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Title                                    Composer                    Arranger                 # of Originals
5-Foot-2 Eyes of Blue                    Henderson                  Artman                                     1
A Dream                                  Edvard Grieg               Channing Lefebvre                      22
A Little Close Harmony                   Geoffrey O'hara                                                    7
A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet   Aharry Woods               Willis Diekema                             1
A Nautical Flea                          Claude                                                                1
A Parting Blessing                                                  Williams                               14
A Pretty Girl is like a Melody           Berlin                     Boulette                                   2
A Roving                                                            Lubuff                                     7
Adieu to Old England                                                Ray Utwin                                  0
After Glow                                                          Bob Bentykowski                            0
Ain'-a That Good News                    William L. Dawson                                                     3
Aint Good time to Die                                               Philip Duey                            12
Aint No Woman                            Dennis Lambert                                                        1
Alexander's Rag Time Band                Irving Berlin              Charles Boutelle                           1
Alfred Burt Charols I                                               Henley Ades                            14
Alfred Burt Charols II                                              Henley Ades                            14
Alfred Burt Charols III                                             Henley Ades                            14
All Day on the Prairie                   David W. Guion                                                    19
All Shook Up                             Otil Blackwell             Kirby Shaw                                 2
All That Hath Life and Breath            Clausen                    Scholz                                     1
All Through the Night                    Welsh Air                  Humphries                              15
All Through the Night                    Welsh Air                  Northcoast                             27
All Ye Who Music Love                    Donato                     Gray
Amazing Grace                            Amer Mel                   Coates                                     1
America Our Heritage                     Steele                     Ades                                       2
America the Beautiful                    Bates/Loard                Embury
America the Beautiful                    Bates/Loard                Steimke & Jonas
America the Beautiful                    Bates/Loard                Ross                                    1
An American Salute                       Traditional                Jojeski                                16

An Eriskay Love Lilt                        Frasekd                                             24
And I'll kiss Thee Yet                      o'neill                                             11
Annie Laurie                                Traditional               Back                       7
Another Opening Another Show                Porter                    Lojeski                   14
Ash Grove                                   Wales                     Toller
Auld Lang Syne                                                        Arberg
Aura Lee                                                                                        10
Ave Maria                                   Bach/Gounad               Homied                    20
Ave Maria                                   Chant
Ave Maria                                   Aroadelt
Awakening, The                              Martin                                              10
Away From the Roll of the Sea               Loomer                                              11
Ay, Ay, Ay!                                 Crele                     Riegger                   23
Band Played on                              Ward
Barbara Ann                                 Fassert                                             1
Barbershop Medley                           Cohan
Battle Hymn of the Republic                 Howe                      Ringwald
Battle of Jerico                            Spiritual                 Bartholomew               16
Be thou My Vision                                                     Hunter                     1
Beautiful Dreamer                           Foster                    Riegger                   12
Bedouin Song                                Foote                                               50
Begger's Song                               Perry                                                1
Behold Man                                  Nelson                                               2
Best of Doo-Wop                                                       Lojeski                    1
Big Bad John                                Dean                      Lawrence                   3
Big Band Radio Show                                                                              1
Bill Baily Won't you Come Home              Cannon
Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair   Applicans                 Churchill                 10
Bless the Lord Oh my Soul                   Ivanof                    Roepper                    0
Blind Plough Man                            Clark                                               20
Blow the Wind Southerly                     Tomlinson                                            1
Blow Trumpets Blow                          Clark-James                                          1
Blue Skies                                  Berlin                                              21
Blue Suade Shoes                            Perkins                   Huff                       1
Blue Velvet                                 Wayne/Morris              Brymen                     1
Bold Turin                                  Bridge                    Enders                    25
Border Ballad                               Maunder                                             15

