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    Norwich Hospital Site
            CURRENT STATUS
   Preston voted to purchase property at referendum Feb. 24, 2009.
   Preston and CT DPW closed on the property March 12, 2009.
   State of CT will maintain, insure, and secure property until March
    11, 2010
   PILOT and Pequot monies from site good through 2011
   Phase I Environmental recertified, Phase III Environmental
   Completed Property and Archaeological Surveys
   Development Agreement legal template completed
   Federal & State grants, Stimulus Money, EPA grant applications
    have been submitted.
   Active collaboration with Norwich (NCDC) established.
   Establish Redevelopment Agency to move process forward.
                        PLAN OF ACTION
 Secure Preston control over site development.
            Establish a Redevelopment Agency to give Town of Preston maximum control of
             redevelopment process
            Create basic redevelopment budget to adequately fund producing the maximum
             short & long term economic and communal return to the Town of Preston
            Create Master Plan through outreach programs & professional sources
                 Involve Preston community in planning process

                 Incorporate learned lessons of past 5 years

                 Coordinate with RAP (Remedial Action Plan)

            Allow and encourage Developer input
            Refine and begin completion of RAP

 Develop new revenue stream options to offset budget needs
       Potential land-leases, parcel by parcel development staged in over time
            Apply for all available Federal & State, Demolition, Opportunity, EPA grants
             (Brownfield‟s, Cleanup), and Stimulus Money in conjunction with elected
             representatives , town officials , and staff personnel
            Explore reclamation, salvage, and excess fill opportunities

 Develop public communications plan
                 GRANT STATUS
EPA Targeted Brownfield‟s Assessment, $150,000 -
   Federal Appropriations Grant Program, $1,000,000 - submitted
   American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -
                            Segment 1,    $15,500,000 -
                             Segment 2,     $12,500,000 -
   Connecticut Commission on Culture and
    Tourism Planning and Survey Grant,        $20,000 - submitted
   Rural Business Opportunity Grant, Mkt‟g $50,000 - submitted
   Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
    Endangered Building Grant,                 $50,000 -
 Connecticut Development Authority, Brownfield‟s Program
     DirectLoan Program,                          under study
     Tax Increment Financing,                    under study
 Connecticut DECD,               meeting scheduled May 6,
   EPA - Brownfield‟s Program,                   available
   EPA Stimulus Brownfield funds,          establishing criteria

   DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, $3.2B,             awaiting

   BOS, NHAC      PRA,                dedicated to
CGS 7-136; Chapter 130, Part I
   Appointed by BOS, approved by Town Meeting
   Electors resident in Town eligible

     Same Bonding authority as Ch. 132 Development Agencies
     Prepare redevelopment plan
     Written approval required by PZC
     Public Hearing required
     Town Meeting approvals required:
         Issuance of bonds
           Land sales
           Redevelopment plan and any substantial changes to
           Statutory/Ordinance limited eminent domain
        ORDINANCE                                 TOWN OF PRESTON

                              NORWICH STATE HOSPITAL PROPERTY



The purpose of this ordinance is to establish a redevelopment agency, pursuant to Chapter 130, Part I of the Connecticut
General Statutes (the “General Statutes”), for the redevelopment of the former Norwich State Hospital property, which
property was acquired by the Town of Preston on March 12, 2009 and is shown on the attached map (the “Property”).


(A) Establishment. There is hereby established the Preston Redevelopment Agency (the “Agency”). The Agency shall be
a redevelopment agency of the Town pursuant to the General Statutes and shall be the Town‟s lead agency for the
redevelopment of the Property.

(B) Members; Terms of Office; Officers.

(1) The Agency shall consist of ten members who shall be electors resident in the Town of Preston. The members shall
be appointed by the Board of Selectmen with the approval of a town meeting. Any person appointed shall serve at the
pleasure of the Board of Selectmen.

(2) The ten members first appointed shall be appointed as follows: two members each shall serve for one, two, three, four,
and five years, respectively, and thereafter two members shall be appointed annually to serve for five years. Each
member shall serve until his or her successor is appointed and has qualified and any vacancy shall be filled for the
unexpired term.

(3) Action by the Agency shall be taken only on the majority vote of all the members.

(4) The Agency shall select from among its members a chairman and a vice-chairman, and may employ a secretary and
such other officers, agents, technical consultants, legal counsel and employees as it requires, subject to budgeted
appropriations or other sources of funding. No person shall cause any employee of the Agency to serve in any capacity for
the purpose of promoting a political party or any member thereof.

(5) Members shall serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for necessary expenses.
                                       ORDINANCE CONTINUED

SECTION 3 – POWERS AND DUTIES. Except as otherwise provided in this ordinance, the Agency shall have all of the
powers and duties of a redevelopment agency granted in the General Statutes.

            (A)   Preparation and Approval of Redevelopment Plan.

                  (1)   The Agency shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, a redevelopment plan for the Property
                  and any redeveloper may submit a redevelopment plan to the Agency.

                  (2)    Before approving any redevelopment plan, the Agency shall (i) transmit such plan to the
                  Preston Planning and Zoning Commission for its study and for its written opinion, including a
                  determination on whether the plan is consistent with the Town‟s plan of conservation and
                  development, (ii) hold a public hearing on the plan, and (iii) after the public hearing, make the
                  findings required by the General Statutes. After the Agency has approved the plan, it shall be
                  approved at a town meeting.

