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									Program for symposium:

AESCULAP AG & Co. KG Germany
B. Braun Medical AS Norway:

Subject:                CSSD Quality Management
18 May 2006 / 11:00h to 12:00h
Room 1 "Widmannsdalen", Hotel Radisson SAS, Lillehammer, Norway

Reprocessing of medical products in accordance to the "Ordinance on Users of Medical Devices":
Visual inspection, care and functionality check of surgical instruments, essential for the health and safety of
patients, users and third parties!

Topics:         Practical tips for:
            -   General rules for visual inspection
                 following each manual or mechanical cleaning/disinfection and drying
            -   construction details and intended use and
                 visual inspection, care, function test for:


                NON-TRAUMATIC CLAMPS


                NEEDLE HOLDERS

                BONE RONGEURS

Speakers:       Mrs. Ursel Oelrich, R.N.                  B. Braun Aesculap, Germany
                Mr. Mark Storr, R.N.                      B. Braun Aesculap, Great Britain
                Mr. Henning Jansen                        B. Braun Aesculap, Norway

Seminar Information:
     - The Symposium is sponsored by AESCUALP AG & Co. KG / B. BRAUN Medical
     - Registration is required, symposium cost will be covered by AESCULAP / B.
     - The Symposium will be held in English language
     - CSSD Quality Management Symposium
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 AESCULAP AG & CO. KG Germany – B. Braun Medical AS Norway
 Symposium: CSSD Quality Management

Email to          ursel.oelrich@aesculap.de
or                biljana.mueller@aesculap.de

Fax to            +49 7461 95 2050

Send to           AESCULAP AG & CO. KG
                  Attn. Mrs. Biljana Müller
                  Am Aesculap Platz
                  78532 Tuttlingen

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