Bound for Jubilee                    Eilers                                               1
Boys of the Old Brigade              Parks                                               14
Break, Break, Break                  Crosse                                              24
Bring Him Home                       Schonberg                 Leavitt                    8
Bring Him Home                       Schonberg                 John Leavitt               7
British Grenadiers, The                                        Strommen                  13
British Grenadiers, The                                        Carl Strommen             10
Brothers Sing On                     Edward Greig              Howard D. McKinney        16
Buy a Broom                                                    Roy V. Rhodes             18
By Babylon's Wave                    Charles Gounod            Bergen                     2
By Babylon's Waye                    Grounod                   Bergen                    26
Calendar Girles                                                Jeff Funk                 21
Calm Be Thy Sleep                                              Noble Cain                33
Can't Yo' Heah Me Calling Caroline   Caro Roma                  William J. Reddick       11
Capital Ship, A                                                Mike Richardson           19
Care Selve                           A.L.                      Homer Jones               41
Carols for Caroling                                            Donald Crouch              1
Carter Collection, The               John Carter               John Carter                1
Child of God                                                   Emily Crocker              0
Choral Prelude, A                    Homier                    Homier                    20
Christmas Carols                                               Strickling                 4
Cindy                                                          Harry Robert Wilson        5
Come Follow Me
Come Follow Me                       Carol                     Krunnfusz                  0
Come Go With Me                      Quick                     Shaw                      15
Cony Island Baby
Cotton Fields                        Ledbetter                 Moore                     15
Creation, The                        Richter                                              8
Dance My Comrades                    Bennett                                             52
Dance of the One-Legged Sailor       Pierce                                               4
Dark Water                           Will                      Richardson                18
Dark-Eyed Katharine                  Koshetz                                             30
Day-O                                Burgle                    Ginsburg                   2
Days of Wine & Roses                 Merser                    Diekema                    0
De Coppah Moon                       Shelley                                              6
De Creation & Scandalized my Name    Burleigh                                            11
Deep in my Heart                     Romberg                   Scotson                   17

Deep Purple                   Rose                         Frey                       4
Deep River                    Spiritual                    Burleigh                   8
Deep River                    Spiritual                    Fisher                    17
Deep River                    Spiritual                    Murray                     4
Der Fuhrer                                                                            0
Desert Song                   Romberg                      Stickles                  31
Desert Song of Peace          Olds                                                   28
Dixieland Jamboree                                         Shaw                       1
Do you Hear the People Sing   Schonberg                    Lojesky                    6
Do You Love Me                Gordy                        Shaw                       1
Doin What Comes Naturlly      Berlin                                                  0
Donkey Serenade               Herbert                      Marlow                     9
Down by the Sally Garden      Irish                        Rutter                    11
Down by the Sally Garden      Irish                        Shaw-Parker               10
Down in the Valley            Folk                         Mead                       1
Down in the Valley            Kentucky                     Mead                       1
Down our Way                  Olcott                       Connett                    9
Down to the River to Pray     Traditional                  Curry                      3
Drinking Song                 Romberg                      Rapport                   22
Dry Bones                     Gearhart                                                3
Earth Angel                   D. Williams                  Emerson                    1
Earth is Enough               Warford                      Andrews                   26
Easy Folksongs                                             Grotenhuis                13
Ecstasy                       Beach                                                  20
Elvis Pure Gold                                            Lojeski                   26
Evr[y Time                    Spiritual                    Stanton                   14
Fair Ye Well                  Silcher                      Luvaas                    15
Festival Hosanna              Lightfoot                                              19
Figaro                        Leveen, Stock                Trinkaus                  12
Flight of the Bumble Bee      Rimsky Korsakov              Enders                    36
Floods of Spring              Rachmaninoff                 Gilbert M. Martin         18
Fog Bell, The                 Erpert                                                 17
For Men Only/Take 2                                        Emerson                   12
Friendship                    Orchard                      Thorne
Gambler, The                  Rogers                       Lojeski                   25
Gaudeamus                     Bartholomew                                             1
Gay 90's Medley                                            Arberr                    16

