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					                                CSR CONTINUUM WORKSHEET                                  corostrandberg.com

                        Where does your organisation sit on the CSR Continuum?

Stage           Approach                                   Tick   Sample Practices                              Tick

                1.   Does not view itself as responsible          1.   Fights against regulations that
                     for its social or environmental                   promote sustainability.
Pre-CSR                                                           2.   Defends against attacks to its
                2.   No obligation beyond profits.                     reputation that in the short term
                                                                       could affect sales, recruitment,
                3.   Adheres to the lowest acceptable                  productivity and the brand.
                     or legal standard.
                                                                  3.   Avoids environmental and social
                                                                       measures not required by law.
                1.   Subscribes to basic level of CSR             1.   Informal or limited corporate
                     performance as “good business”.                   commitment to CSR.
                2.   Doesn’t believe business has a               2.   Informal and ad hoc CSR
                     responsibility to improve social or               programs
                     environmental conditions.
                                                                  3.   Charity, staff, customer and
                3.   Manages its liabilities by obeying                environmental programs are basic,
                     the law and labour, environmental,                traditional and minimal.
                     health and safety regulations.
                                                                  4.   Treats environmental and social
                4.   Bases decisions on “compliance”                   initiatives as costs.
                     considerations – i.e. compliance
Basic CSR            with norms and laws: what is                 5.   Develops and implements policies
                     legally required and charitable?                  and procedures in order to
                                                                       minimize any social or
                5.   Takes an ad hoc approach to CSR,                  environmental damage that might
                     typically in response to crisis or                result from their business activities.
                     vocal stakeholder concerns;
                     focuses on external relations                6.   May inform selected stakeholders
                     issues.                                           of activities, for example,
                                                                       customers or government.
                                                                  7.   Marketing and public relations is
                                                                       the focus of communication.
                                                                  8.   No CSR reporting, beyond a basic
                                                                       promotional summary of
                                                                       community activities.
                1.   CSR is perceived as a strategic              1.   Incorporates CSR into vision,
                     business opportunity; identifies                  mission, values, though doesn’t
                     areas where CSR can be good for                   integrate CSR system into its
                     business and invests in those as                  performance management
                     opportunities.                                    program.
                2.   Moves from defence to offence;               2.   One or two CSR business
                     realises it can save costs with                   strategies to grow markets,
                     proactive eco-efficiency and                      generate revenues and improve
                     community investment programs.                    conditions, e.g. a renewable
                                                                       energy business line for an oil and
                3.   Business model is not influenced
Proactive CSR                                                          gas company; affordable housing
                     by firm’s CSR objectives.                         or micro-finance programs for
                4.   Bases decisions on traditional                    banks and credit unions.
                     benefit/cost analysis: what is               3.   Sustainability function is entirely
                     financially justified?                            managed in specialty department.
                                                                  4.   Develops partnerships with
                                                                       stakeholders to identify innovative
                                                                       product and service solutions.
                                                                  5.   More substantive CSR reporting,
                                                                       including a few CSR indicators.
                          Where does your organisation sit on the CSR Continuum?

Stage             Approach                                   Tick   Sample Practices                           Tick

                  1.   CSR objectives affect business               1.   Incorporates CSR into vision,
                       model: CSR institutionalised by                   mission, values.
                       embedding CSR policies,
                       procedures and practices                     2.   Board oversight and CEO
                       throughout operations to ensure                   management/leadership on CSR.
                       integration of sustainability into           3.   Integrates CSR into performance
                       decision-making.                                  management systems.
                  2.   Integrates CSR into key business             4.   Makes CSR commitment, develops
                       strategies.                                       policy to formalise commitment;
                  3.   Anticipates wider consequences of                 creates programs to implement
                       decisions and builds this                         policy; evaluates success and
                       awareness into decision-making                    measures progress; involves
                       processes.                                        stakeholders in program
                                                                         development and evaluation;
Integrated CSR    4.   CSR practices used as a strategic                 reports on CSR progress.
                                                                    5.   Establishes formal and consistent
                  5.   Bases decisions on emerging                       CSR programs; CSR is integrated
                       global norms of integrity, ethics                 into corporate objectives, key
                       and justice: what is morally                      business strategies and business
                       expected?                                         plans.
                                                                    6.   Identifies and manages its positive
                                                                         and negative socio-economic and
                                                                         environmental impacts.
                                                                    7.   Establishes, and tracks
                                                                         performance against stretch
                                                                         indicators of success; benchmarks
                                                                         performance against other
                                                                         companies and industries.
                                                                    8.   Engages stakeholders in two-way
                                                                         CSR dialogues; involves them in
                                                                         developing strategic business
                                                                         objectives as they relate to CSR
                                                                    9.   Promotes CSR within industry.
                                                                    10. Marketing efforts focused on
                                                                        reputation management.
                  1.   Mission or purpose of business is            1.   All of integrated CSR practices
                       to improve conditions in society or               plus products, services, processes
                       the environment.                                  and profits are used to advance
                                                                         sustainability and improve world
                                                                    2.   Creates opportunities for customer
                                                                         and the public to advance

 Mission-Driven                                                     3.   Develops partnerships with
                                                                         stakeholders to tackle social and
                                                                         environmental issues.
                                                                    4.   Initiates public policy dialogue on
                                                                         key CSR issues.
                                                                    5.   Marketing efforts are focused on
                                                                         social and environmental causes to
                                                                         create awareness, change public
                                                                         and corporate behaviour and move
                                                                         public policy towards greater

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