                  (3)    The plan shall be effective for a period of ten years after town meeting approval and may be
                  amended as provided in this Section and in accordance with the General Statutes. The town
                  meeting shall review the plan at least once every ten years after the initial approval, and shall
                  reapprove such plan or an amended plan at least once every ten years after the initial approval in
                  order for the plan or amended plan to remain in effect.

            (B)   Acceptance of Funds; Financing.

                  (1)    For the purpose of carrying out or administering a redevelopment plan or other functions
                  authorized under this ordinance, the Town, acting by and through the Agency, may accept grants,
                  advances, loans or other financial assistance from the federal government, the state or other
                  source, and may do any and all things necessary or desirable to secure such financial aid. To assist
                  the Agency, the Town may, upon such terms as it determines, furnish service or facilities, provide
                  property, lend or contribute funds, and take any other action of a character which it is authorized to
                  perform for other purposes.
                                             ORDINANCE CONTINUED
             (2) To obtain funds for the temporary and definitive financing of any redevelopment project, the Town may, in
                   addition to other action authorized under this ordinance or other law, levy taxes and issue and sell its
                   temporary loan notes, bonds or other obligations. Such temporary loan notes shall be issued for a period of
                   not more than three years. Any such bonds or other obligations issued by the Town pursuant to this
                   subsection shall be in accordance with such statutory and other legal requirements as govern the issuance of
                   obligations generally by the Town.

(C) Bonds; Authorization; Issuance by Connecticut Development Authority.

             (1) For the purpose of carrying out or administering a redevelopment plan or other functions authorized under this
        ordinance, the Town, acting by and through the Agency, is authorized to issue bonds of the Town, or to issue bonds
        through the Connecticut Development Authority for a specified project, which are payable solely from and secured by: (a)
        a pledge of and lien upon any or all of the income, proceeds, revenues and property of redevelopment projects; (b)
        taxes or payments in lieu of taxes, or both, allocated to and paid into a special fund of the Town for the payment of debt
        service, bond repurchases and other bonding costs pursuant to the provisions of the General Statutes; or (c) any
        combination of the methods in (a) and (b) of this subsection.

             (2) Any bonds payable and secured as provided in this Section shall be authorized by a resolution adopted by a
                   town meeting.

(D) Acquisition or Rental of Real Property; Limitation on Use of Eminent Domain.

              (1) Within a reasonable time after its approval of the redevelopment plan, the Agency may proceed with the
              acquisition or rental of real property by purchase, lease, exchange or gift.

              (2) The Agency may acquire real property, or interests therein, within the boundary lines of the Property by
              eminent domain with the approval of a town meeting, provided:

                           (a) the acquisition shall comply with the procedures and requirements in the General Statutes;

                           (b) the acquisition of any property, or interests therein, that would prohibit or restrict access to real
                           property upon which there is an inhabited residential structure shall be prohibited: and

                           (c) the acquisition of the properties labeled as “Privately Owned” on the attached map shall be
                                         ORDINANCE CONTINUED

              (3) The Town ordinance entitled “An Ordinance Prohibiting Eminent Domain for Certain Purposes” as
              approved at the November 1, 2005 Town Meeting, shall not apply to the Agency‟s eminent domain
              proceedings and acquisitions allowed under this ordinance.

(E) Transfer, Sale or Lease of Real Property.

              (1) The Agency may sell, lease or otherwise transfer for such sums as are agreed upon the whole or any
              part of the real property within a redevelopment area to the redeveloper or, if the real property is to be used
              for public purposes, to an appropriate public agency.

              (2) Any contract for sale, lease or other transfer shall be approved by a town meeting before its final
              approval by the Agency.

SECTION 4 – SUMMARY PUBLICATION OF ADOPTION. Upon the adoption of this ordinance, a summary of the
ordinance shall be published in lieu of the complete text of the ordinance.

This ordinance shall be effective fifteen (15) days after the date of publication.
Joseph Biber           (D)   Kerry Gentry          (U)
Term: Four (4) year          Term: Five (5) year

Kent Borner            (U)   Michael Clancy        (U)
Term: Three (3) year         Term: Two (2) year

Allyn Brown            (R)   Sean Nugent           (D)
Term: Four (4) year          Term: One (1) year

Sandy Ewing            (D)   Linda Riegel          (R)
Term: Five (5) year          Term: Two (2) year

Roy Beauregard         (R)
Term: One (1) year

Merrill Gerber         (R)
Term: Three (3) year
                          SITE RECAP
   Preston Hospital Property 390 acres, both sides of Route 12, delineated
    as western border of town. A thriving self sufficient „city‟ within a farming
    town until fully shuttered in 1995.
   Identified when Hospital closed (POCD, P&Z, NHAC) as our economic
    engine, crown jewel, best site to promote commercial growth & offset
    taxes, means to preserve character of the other 98% of the town.
   Skilled labor force and proximity to intellectual capital
   Long river frontage, deep water access, active railroad line with siding.
   Public sewer & water sources, high voltage power, natural gas lines
   Connector access to Interstate Highways.
   Adjacent to Mohegan Sun, minutes from Foxwoods, Mystic seaport,
    Mystic Aquarium, New London ferries, cruise ships, Amtrak, Pfizer,
    Electric Boat, US Naval Submarine Base, US Coast Guard Academy.
   Strategic central location between NYC, Boston, Providence, Hartford,
   2 1/2 hour drive radius of 27,000,000 people.
   One of the most highly visible prime properties on the eastern seaboard.

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