Get on Board                        Grier                    Everson                       1
Giddap Mule                         Alford                                                16
Girl from Ipanema, The              Jobim                    Hare                          0
Girl from Ipanema, The              Berlin                   Sabor                        18
Give a Man a Horse He Can Ride      o'Hara                   Koenmenich                   27
Give Me a Ship and a Song           Kellog                                                26
Give me your Tired, Your Poor       Berlin                   Ringwald                     16
Give my Regards to Broadway         Cohan                    Owens
Gloria in Excelsis                  Mozart                   Robinson                     11
Gloves                              Beebe                    Beebe                         8
God Bless America                   Berlin                   Ringwald
God Bless the USA                   Greenwood                Bryner                       3
God Rest ye Merry Gentelmen                                  Couch
Going Home                          Dvorak                   Fisher                       13
Gonna Rise Up Singin'               Don Besig                                             14
Good Night, Ladies                  Traditional              Ralph Hunter & Robert Shaw   23
Grace Grace                         John Newton              Mark Hayes                    7
Great Pretender, The                Buck Ram                 Kirby Shaw                   25
Green Grow the Lilacs               Traditional              Gilbert M. Martin            10
Gypsy Love Song                     Harry B. Smith           Victor Herbert               10
Hail to our Country                 American Hymn            Keller
Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)         F. Handel                f. Heath                     23
Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)         g.f.handel               Max Spicker                   1
Hallelujah from "mount of olives"   Beethoven                Fenno Heath                   3
Hand Me Down my Walking Cane        Souuthern fold Tune      Ruth Artman                  17
Hard Times Come Again, No More      Stephen Foster           Donald Moore                 12
Harmony                             Simon & Kaplan           Hawley Ades                   1
Hava Nageela                        Israeli Folk Song        M. Goldman                    1
Hear Dem Bells                      T. Westendorf            Frank Barry                  14
Heav'n Heav'n                       Negro Spiritual          H. Bunleigh                  12
Heidelberg Stein Song               Gustav Luders            Georg Trinkaus               16
Heigh-Ho                            Frank Churchill          Don Gray                      1
Hey, Look Me Over                   Cy Coleman               Clay Warrick                  2
High Barbary                        Chanty                   Arthur Hall                  18
Highways Are Happy Ways             Shaw                     Rube Bennett                 24
Hills of Home                       Fox                      G.A.Boower                   30
Holy, Holy, Holy                    Heber & Dykes                                          0

Hooray for, Hollywood                Mercer                       White                  0
Horseman, The                        Fitzgerald                   A. Schenbremner       30
How Can I leave Thee                 ABT                          High                   9
How the West Was Won                 Newman                       Wilson                41
Humpty Dumpty                        Wick                                               19
Hunter's Loud Hallo, The             o'Hara                                             18
Hunter's Moon                        Hyde                                               18
Hymn to God The Father, A            Bech                                                8
I Am an American                     Neal                                               20
I Arise from Dreams of Thee          Wetzel                                             29
I Believe                            Bach/Gounod                  Behad & Tucker         1
I Believe                            Shirl, Stillman, Drake, GrahmAdes                   6
I Can't Give you Anything But Love                                Dorthy Fields          0
I Can't Give you Anything But Love   Fields & Hugh
I must go down to the Sea            Mitchell                     Dawson                39
I Want a Girl                        Dillon                       Grundy                 0
I want to Be a Sailor                Martin                       Williams               5
I wish I was Single Again                                         Tom Scott              8
I wonder why                         weeks                        Emerson                3
If I had My Way                      Kendis                                              1
If I Were A Rich Man                 Harnick                      Durd                  16
If You've only Got a Moustache       Foster                       Van Camp
I'll Be a Song and Dance Man Again   Hick                                                0
I'll See you Again                   Noel Coward                  Walter Scotson        39
I'll Take you Home Kathleen          Westendorf                   Wallis                23
I'll Walk With God                   Brodszky                     Ernst                  0
I'm All Alone                        Connett                                             0
I'm Going a -Vagabonding             Coburn                       Skeath                28
I'm Gonna Sing                       Hunter
Impossible Dream, The                Darion                       Leigh                  4
Impossible Dream, The                Leigh                        Leavitt                3
In a Persian Market                  Ketflbey                                           10
In a Persian Market                  Albert W. Ketebey                                   1
In My Merry Oldsmobile               Gus Edwards                                         1
In the Good Old Summer Time          Evans                        Shields                9
Invictus                             Bruno Hunh                   Frank Lynes           20
Irish Blessing                       Donald Moore                                        0

