              Carisa Vansickle
                                                                  Personal Training Special
 Learn how to make and create lifetime healthy
 habits! During the 10 week program you will have                            Dec. & Jan. only!!
 the opportunity to earn points by attending group                Buy a package of 4 training sessions and
 exercise classes, weekly work outs/discussion
                                                                            get 1 session FREE!!!
 groups, and working out at the YMCA. You will
 also receive weekly e-mail support and tips!

Program Fee: $35/$70                                         SATURDAY ZUMBA
                              Instructor                     Program Fee: Free/$35
#10040 Sundays 1:30-3:00 pm Amy Armbruster                                                        Instructor
Begins January 9th!                                          #10033 Sat. 8:00-9:00 am           Rachel Trainor
                                                                           Free to Members!
Whether you’re training for a triathlon, 5K run/walk,
or just want a fun workout with plenty of variety,
this class is for you! Each class will consist of 30
minute boot camps, 30 minutes of run/walk and the                           Are you looking for a
last 30 minutes will change each week between
cycling, yoga, pilates, swimming and toning.                                               E-
                                                                         workout buddy? E-mail us
        Fitness Assessment                                                  and let us know your
         Monday, Jan. 24th 11 a.m.                               preferred days, times and activity
    *Sign up in the Silver Sneakers Class                                level and we will
          by Wednesday, Jan. 19th
                                                                    connect you with someone.
                            a pas
                     ick up k no
               ss: P
For C
      ycling er Service ior to
         Memb /2 hour p
 at the than 1
            Cla          De

                                       Free Adult Fitness Classes
Times                 Monday              Tuesday         Wednesday           Thursday           Friday             Saturday
6:00 am         Cycling-Kathryn       Yoga-Maggie       Boot Camp-         Cycling-Kathryn
                                                        Rachel T.
7:45 am                                                                                                        Yoga- Maggie

8:00 am                                                                    Water Gym-                          Zumba®-Rachel T.
                                                                           Jessica                             Cycling-Kathryn

8:15 am                               Cycling- Mike                        Cycling- Mike

8:30 am         Water Workout- Pilates-Terri            Water Power      Pilates– Terri      Water Workout
                Elizabeth                               Workout- Natalie                     - Elizabeth
                Cardio Kick–                            Step– Julie                          Body Sculpt–
                Rachel T.                                                                    Julie

9:00 am                                                                    Water Arthritis
                                                                           PLUS- Elizabeth

10:00 am SilverSneakers® SilverSneakers®                SilverSneaker®     SilverSneakers®
         Julie           Cardio Circuit-                Yoga Stretch-      Catrina
                         Terri                          Terri
11:00 am                              SilverSplash® -
                                      (45 min)
11:15 am CorePole-Julie                                 Firm & Tone-
11:30 am                                                                   Power Yoga-
1:00 pm         Water Arthritis- Water Arthritis        Water Arthritis-                     Water Arthritis
                Dottie           PLUS- Natalie          Natalie                              - Dottie
1:30 pm

5:30 pm         Yoga-Maggie           Power Yoga-       Yoga- Maggie       Yoga- Maggie
                Cycling-Mike          Catrina           Cycling- Mike

6:00 pm                               Water Boot Camp                      Water Boot
                                      - Jessica                            Camp- Jessica
6:30 pm                               Step N’ Tone-
7:00 pm         Cardio Dance-                           Yoga– Maggie       Cardio Combo
                Amy                                                        Amy

                             New Year’s Eve Bash!
                                                                               Exciting party events…
                                                                           ∗   GaGa: Israeli Dodgeball
                                                                           ∗   Movies…
                                                                                    Despicable Me &
                                                                                    Shrek for Everafter
        Friday, December 31st
                                                                           ∗   Karaoke
                                                                               Ping Pong Tournament
      8:00 PM to 8:00 AM                                                   ∗
                                                                           ∗   Texas Hold’em Tournament
       children grades 4-8                                                 ∗   Just Dance
                                                                           ∗   Swimming
 Let’s welcome 2011 by being active,                                       ∗   Count Down Celebration!
        social, and having fun!
                                                                           More details & registration forms are available at
$15 for members/$25 for non-members                                        the Member Service Desk.

     Mission Statement: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

                           Southeastern Indiana YMCA                                          NON-
                                                                                              NON-PROFIT ORG.
                            30 State Road 129 South                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                           Batesville, IN 47006-9227
                                (812)934-                                                          PAID
                                                                                              Morris, IN 47033
                                                                                                Permit No. 5


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