It's A Grand Night for Singing            Richard Rogers                                    0
It's so Hard to Say Goodby to Yesterday   Perren & Yarin          Billingsley               1
Java Jive                                 Drake                   Lojeski                   0
Just a Closer Walk with Thee                                      Lojeski                    7
Just a Wearying for you                   Frank Stanton           Phil Embury               15
Just You                                  Miller                  Burleich                  40
Keep America Singing                      Diekema                                            0
Kentucky Babe                             Richard Buck            Geibel                     5
King Jesus is a-listening                 William L. Dawson                                 19
Kiss the Girl                             Menken                  Kirby Shaw                 9
Kum Ba Yah                                                        Schram                    11
Last Words of David, The                                          Randall Thompson           1
Laudamus                                  William Owev                                       2
Lest We Forget                            Rudyard Kipling         Arther Penn               15
Let me Call you Sweetheart                                                                   0
Let the Rest of The World Go By           Brennar & Ball                                     0
Let There Be Music                        Frances Williams        M. Elliott                 0
Let there Be Peace on Earth               Miller                  Hawley Ades                0
Let They Holy Pressence                                           Walter Ehret              12
Let Tonight be the Night                  Dot Calvin                                        11
Let's Drink                               DeGiardini                                         0
Levee Song                                Amer Folk               Harold Arberg             17
Lida Rose                                 Merideth Willson        William Stickles          14
Lift Thine Eyes                           Artund Lucey            Knight Logan               0
Lighthouse Keeper and the Mermaid, The    Folk                    Ernest Tomilson            0
Lion Sleeps Tonight, The                  Hugo Peretti            George Emerson             2
Little Brown Jug                                                  Charles Mnerrill           1
Lo, how a rose e'er Blooming              Praetorius              Dr. Baker                 10
Lo, how a rose e'er Blooming              Praetorius              Harry Wilson               0
Loch Lomond                               Scottish Fold           DeDe Duson                 4
Loch Lomond                               Scottish Fold           Cecil Forsyth             12
Long Day Closes, The                      Henry F., Chorley       Arthur S. Sullivan        21
Longest Time, The                         Billy Joel                                         9
Lord, Listen to your Children             Medema                  Schrader                   3
Lord, Make Me an Instrument of They Peace St. francis             John Rutter                9
Lord's Prayer, The                        Albert Malotte          Carl Deiss                 5

Lost Chord, The                      Arthur Sullivan          John Brewer               17
Louisina Hayride                     Howard Dietz                                       24
Mah Lindy Lou                        Lily Strickland          John Brewer                8
Make a Joyful Sound                                           Jerome Ramsfield           9
Man of LaMancha                      Joe Darion               Kirby Shaw                 8
March of the Musketeers              Rudolf Frime             Clifford Grey             22
Margie                               Con Coonrad                                         0
Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland         Leo Fredman                                         1
Men lf Harlech                       Welsh Air                VanDevere                  0
Menagerie                                                     Harvey Enders             34
Mens Choice                          Varied                   Varied                    25
Michigan Morn'                       John Jennings            Howard Reed                0
Miserere Mei                         Antonio Lotti            Walter Ehret               7
Mister Sandman                       Pat Ballard              Bertha Bradley            13
Moments to Remember                  Al Stillman              J. Edward Wassche          0
Mood Indigo                                                   Duke Ellington             0
Mother Country                       Jack Smith               John Coates               21
Mother Machree                       Young                    Trinkaus                  11
Mother O' Mine                       Protheroe                                          28
Movin' On                                                     Raymond Harrisian         10
Music When Soft Voices Die           Percy Shelley            Matthews                  12
My Lord What a Morning               John Stewart
My Wild Irish Rose                                            Olcott                    10
Nessum Dorma                                                  Alan Simmons               0
Night & Day                          Cole Porter                                         2
Night They Invented Champange, The                            Lerner-Loewe               0

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